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Drug Evaluation Research ; (6): 279-284, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-515115


The main ingredients of Ophiopogonjaponicas include steroidal saponins,flavonoids,polysaccharides,and so on,but the research on polysaccharides is relatively less.This particle will mainly review the chemical composition,analytical methods,and pharmacological effects of Ophiopogon polysaccharides.The Ophiopogon polysaccharides contain a variety of substances,such as MDG-1,Md-1,Md-2,OJP-1,etc;The main analysis methods were sulfuric acid method,phenol-sulfuric acid method,3,5-dinitrosalicylic acid (DNS) colorimetric method,and near-infrared spectroscopy combined with partial least squares regression method.Ophiopogon polysaccharides can effectively improve the cardiovascular system diseases,with antihypoxia,anti-inflammatory,antitumor,anti-oxidation,and other pharmacological effects.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 2350-2356, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-619055


OBJECTIVE:To investigate the compatibility stability of Salvianolic acid for injection (SAFI) combined with 8 kinds of common solvents. METHODS:Referring to package inserts,SAFI was collected and combined with 0.9% Sodium chlo-ride injection,5% Glucose injection,10% Glucose injection,Compound sodium chloride injection,Mannitol injection,Glycerol fructose and sodium chloride injection,Sodium lactate Ringer's injection,Glucose and sodium chloride injection,250 mL each re-spectively,and then sealed in the dark at the room temperature. The appearance of mixtures were observed,pH value,the number of insoluble particles,maximal absorption wavelength and maximal absorbance were detected,and the contents of salvianolic acid B,rosmarinic acid,lithospermic acid and salvianolic acid Y in mixtures were determined by HPLC at 0,1,2,4,8 h after mix-ing. RESULTS:Under above condition,no obvious change was found in appearance or pH values of the mixtures within 8 h. Maxi-mal absorption wavelength ranged 284.5-286.0 nm. After mixed with Mannitol injection,the number of particles≥10μm(1-8 h af-ter mixing)and particles ≥25 μm(4-8 h after mixing)exceeded the scope of Chinese Pharmacopoeia(2015 edition);the maxi-mal absorbance changed significantly(RSD=9.17%,n=5);the relative content of salvianolic acid B,rosmarinic acid,lithosper-mic acid and salvianolic acid Y decreased by more than 10%(RSD=14.65%,6.45%,8.97%,12.49%,n=5);after mixed with Sodium lactate Ringer's injection,the relative content of rosmarinic acid and lithospermic acid changed greatly (RSD=14.57%, 7.28%,n=5);after mixed with 5% Glucose injection(4-8 h after mixing)and Glycerol fructose and sodium chloride injection(8 h after mixing),the relative content of rosmarinic acid were less than 90%(RSD=6.30%,4.86%,n=5);and the number of particles ≥25μm exceeded the scope of phamcopoeia after mixing with Glycerol fructose and sodium injection(0 h). The number of insoluble particles in other mixtures were in line with the standard of pharmacopoeia;maximal absorbance had no significant change(RSD<5%,n=5),and the relative content change of analytes were all less than 10%. CONCLUSIONS:Clinical appli-cation of SAFI combined with Mannitol injection,Sodium lactate Ringe's injection and Glycerol fructose and sodium injecrion should be avoided. After mixed with 5% Glucose injection,SAFI should be used within 4 h. SAFI can be compatible with 0.9%Sodium chloride injection,10% Glucose injection,Compound sodium chloride injection and Glucose and sodium chloride injec-tion.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 3980-3982,3983, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-605383


OBJECTIVE:To explore the content variation rule and influencing factors of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural(5-HMF)in the extraction process of the herbs Schisandra chinensis and improve the quality of monitoring the extract of Schisandra chinensis. METHODS:High performance liquid chromatography was adopted to determine the contents of 5-HMF in the extracts during the extraction process (decoction,vacuum concentration,alcohol precipitation,vacuum drying,alkali adjustment),and the content variation rule was found out. For vacuum drying during which the content of 5-HMF reduced obviously,the effects of the tempera-ture and time of drying on the content of 5-HMF were studied,and the effects of vacuum drying and freeze drying on the 5-HMF contents were compared. RESULTS:The content variation trend in the extraction process of Schisandra chinensis was as follows as a large amount of 5-HMF was produced in the herbs decoction process;the content of 5-HMF increased during concentration,re-duced during the alcohol precipitation and the vacuum drying of the extracts by three times concentrate,and maintained substantial-ly unchanged during alkali adjustment. In the process of vacuum drying,the content of 5-HMF decreased with temperature rise and time extension. Freeze drying had no effect as good as that of vacuum drying in the reduction in the content of 5-HMF. CON-CLUSIONS:It is suggested that the vacuum drying of the extracts by three times concentrate at higher temperature,which may pro-duce the extract of Schisandra chinensis with lower content of 5-HMF and thus improve the quality of Schisandra chinensis extract.