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Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 1004-1007, 2012.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-959147


@#Objective To investigate the long-term outcome of old stroke patients after rehabilitation. Methods 25 old hospitalized patients with first attack of stroke in recovery were followed up with Mini-mental Status Examination (MMSE), Self-rating Depression Scale (SDS), Self-rating Anxiety Scale (SAS), Brunnstrom stages of hemiplegia, modified Ashworth scale (MAS), range of motion (ROM) in hemiplegic ankle, manual muscle test (MMT) of quadriceps femoris, Berg balance scale (BBS), modified Barthel index (BI) and the Zarit burden interview (ZBI) for caregiver before rehabilitation, discharge, 6 and 12 months after discharge. Results The Brunnstrom stages of lower limbs, MAS of upper limbs improved (P<0.05) after 3-month rehabilitation in hospital, as well as the scores of BBS, BI and ZBI. As 6 and 12 months in home, the limb function remained stable, while the scores of BBS, MMSE, BI, SAS, and ZBI improved, but SDS fluctuated (P<0.05). Conclusion It is important to offer the long-term rehabilitation or consultation service when advocating old stroke patients early return to family or community, including psychological support and intervention.

Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 1051-1053, 2009.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-972178


@#Objective To observe the effect of mechanical horseback riding on balance ability in stroke patient. Methods 40 stroke patients were divided into 2 groups. Treatment group was treated with mechanical horseback riding exercise and routine rehabilitation therapy, while control group was treated with the routine therapy only. They were assessed with the flat pressure test system and the Berg balance scale before and 10 weeks after the treatment. Results Comparing with control group, the whole path length and the unit path length when opening eyes decreased in treatment group (P<0.05). Conclusion Mechanical horseback riding could improve the balance ability in stroke patients.

Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 1099-1100, 2007.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-977813


@#Education of geriatric rehabilitation for undergraduate students is a way to improve geriatric rehabilitation service.The materials,methods,problems involved in the processes of the teaching were mentioned and some solutions to the problems were discussed.

Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 452-455, 2002.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-987315
Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 153-154, 2001.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-997042


@# ObjectiveTo study protective effect of combined medication with nimodipine and mannitol on injury of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion.MethodsA model of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury was performed by clipping bilateral common carotid arteries and vagi, then by releasing them to reperfuse blood into ischmic brain of rats. Changes of SOD, MDA and excitatory amino acids( glutamic acid, Glu) in serum were detected after cerebral ischmia-repefusion in different groups. At the same time pathologic study was performed. ResultsTreatment with nimodipine and mannitol is significantly effective than single medication. ConclusionsCombined medication with nimodipine and mannitol protects brain tissue from cerebral ischemia-reperfusion by synergistic action.

Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 1-5, 1999.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-997127


@#: Rehabilitation medicine is a medical branch which focused on functional recovery. Function Evaluation is very important in assessing the function of patients, the effect of treatment and the efficiency of rehabilitation. Comprehensive Function Evaluation includes evaluation of physical, psychological, speech and society. Vocal, mental and social evaluation have deep cultural and national background. Therefore every country must have its own Function Evaluation Method. Now we present our design for Comprehensive Evaluation. Based on the cooperation of Department of Rehabilitation, Department of Neurology, Department of Spinal Cord Injury, Department of Speech Therapy and Department of Psychology. The advantages of this method are as follows: 1. The style of ADL, speech and thinking are suitable for the condition of our country. 2. The evaluation result adopts hundred work system, it is easy for medical staff, patients and their family to understand and communicate the result. 3. We make it more accurate, comprehensive and reliable by some simple tests on speech pathology and psychology. 4. We overcome some disadvantages of evaluation indexes because it is not correct and is difficult to be understood before. Now every evaluation index has quantity standard. 5. It is simple and practical. Each subtest takes 20 minutes or more. 6. It has been tested by normal people. The norm and severity grade had been developed. 7. The reliability is tested and is proved to be dependable.

Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 145-149, 1998.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-997888


@#康复医学是以恢复患者功能为中心的医学分支。因此,功能评定无论是在客观地评定患者的功能方面,还是在最终评定治疗结果和康复效率方面都是极为重要的。全面的功能评定包括躯体、精神、言语和社会四个方面。其中,言语、社会功能和认知功能中的思维方式,都具有强烈的民族文化色彩。因此,每个国家都应该有切合自己国情的功能评定方法。但由于我国康复医学发展较晚,至今尚无一套既切合国情,又全面、实用和可靠的功能评定方法。有鉴于此,我们在“中心”顾问室、神经康复科、脊髓损伤康复科、言语治疗科、心理科和老年病科的通力合作下,经过近2年的研究,在吸收国际先进经验的基础上,密切结合国情,设计了本文所述的综合功能评定法。其优点有:1.在饮食、起居等生活方式方面以及在言语、社会、思维等方面,均切合我国国情。2.评定结果采用群众熟悉的100分制,使医务人员、患者和患者家属均易于理解,便于交流和沟通。3.在言语、认知等功能的评定方面,直接由言语和心理学家选择一些简易的言语和心理学测试项目,提高了量表的准确性、全面性和可靠性。4.各项评定指标的量化程度高,在言语、认知和社会方面尤其如此,克服了一些量表中对此类项目的评定指标不够具体和不易掌握的不足。5.简便实用,一次检查对正常人仅需20分钟左右,对患者则无负担。6.本法已在128名正常人中应用,并求出了正常值,据此拟定了功能障碍严重程度的等级,可供参考和应用。7.信度经过检验,证明可靠。 综合功能评定法的正常值、功能障碍严重程度分级及信度研究结果,将陆续报道。