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China Pharmacy ; (12): 2914-2917, 2020.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-837548


OBJECTIVE:To standardize and optim ize the clinical use of Trastuzumab for injection ,and to provide reference for rational use of drugs in the patients. METHODS :The pharmacy intravenous admixture service (PIVAS)in our hospital took the lead in communication and coordination with financial ,information,medical insurance departments as well as clinicians and nurses,to set up dispensing ,charging and reimbursement mode by dose of trastuzumab. Under that ,doctors could give orders according to the clinical dosage of patients ;PIVAS dispenses drugs according to the actual dose ;the drugs were shared among patients;the charge and reimbursement of drugs are carried out according to the actual dose of patients. At the same time ,the questionnaire survey was conducted among 60 patients about the medical experience and cost savings before and after the implementation of the mode . RESULTS :The questionnaire survey showed that in terms of solving the potential safety problems of trastuzumab and the inconvenience of patients ’medical treatment ,the solution rate of the mode was 100%;in terms of improving patients’feeling of seeking medical treatment and helping treatment ,the improvement rate was 100%;in terms of saving patients ’ treatment costs ,most(80%)of the patients thought that it could save less than 500 yuan each time ,and rest of the patients thought that it could save more than 500 yuan each time. CONCLUSIONS :The mode of dispensing ,charging and reimbursement of Trastuzumab for injection in our hospital has solved the problems of drug waste ,occupational injury and inconvenient preservation in clinical use ,and has played a good role in drug safety ,cost saving and patient convenience.

International Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ; (6): 137-140, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-485867


Objective To investigate and analyze TCM syndrome characteristics, impact factors and internal relationship among the factors of mental fatigue of university students. A preliminary understanding of mental fatigue situation of university students and prevent diseases was acquired in advance. Methods 100 students were randomly selected in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, of whom 40 were undergraduate students and 60 were post-graduate students. Mental fatigue questionnaire was used to investigate mental fatigue situation for students, and TCM constitution scale was applied to collect TCM syndromes. A body energy survey was also conducted. Results In undergraduate and post-graduate students, the mental fatigue rate was relatively higher, both of them were over 50%of the total numbers, 57.5%(23/40)、61.7%(37/60) respectively. For the fatigue levels distribution in these two groups, the ratios of slight mental fatigue (undergraduate:52.5%;post-graduate:56.67%) were both higher than those of severe mental fatigue (undergraduate:5%;post-graduate:5%). In the undergraduate group, the top three biased constitutions among mental fatigue students were yang deficiency (7 out of 23:30.43%), qi deficiency (3 out of 23:13.04%) and dampness-heat (3 out of 23:13.04%). In the post-graduate group, the top three biased constitutions were yang deficiency (11 out of 37:29.73%), qi deficiency (6 out of 37: 16.22%) and dampness-heat (5 out of 37: 13.51%). Conclusion It is easier for university students with biased constitution to suffer from mental fatigue, mostly with yang deficiency, qi deficiency and dampness-heat constitution.

International Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ; (6): 686-690, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-477008


Objective To investigate the correlation between the types of constitution in TCM and the sleep status in the PLA Navy divers. Methods Eighty-nine PLA Navy divers who performed 10m diving professional training were selected. Constitution in TCM was classified and determined by the standardized standard Constitution in Chinese Medicine Questionnaire, sleep status was evaluated by the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. Results 62.9% of Navy divers were the mild constitution in TCM. The eight kinds of the biased constitution in TCM are ranked with yang deficiency, phlegm-dampness, dampness-heat, qi deficiency, yin deficiency, blood stasis, qi stagnation and special intrinsic quality. Among 78 Navy divers with good sleep quality, there were 49 divers (72.1%) with the mild constitution in TCM and 19 (27.9%) with the biased constitution in TCM. Among 21 Navy divers with poor sleep quality, there were 7 divers (33.3%) with the mild constitution in TCM (accounting for) and 14 (66.7%) with the biased constitution in TCM. For Navy divers with poor sleep quality, the sleep quality scores were positive correlated with the blood stasis constitution in TCM (r=0.481,P<0.05). Conclusion Sleep status is correlated with the types of the constitution in TCM, and regulating constitution in TCM can improve sleep quality in PLA Navy divers.

Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine ; (12): 24-26, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-446373


Objective To explore the correlation between TCM constitution and sleep status in escort troops. Methods Standardized TCM Constitution Questionnaire and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) were used to investigate escort troops. Factors of PSQI and constitution types were analyzed. Results The results of PSQI showed the number of escort troops who had bad sleeping (PSQI>7) was 64, which accounted for 46%of the escort troops, among which, 45 people (70.3%) were justified as biased constitution, while 19 were normal constitution (29.7%). The top three biased constitution in bad sleeping were:qi deficiency, phlegm-dampness and dampness-heat. PSQI factors such as sleep disorder, daytime dysfunction and total score had positive correlation with qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, dampness-heat and blood stasis, and negative correlation with normal constitution. Conclusion Sleep condition of escort troops has correlation with TCM constitution, which indicates that sleep status could be improved by regulating TCM constitution.