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Journal of Geriatric Cardiology ; (12): 5-10, 2012.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-473348


Objectives To investigate the overall prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in subjects hospitalized for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),and explore the prevalence of the major CVD complications and trends in patients with COPD over a 10-year period.Methods Medical records in the PLA General Hospital,Beijing Union Medical College Hospital,and Beijing Hospital from 2000/01/01 to 2010/03/03 were retrospectively reviewed.A total of 4960 patients with COPD were reviewed in the study (3570 males,mean age,72.2 ± 10.5 years; 1390 females,mean age,72.0 ± 10.4 years).Results The prevalence of CVD in COPD patients was 51.7%.The three most prevalent CVDs were ischemic heart disease (28.9%),heart failure (19.6%),and arrhythmia (12.6%).During the 10-year study period,the prevalence of various CVDs in COPD patients showed a gradual increasing trend with increasing age.There was higher morbidity due to ischemic heart disease (P < 0.01) in male COPD patients than in the female counterparts.However,heart failure (P < 0.01)and hypertension (P < 0.01) occurred less frequently in male COPD patients than in female COPD patients.Furthermore,the prevalence of ischemic heart disease decreased year by year.In addition to heart failure,various types of CVD complications in COPD patients tended to occur in younger subjects.The prevalence of all major types of CVD in women tended to increase year by year.Conclusions The prevalence of CVD in patients hospitalized for COPD in Beijing was high.Age,sex and CVD trends,as well as life style changes,should be considered when prevention and control strategies are formulated.

Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 767-769, 2009.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-969346


@#Objective To investigate the correlation between left ventricular remodeling and systolic function by mid-wall fractional shortening(mFS).Methods 51 cases of hypertension and 47 cases of healthy volunteers were enrolled and systolic parameters were measured as ejection fraction(EF), fractional shortening(FS) and mFS. Acorrding to left ventricular remodeling parameteres inclulding LVMI and RWT, hypertension group was divided into four subgroups. The correlation among these parameters were analyzed.Results Thicker left ventricular wall and lower mFS in patient with hypertension compaired with those in controll (P<0.05). There were negative correlation between mFS and RWTr=-0.42, P<0.05) and positive correlation between mFS and LVMI r=-0.67, P<0.01).Conclusion mFS is a valuable parameter compared with traditional parameteres such as EF and FS. There is a linear association between parameteres of ventricular remodeling and systolic function assessed by mFS in early stage of hypertension.

Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Theory and Practice ; (12): 307-309, 2009.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-964599


@#Objective To explore the value of high frequency echocardiography to evaluate cardiac structure and function of rat with acute myocardial infarction (AMI).Methods The rat AMI model was established by ligating the proximal left anterior descending coronary artery. The cardiac structure and function of model rats were examined with high frequency echocardiography in the 2nd and 8th week after ligation successfully. Another 20 healthy rat were selected as the sham operative group.Results The survival rat is 82.0% beyond 24 hours. At 2nd week, the model animals had an increased end-diastolic diameter (EDD), end-systolic diameter (ESD), end-diastolic volume (EDV), and further end-systolic volume (ESD), compared with the sham operative group. Ejection fraction (EF) and fraction shortening (FS) of model rats decreased. The ratio of E/A was higher. At 8th week, these parameters deteriorated left atrial diameter (LA) increased ( P<0.05). EF and FS were relevant to dp/dtmax.Conclusion High frequency echocardiography can evaluate left ventricle remodeling of rat dynamically.

Clinical Medicine of China ; (12): 354-356, 2008.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-401000


Objective To investigate the circadian blood pressure(BP)rhythm in hypertensive patients with chronic renal insufficiency.Methods Circadian blood pressure(BP)rhythm was studied by ambulatory 24-h monitoring among hypertensive(n=25,group B)patients with stable progression of chronic renal insufficiency,and among patients with essential hypertension(n=28,group A)without renal disease.Results ①The 24-h diastolic BP and nocturnal systolic and diastolic BP of group B were significantly higher than those of group A[(80.9±13.4)mmHg vs[70.3±15.6)mm Hg,(160.2±17.8)mm Hg vs(140.3+25.9)mm Hg,(82.6±16.1)mm Hg vs(68.8±20.2)mm Hg,P<0.05)].②Blooa pressure variability(BPV)of 24 hour systolic and diastolic BP of group B was higher than group A[(13.5±3.9)mm Hg vs(11.3±2.1)mm Hg and(9.2±1.2)mm Hg vs(8.3±1.8)mm Hg,P<0.05).BPV of nocturnal systolic and diastolic BP in group B was signitleantly higher than group A [(14.9±3.3)mm Hg vs(9.3±2.1)mm Hg and (9.7±2.4)mm Hg vs(8.0±2.2)mm Hg,P<0.01)].③The 24-h profile of BP of group A showed more non-dipper according for 64.3%(18/28),reverse-dipper according for 10.7%(3/28),but which was 40.O%(10/25)and 48.0%(12/25).Conclusion The renal patients show a disturbance in the 24-h profile of BP,higher indexes of noetttrnal BP and a greater nocturnal variability,which may be important factor for event of cardiovascular disease and renal insufficiency.

Clinical Medicine of China ; (12): 451-453, 2008.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-400899


Objective To explore the early characteristics,risk factors and correct diagnosis procedure of acute pulmonary embolism.Methods The onset,axillary examination and susceptibility of 52 cases of acute pulmonary embolism between Jan 2004 and Dec 2005 were analyzed.Results The early manifestation of acute pulmonary embolism was difficulty in breathing,chest pain,hemota and fatigue.Only 11.5%patients presented all the obove symptomes at the same time.D-dimer>500μg/L was 100%.Blood gas analysis showed hypoximia in 94.2%,typical SⅠQⅢTⅢin 13.6% on electrocardiograph,pulmonary artery hypertension in 82.5%on ultrasonography,dilated right in 38.5%of all the subjects.The diagnosis rate was 82.7%at the first diagnosis.Lower limb deep vein embolism,chronic cardiac,kidney disease,malignant tumor and periooperation patients were the risk factors.Conclusion Acute pulmonary embolism is specific-free of clincial manifestation,patients with history of vertigo but excluding difficulty in breathing,chest pain,hemato should go proper examination.

Chinese Journal of Hypertension ; (12)2006.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-596556


Objective To study the relationship between arterial compliance and diastolic dysfunction in essential hypertensive patients.Methods Fifty-one treated hypertensive patients and 47 normotensive controls were enrolled.Arterial stiffness was assessed by vascular e-TRACKING technology of ultrosonic.Tissue Doppler echocardiography combined with conventional Doppler echocardiography was used for assessment of left ventricular diastolic function and peak late diastolic velocity of mitral flow.The ratio of E/A,Em/Am and E/Em were measured.Results Compared with normotensive controls,hypertensive patients have increased arterial sclerosis index(?) [(10.5?3.8) vs control(8.1?3.4),P