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The viruses of epidemic influenza

Autor(es): Isaacs, A
Fuente: Carib Med J;15(3-4): 136-44, 1953. .
Artículo Idioma(s): Inglés

Note on the improvement of the vital statistics of the colony

Autor(es): Steer, H. J
Fuente: Carib Med J;15(3-4): 116, 1953. .
Artículo Idioma(s): Inglés

The development of a comprehensive national drug strategy

Autor(es): Ming, Calvin
Fuente: In. Kumar, A. Kiran. Demand reduction common problems: common solutions. George Town, Cayman Islands. Department of Health, s.d. p.23-31.
Idioma(s): Inglés

Disaster preparedness plan

Autor(es): Cayman Islands Government. Health Services Authority
Fuente: George Town; s.n; s.d. <42> p.
Idioma(s): Inglés

Health services statistics 1984-1988

Autor(es): Cayman Islands. Medical Health Services Department
Fuente: George Town; s.n; s.d. 66 p.
Idioma(s): Inglés

Knowledge, attitudes and practice of postnatal mothers in a tertiary institution compared with primary health setting

Autor(es): Graham Padilla, Dawn
Fuente: Kingston; s.n; 1995. v,50 p.
Tesis Idioma(s): Inglés
Resumen: The care of mothers and babies during the postnatal period should be treated with equal importance as the antenatal period, when they are more vulnerable to physiological and psychological trauma that could be detrimental for many generations. The knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers will affect the well being of both mother and child. This study was undertaken with the general aim to find out if there was a difference in knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers at different levels of public health care facilities. A sample of 110 mothers were selected, a questionnaire was designed and each mother was interviewed either at the postnatal clinic at the Duhaney park Health Centre, or at the postnatal clinic at UHWI. The results showed that basically, knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers had no relationship with that of public health care facility attended. It was recommended that although adequate, the knowledge, attitude and knowledge of mothers could be increased by greater emphasis on educational and health promotion programs(AU)

Health and socioeconomic status in St. Lucia

Autor(es): Henry Lee, Aldrie J. J
Fuente: Kingston; s.n; 1995. xix,274 p.
Tesis Idioma(s): Inglés
Resumen: This dissertation examines the relationship between health status and socioeconomic status in St. Lucia. Data for the study were collected during a nationwide survey carried out in St Lucia in 1990. Using bivarite and multivariate analyses, the pattern of relationship between health and socioeconomic status was examined and defined. The analyses showed that there was a persistent pattern in the relationship between health and socioeconomic status generally, the higher the socioeconomic status of an individual, the better the health status. Recognizing that the link between health and socioeconomic status is the access to health facilities, the accessibility and utilization of the private and public health facilities by the various socioeconomic groups are also examined. The study reveals that the disadvantaged socioeconomic groups generally have more diabilities, possess less access to better quality care and utilize the public health care facilities more than the other socioeconomic groups. The study ends with some guidelines for future research in the Caribbean. (AU)

A three month study of parasuicide presenting in Kingston, Jamaica

Autor(es): Sankar, Hansranie
Fuente: Kingston; s.n; 1995. vi,75 p.
Tesis Idioma(s): Inglés
Resumen: A three month study of parasuicide presenting in Kingston, Jamaica. A case controlled study of 41 persons who attempted suicide was conducted over a three month period. The risk factors identified in this population are: being unemployed, living in rented accomodation or boarding homes, having a chronic medical illness, experiencing conflicts with parents and family members, family instability, depression and hopelessness. Drug abuse was associated with parasuicide. The more common precipitating factors include: dispute with parents, conflict with other family members and lovers quarrel. The most common method of attempting suicide seem to be the ingestion of medication. Teenagers and young adults made up the majority of cases. Depression and hopelessness were prominent features among the cases and were also identified as risk factors. These findings have important implications for the planning of health services and the management of patients. (AU)
Resultados  1-10 de 196.392