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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-807972


Objective@#To study the genome molecular characteristics of Getah virus (SC1210) which isolated in Sichuan province in 2012.@*Methods@#Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was used to identify the isolate and the genome was sequenced by the second Ion Torrent PGM. Computer softwares, including Mega Align and Mega 6, were used to analyze the nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence, and draw phylogenetic trees.@*Results@#SC1210 was identified as Getah virus. The full genome sequence was 11 690nt, the nucleotide and amino acid homology of the full sequence with other strains were 99.2%-99.7% and 96.5%-99.4%.The capsid protein of SC1210 consisting of 804 nucleotides, encoding 268 amino acids and the full-length of E2 protein, had 1 266 nucleotides, encoding 422 amino acids. The nucleotide homology of the capsid protein and the E2 protein with other strains were 94.9%-99.2% and 94.6%-99.6%, and the amino acid were 97%-99.6% and 97.1%-99.5%. The 3′ UTR of the virus included 402 nucleotides and there were three repeat sequence elements and 19 nucleotides conservation sequence.@*Conclusions@#The first GETV isolate SC1210 in Sichuan province has a closer relationship with Yunnan strain YN040 and a far genetic relationship with MM2021.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-380438


Objective To analyze the genotype of Japaneso encephalitis virus (JEV) strains isola-ted in 2004 from mosquitoes collected in Bazhong city, Sichuan province of China, and the characters of amino acid in the PrM and E gene. Methods The isolated virus strains from mosquitoes were identified by biological, serological and molecular biology. PrM and E segments of the isolated JEV were amplified by RT-PCR, the PCR products were purified and sequenced. Multiple alignment, phylogenetic and amino acid (AA) analysis were carried out by Clustal X (1.8) , MEGA4 and GENEDOC (3.2) . Results The total of 4688 mosquitoes were collected including Armigeres and Culex. Six isolates were identified be-longing to genotype 1 JEV. The comparison between new genotype 1 JEV strains and live attenuated vaccine strain SA14-14-2 in PrM and E gene showed that total 3 sites amino acid differences in PrM gene and 14 sites in E gene, respectively. Three sites (PrM2, 64 and 65 ) in PrM protein and four sites (E129, 222,327 and 366) in E protein were only belonging to genotype 1 JEV. Conclusion The new isolated JEV strains in Sichuan province belong to genotype 1. It suggests that the vaccine strain SA14-14-2 currently used for preventing Japanese encephalitis is able to protect people against JEV, although in the segments of it had some amino acid differences between vaccine strain and the epidemic genotype 1 JEV strains in PrM and E gene.