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SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed health Policymaking (STP): introduction

Author(s): Fretheim, A; Lewin, S; Lavis, JN; Oxman, AD
[EVIPNet Repository ID: 74 ] Language(s): English
Knowing how to find and use research evidence can help policymakers and those who support them to do their jobs better and more efficiently. Each article in this series presents a proposed tool that can be used by those involved in finding and using research evidence to support evidenceinformed health policymaking. The series addresses four broad areas: 1. Supporting evidenceinformed policymaking 2. Identifying needs for research evidence in relation to three steps in policymaking processes, namely problem clarification, options framing, and implementation planning 3. Finding and assessing both systematic reviews and other types of evidence to inform these steps, and 4. Going from research evidence to decisions.