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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-867597


Objective:To investigate and analyze the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of 46 patients with corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Beijing City.Methods:A retrospective study was conducted to analyze the data of 46 patients with COVID-19 in Beijing from 20th January 2020 to 8th February 2020 at the Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital in Beijing City. Twelve, 23 and 11 patients were assigned to the mild group, common group and severe group, respectively. The epidemiological history, clinical characteristics, laboratory tests and imaging inspections were analyzed. Statistical analysis used Fisher exact test. If P<0.05, post- hoc test was used for pairwise comparison, and the statistics were corrected by Bonferroni test. Results:Among the 46 patients included in this study, 27 were male and 19 were female. The age range was between 3-79 years old, and the age was (41.8±16.3) years old. The average incubation period was (4.85±3.00) days. A total of 26 cases (56.5%) were clustered patients, and 26 cases had a history of staying in Wuhan, 10 cases had contact with Wuhan personnel. Fever (39 cases, 84.8%), cough (27 cases, 58.7%), and fatigue (25 cases, 54.3%) were the main clinical symptoms for these patients. The decrease in white blood cell counts occurred in 12 patients, four had the decrease in T lymphocyte percentage, 17 had the decrease in CD4 + T lymphocyte counts, seven had the decrease in CD8 + T lymphocyte counts, 21 had the increase level of C reactive protein (45.7%), and interleukin-6 (IL-6) level increased in 32 cases (69.6%), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) increased in 23 cases (50.0%), serum ferritin level increased in 26 cases (56.5%), and blood lactic acid level increased in nine cases. There were statistically significant differences in the proportion of cases with decreased absolute value of CD8 + T lymphocytes and T lymphocytes counts among the mild, common and severe groups (all P<0.05). Comparing the proportion of cases in the three groups with elevated C reactive protein, IL-6, ESR, serum ferritin and blood lactic acid levels, the differences were statistically significant (all P<0.05). The proportion of cases with elevated C reactive protein levels in severe group was higher than those in mild and common groups. The proportion of cases with elevated IL-6, ESR, and serum ferritin levels in severe and common group were higher than those in mild group. The proportion of cases with elevated blood lactic acid levels in severe group was higher than those in mild group. The differences between the above groups were statistically significant (all adjusted P<0.017). Analysis of chest X-rays results showed that 34 patients (73.9%) had inflammation in the lungs. Conclusions:The epidemiological characteristics of patients with COVID-19 in Beijing City are mainly imported cases and clustered cases. The clinical manifestations are mainly fever, fatigue and cough. C reactive protein, IL-6, ESR, serum ferritin and blood lactic acid levels are higher in severe patients.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-451906


Objective To investigate the risk factors,clinical characteristics and outcomes in patients with acute myocardial infarction and history of stroke. Methods A total of 771 patients with acute myocardial infarction diagnosed and admitted to Xuanwu Hospital,Capital Medical University from January 2005 to March 2012 were analyzed retrospectively. They were divided into either a stroke group (n=387)or a control group (n=384)according to whether they had previous ischemic stroke or not. The risk factors for cardiovascular disease,clinical characteristics of the disease,and clinical outcomes of the patients in both groups were compared through the case control analysis. The endpoint events observed were acute ischemic stroke,cerebral hemorrhage,and cause of death during hospitalization. Results (1)The median age of the patients in both stroke and control groups was 71 (37-91 )and 62 (29-90 )years respectively. The female patients in the stroke group were more than those in the control group (n=125 vs. n=91). The incidence of complicated with hypertension (72. 9%[n=282]and 47. 6%[n=183]) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (39. 0%[n=151]and 20. 8%[n=80]respectively)were high. There was significant difference between the two groups (P<0. 01). (2)The time from the onset to admission in patients of the stroke group was longer than that in patients of the control group (median 11 h vs. 4 h). The incidence of non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (16. 0%[n = 62 ]and 1. 8%[n = 7 ] respectively)was higher. The incidences of complicated with gastric stress ulcer (7. 0%[n =27 ]and 2. 1%[n=8]respectively),atrial fibrillation (10. 6%[n=41]and 3. 9%[n=15]respectively),and acute pulmonary edema-cardiac function Killip class≥Ⅱ(51. 9%[n =201 ]and 37. 8%[n =145 ] respectively)were more higher. The findings of coronary angiography in patients of the stroke group were that the incidence of left main coronary artery or 3 -branch lesion higher than that of the control group (52. 9%[126/238]and 32. 4%[97/299]respectively). There was significant difference (P <0. 05). (3)The incidence of new stroke in patients of the stroke group (5. 7%[n =22 ]and 1. 8%[n =7 ] respectively)and in hospital mortality (13. 7%[n=53]and 7. 6%[n=29]respectively)were higher than those of the control group. There were significant differences (P<0. 01). Conclusion The age of the patients with acute myocardial infarction with previous identified history of stroke is older. The incidence of female patients is higher than that of the non-stroke patients,and most of them have risk factors that complicated with hypertension and diabetes mellitus. These patients often have the complications with peptic ulcer disease and heart failure,and their coronary angiography often show multi-branch lesions,and they are more prone to ischemic cardio-cerebrovascular events during the hospitalization.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-352141


Screening potential differentially expressed genes can help us to understand the functions of the genes and their roles in disease development. Due to the different emphases of the principal component analysis and independent component analysis, a novel method that combines principal component analysis and independent component analysis is proposed to identify differentially expressed genes associated with gastric cancer for the improvement of accuracy and credibility of results. This method screens out 16 differentially expressed genes which is significantly related to the occurrence and development of gastric cancer from gastric cancer gene expression data with 7129 genes and 29 samples. These genes are worthy to be studied experimentally. The results of this paper are helpful for revealing the occurrence and development mechanism of gastric cancer.

Gene Expression Profiling , Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic , Genes, Neoplasm , Humans , Principal Component Analysis , Stomach Neoplasms , Genetics , Metabolism
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-404238


Aim To study of the expression and distribution of four α-synuclein truncations in three cells.Method Four α-synuclein gene truncations were obtained by PCR method,followed by subcloning into the pEGFP-N1 eukaryotic expression vector.Four obtained recombination plasmids were transfected into MN9D cells,PC12 cells and SH-SY5Y cells using Lipofectamine 2000 respectively.The expression and distribution of four α-synuclein truncations were observed by Confocal.Results Distribution of four α-synuclein truncations was discrepant obviously,the truncations,with more C terminal remained,were prone to emerging in nuclei.Conclusion Localization of α-synuclein protein in cells may be related to the C terminal,and the whole C terminal plays an important role in distribution of α-synuclein into nuclei.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-681597


Objective: To search for the best condition of microwave assisted extraction(MAE) for the flavonoids in Radix glycyrrliza and to compare with traditional boiling water extraction(WE). Methods: MAE and BWE were adopted, and its proper experimental conditions were examined and optimized by means of uniform design. The flavonoids in Radix glucyrrliza were determined by spectrophotometry. Results: Appropriate MAE conditions included extraction time of 1min, ethanol concentration of 38%, liquid/solid ratios of 8∶1(ml/g) and the power of microwave oven of 288W, the recovery of flavonoids from Radix glycyrrliza with MAE(24.6mg/g) was higher than BWE (11.4mg/g). Conclusion: Compared with traditional boiling water extraction(BWE), the experiment results demonstrated higher extracting rate and shorter extracting time. It indicated that MAE was more suitable to extraction of the flavonoids.