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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-846677


Chinese materia medica powder (CMMP) is an important intermediate in the preparation of Chinese materia medica (CMM). Sterilization of CMMP is an essential key operation unit, which directly affects the safety, effectiveness and quality stability of CMM. In this paper, the applications, characteristics, important status and the necessity of sterilization of CMMP were summarized, and the classification, advantages and disadvantages and application of existing sterilization technology of CMMP were systematically analyzed from the perspective of sterilization rate, physicochemical and biological evaluation, and chemical residue, so as to further improve the evaluation system of sterilization technology of CMMP. Only by combining the characteristics of CMMP, adopting a multidimensional quality evaluation and selecting appropriate sterilization methods, the internal quality and sterility of CMMP after sterilization can be guaranteed.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-773733


Dry granulation technology is a great innovation in granulation technology,which saves many intermediate links and reduces many intermediate costs. It is closely related to the characteristics of materials,dry granulation equipment and process. Dry granulation technology is a systematic engineering science covering many technical fields. The process of dry granulation involves complex mathematical model mechanisms of temperature field,pressure field and velocity field,closely related to the characteristics of materials and drying equipment. However,due to the late start of research on dry granulation technology of traditional Chinese medicine,basic research is still weak. The research on dry granulation technology has achieved great results in the fields of food,chemical industry,agriculture and forestry,showing great reference significance. The advantage of dry granulation of traditional Chinese medicine is that it can be directly granulated by adding an appropriate amount of auxiliary materials in the extract powder of traditional Chinese medicine,without the need of wetting,mixing,drying and other processes. The process is simple and can effectively guarantee the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. The granules obtained by the dry granulation technique are important intermediates for preparing the solid preparations of traditional Chinese medicines,which would directly affect the subsequent molding process and the quality of the preparation products. Therefore,based on the characteristics of dry granulation method in traditional Chinese medicine and by referring to the advanced research results of dry granulation technology in other fields,we would discuss the research ideas of dry granulation in traditional Chinese medicine in terms of the mechanism of dry granulation equipment,technology,on-line detection technology and mathematical model of dry granulation process,hoping to provide reference for the research of dry granulation method in traditional Chinese medicine.

Desiccation , Drugs, Chinese Herbal , Medicine, Chinese Traditional , Models, Theoretical , Powders , Quality Control , Technology, Pharmaceutical
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-851262


Objective: To optimize the conditions of the ethanol sterilization technology for Angelicae Sinensis Radix (ASR) primary powder and compare of its quality. Methods With the sterilization rate as the index and ethanol usage, ethanol concentration, sterilization temperature and sterilization time as factors, the response surface methodology based on the single-factor experiments was employed to optimize the ethanol sterilization process conditions. With the microbial content, extraction rate of volatile oil and the content of ferulic acid as the indexes, the effect of optimized ethanol sterilization process, the moist heat sterilization method and the dry heat sterilization method on the quality of the sterilization before and after of ASR primary powder were evaluated. Results The optimal parameters of ethanol sterilization technology were as follows: dosage of ethanol of 34%, ethanol concentration of 80% and sterilization temperature of 78 ℃, the sterilization rate was 99.59%. Comparing with the moist heat sterilization method and the dry heat sterilization method, ethanol sterilization method had some advantages, such as higher sterilization rate and better overall yield. Compared with the untreated product, the extraction rate of volatile oil increased 94.44% and the content of ferulic acid decreased 8% after the ethanol sterilization, while decreased 55.56% and 100% of extraction rate of volatile oil after the moist heat sterilization and the dry heat sterilization, respectively; And ferulic acid was destroyed completely. Conclusion The microbial indicators reached the requirement and the quality in chemical composition of ASR primary powder treated with the optimization of the ethanol sterilization process by the response surface method is better than that of conventional sterilization methods. It is expected to be an alternative to conventional sterilization methods of ASR primary powder.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-802245


Objective: Taking single Liuwei Dihuangwan(LDW) as the research object,the moisture content change and volumetric shrinkage characteristics in its drying process were investigated,which provided the theoretical basis for improving the drying efficiency of the pills and reducing the quality problems of the pattern pills,crusts and crack pills. Method: The drying characteristics of LDW at drying temperature of 50,75,100,125℃ were studied by constant temperature hot air drying and vacuum drying.Based on sphere model of Fick's second law and Arrhenius equation,the effective diffusion coefficient and activation energy of the drying process were obtained.The volumetric shrinkage characteristics of the pills during the drying process were studied by the projected area method.The Weibull function was used to fit the drying dynamics curve of single LDW. Result: Hot air drying and vacuum drying of LDW both belonged to the decreasing drying processes,and the time required to achieve the same moisture content in vacuum drying was shorter than that in hot air drying.The moisture ratio in the drying process of single LDW obeyed the Weibull function distribution(R2=0.994 5-0.999 7),the scale parameter(α) decreased with the increase of temperature,and drying temperature had significant influence on the shape parameter (β).The effective diffusion coefficients of hot air drying and vacuum drying were 2.626×10-3-7.823×10-2,3.782×10-3-9.042×10-2 m2·s-1, their activation energy were 47.18,42.69 kJ·mol-1,respectively.The volume ratio of hot air drying and vacuum drying of LDW ranged from 0.638 to 0.741 and 0.607 to 0.689,respectively. Conclusion: Weibull function can be adopted to predict the drying and dehydration law of LDW.Under the condition of low temperature drying,slow-down of shrinkage rate of the pills is helpful to prevent the formation of splitting pills,this study provides theoretical and technical basis for dying of LDW.