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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-819350


Objective@#This study aims to explore factors associated with parental mediation of children’s vision care and digital technology use.@*Methods@#By using a probabilityproportionate sampling method, a total of 3 249 parents of junior primary school students completed the selfadministered questionnaire in second semester of 2018 from Taipei and Pingtung. @*Results@#Parents had moderate scores in children’s vision care beliefs, selfefficacy and parental mediation. Children spent an average of 7 hours on digital technology use per week. Multiple regression analysis results showed that parents who had intact family, not providing children with personal digital technology devices, spent less time in digital technology devices, and had higher levels of vision care beliefs, higher mediation efficacy, and more cues to action were more likely to have higher levels of vision care mediation behaviors. Whereas children who were at senior grades, low household income, from nonintact families, owned personal digital technology devices, whose parents spent more time using digital technology devices and implementing low levels of parental mediation were more likely to spend more time using digital technology devices.@*Conclusion@#Schools and communities could provide more parental training and parentchild colearning opportunities to enhance parental mediation of children’s vision care behavior and reduce excessive digital technology use.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-754607


Objective To investigate the feasibility and safety of using vasodilators in the treatment of neonates with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) accompanied by acute heart failure and pulmonary edema. Methods The clinical data of a case of neonatal PDA accompanied by severe cardiac insufficiency and pulmonary edema in Department of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hebei General Hospital, and the neonate's hemodynamic characteristics and the efficacy and adverse reactions of phentolamine, a vasodilator, in the treatment of PDA were retrospectively analyzed. Results In this neonate, on the 8th day after birth and the improvement of pulmonary hyaline membrane disease, the respiratory distress occurred again, which was related to the severe cardiac dysfunction caused by the opening of PDA. Phentolamine was given on the basis of routine treatment to reduce systemic circulatory resistance. Two hours later, the respiratory distress was relieved significantly, that was presumably related to the decline of the left to right shunt volume through the PDA. There were no adverse reactions such as blood pressure reduction and coronary insufficiency. Conclusion Neonatal PDA is easily to be complicated with severe cardiac insufficiency, and vasodilators can reduce systemic circulatory resistance, reduce left to right shunt volume through the ductus arteriosus, and reverse the acute cardiac insufficiency and pulmonary edema, the therapeutic effect of vasodilators is remarkable, safe and reliable in neonatal PDA.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-465309


Background:Visceral hypersensitivity is considered to be one of the major pathophysiological mechanisms of irritable bowel syndrome. Aims:To investigate the expression of TRPV1 and electrophysiological characteristics of colon-specific dorsal root ganglion( DRG)neurons in rat model of visceral hypersensitivity. Methods:Twenty 10-day-old rats were randomly divided into two groups. In model group,visceral hypersensitivity was induced by colorectal administration of acetic acid;while in control group the same amount of saline was administered. Colon-specific DRG neurons were labeled retrogradely by injection of DiI,a fluorochrome,into the colon wall. Expression of TRPV1 in DRG neurons was detected by immunofluorescence and the electrophysiological characteristics of DRG neurons was detected by using patch-clamp technique. Results:In model group,the expression rate of TRPV1 in colon-specific DRG neurons was significantly higher than that in controls(46. 1% vs. 36. 6% ,P <0. 01),the average rheobase was significantly decreased[(57. 80 ±1. 32)pA vs.(73. 45 ± 4. 51)pA,P < 0. 05],while the frequency of action potentials(APs)in response to doubling rheobase stimulation was significantly increased[(8. 20 ± 1. 10)Hz vs. (4. 54 ± 0. 66)Hz,P < 0. 05]. Score of abdominal withdrawal reflex(AWR)under a 60 mm Hg colorectal distention was positively correlated with the expression rate of TRPV1 and the frequency of APs in response to doubling rheobase stimulation(r = 0. 87 and r = 0. 73,P < 0. 01),but was negatively correlated with the rheobase(r = - 0. 81,P < 0. 01)in model group. Conclusions:Increased expression of TRPV1 and excitability in colon-specific DRG neurons might be a crucial step in formation of visceral hypersensitivity.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-443136


Objective To investigate the clinical effects of biofeedback therapy on constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome(IBS-C).Methods 30 patients with IBS-C were given to biofeedback therapy,5 times every treatment course.and then their clinical symptoms,mental state and quality of life before the treatment and at the end of treatment with biofeedback therapy were respectively evaluated by symptom scores,self-rating anxiety scale (SAS),self-rating depression scale (SDS),and short form 36 health survey questionnaire (SF-36).Results Post-treatment with biofeedback therapy,there were very significant decrease in total and subscales scores of bowel symptom including abdominal pain/discomfort,abdominal distension,abnormal appearance of defecation,abnormal process of defecation((12.31±2.01) vs (19.16±2.17),(2.95±0.57) vs (5.04±1.04),(2.64±0.92) vs (4.25±1.09),(3.66±1.09) vs (5.10±0.57),(3.06±1.08) vs (4.77±0.95) respectively,P<0.01).The integration of SAS and SDS were obviously decreased after treatment((39.53±6.39) vs (44.43±7.89),P<0.05;(40.70±8.38) vs (46.46±8.74),P<0.05),the SF-36 scores were also improved in five dimensions including rolephysical,social-functioning,vitality,role-emotional and mental health((74.16±21.25) vs (57.0±39.40),(86.21±13.54) vs (75.54±20.96),(75.16±13.42) vs (64.66±20.54),(78.87±28.36) vs (57.76±46.26),(81.60±16.08) vs (71.20±22.04) respectively,P<0.05).Conclusion Biofeedback therapy can improve the clinical symptoms,alleviate the moods of anxiety and depression,and improve the quality of life in patients with IBS-C.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-388908


Epidemiological and clinical studies have provided compelling evidence that suggests a link between the relative lack of infectious diseases and the increase in allergic disorders. Asthma usually starts early in life. The early occurrence of asthma suggests that prinatal influences are of importance.Prenatal or postnatal exposure to endotoxins and other bacterial products may protect against the development of asthma in the infant. We will briefly outline the current state of the relationship of the perinatal infection and asthma in the infant, and focus our review mainly on possible rneehanism of perinatal infection providing protection against asthma in the infant, such as Th1/Th2 immune system, transcription factors, protection by maternal antibodies, endotoxin tolerance, pulmonary inflammation and genetic influences.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-537170


Objective:To investigate the effect of ANF, PRA, AT-? and ALD on the occurrence of Heart failure patients and Congestive heart failure(CHF) .Methods:The plasma were measured by radioimmunoassay(RIA) in 163 patients(112 on heart failure patients,51 congestive heart failure)before and after taking Angiotensiin converting enzyme. The results were as foron: ll. Results:The concentrations of ANF, PRA,AT-? and ALD in acute myocardid infarction, Rheumatic valvuar disease, cor pulmonale and Hypertension patients were higher significantly than the contorl group(heart failure)( P 0.05) .After taking ACE inhibitor,AT an extent, the values were decreased-ANF 32.5%, AT-? 25.3 % and ALD 27.1 % , A positive correlation was shown between ANF system and RSSA system. Conclusion: The results suggested that monitoring of ANF,PRA,AT-? and AID with RIA technique showed a beneficial to heart's disease and heart's dysfunction.