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EVIPNet Africa's first series of policy briefs to support evidence-informed policymaking

Author(s): Panisset, Ulysses; Lavis, John N
[EVIPNet Repository ID: 35 ] Language(s): English
EVIPNet (Evidence-Informed Policy Network) Africa?a network of World Health Organization (WHO)-sponsored knowledge-translation (KT) platforms in seven sub-Saharan African countries?was launched at a meeting in Brazzaville, Congo, in March 2006 (1;2). EVIPNet Africa can trace its origins to resolutions from both the Ministerial Summit on Health Research (November 2004) and the World Health Assembly (May 2005) (10;11), the spirit of which was reaffirmed at the Global Ministerial Forum on Research for Health (November 2008) (13). Typical of EVIPNet?s pragmatic efforts to directly support evidence-informed health systems, a joint capacity-building workshop was convened in 2008 at the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute.