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China Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology ; (12): 674-679, 2021.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-888337


OBJECTIVE@#To construct and identify adenovirus vector co-expressing hBMP2 and hVEGF165 fusion protein which labeled with green fluorescence protein, and laying the foundtion of the effect of hBMP2 and hVEGF165 gene inducing BMMSCs differentiation to osteoblast and bone defect repaired in the body.@*METHODS@#BMP2 and VEGF165 gene was amplified from cDNA library by PCR and inserted to the polyclonal site of adenovirus shuttle plasmid pAd-MCMV-GFP. Ad-BMP2- VEGF165 was recombinated and propagated in HEK293 cells by co-transfecting with the constructed recombinant shuttle plasmid pAd-MCMV-BMP2-VEGF165 and adenovirus helper plasmid pBHGloxΔ E1, 3Cre. The recombinant adenovirus was purified and virustiter was determined, and then to research GFP expression and to calculate the adenovirus transfection rate in rabbit BMMSCs.@*RESULTS@#The recombinant adenovirus vector Ad-BMP2-VEGF165 was successfully constructed by the methods of gene analyzing, colony PCR, Western blotting and observing GFP expression, and the titer of the adenovirus was 1×10@*CONCLUSION@#Recombinant adenovirus vector containing hBMP2 and hVEGF165 gene was successfully constructed and its high titer was obtained.

Animals , Humans , Rabbits , Adenoviridae/genetics , Bone Marrow Cells , Genetic Vectors/genetics , HEK293 Cells , Mesenchymal Stem Cells , Transfection
Journal of Medical Postgraduates ; (12): 864-868, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-818079


Neuropathic pain is a typical chronic pain that has a great impact on the psychology and physiology of patients. Recent studies have shown that spinal microglial activation and the up-regulated expression of P2X4 receptor on its surface were occured after peripheral nerve injury. P2X4 receptor is an ionic subtype of ATP receptor, and was regulated by various factors under pathological conditions of nerve injury, such as chemokines, extracellular matrix fibronectin and interferon regulatory factor 5. Inhibition of microglial activation and P2X4 receptor expression can reduce neuropathic pain. Therefore, this article mainly describes the research progress of P2X4 receptor in the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain.

Chinese Journal of Trauma ; (12)2003.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-676217


Objective To investigate the efficacy of the bioactive artificial vertebrae of a nano- hydroapatite crystals and polyamide 66 composite(n-HA/PA66)to restore the height and architecture of thoracolumbar burst fracture.Methods From December 2003 to February 2006,38 patients(29 males and 9 females)with a mean age of 35.6 years(17-63 years)were treated surgically through anterior ap- proach for decompression and implanted with the bioactive artificial vertebrae of n-HA/PA66 composite to reconstruct the structure of the thoracolumbar burst fractured vertebra.Results All the patients were successfuly followed-up for an average of 8 months,ranging from 6 to 21 months.The bioaetive artificial vertebrac of n-HA/PA66 composite were fused with the receptor bone 3-4 months after operation.The neu- rological function of the patients was restored partially or completely.The thoracolumbar spine was stable during physical examination and the height of thoraeolumbar burst fractured vertebrae that had been restored did not changa during the follow-up.Conclusions Our results show the bioaetive artificial vertebrae of n-HA/PA66 can restore the height and structure of thoracolumbar burst fractured vertebrae and reconstruct the structure of the tboraeolumbar vertebrae effectively,indicating that the bioaetive artificial vertebrae of n- HA/PA66 can be used extensively in clinical spinal surgery.

Chinese Journal of Trauma ; (12)2003.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-676169


Objective To discuss causes and corresponding prevention for groin pain occurred early after total hip arthroplasty(THA).Methods A retrospective study was done on 189 cases(193 hips)treated with THA including unilateral procedures in 185 hips and bilateral procedures in eight hips to analyze common causes for early groin pain.Results Groin pain was found in 9.3% hips(18/ 193)during hospital stay,including 1.6%(3 cases)with deep infection,1.6%(3 cases)with incision infection,1%(2 cases)with posterior dislocation,4.1%(8 cases)with leg lengthening and 1%(2 cases)with hematoma.Conclusions Despite of the numerous diagnostic alternatives available to the orthopedic surgeon,detailed history,careful physical examination,necessary laboratory and imaging stud- ies can contribute to a correct determination of causes for groin pain.Meanwhile,appropriate indication, accurate preoperative radiographic measurement,intraoperative standardized surgical procedures and per- fect rehabilitation are necessary to avoid complications.