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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-872306


The hospital improved its pre-examination quality of laboratory medicine by means of setting up pre-examination quality management committee, full-course supervision of pre-examination process, and clarified responsibility system. Informationization means play multiple roles for the pre-examination quality, including full-course management, early warning and interception of unqualified sample. The coordinated application of multi-departments, multi-links and multi-measures can improve the pre-examination quality of laboratory medicine and ensure the quality of test results and the medical safety of patients.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-613369


Objective To research the establishment and application of real-time monitoring system of temperature-humidity in clinical laboratories.Methods The collection net for temperature-humidity data was set up using wireless temperature-humidity recorders and repeaters,and a management software which connected to LIS seamlessly was developed according to the management standard for temperature-humidity in clinical laboratories and the requirements for real-time monitoring.Results The real-time monitoring system sent the collected data of temperature-humidity as needed to repeaters by wireless signal and then transferred to host computer.As long as the data was out of the allowable range,the monitoring system could trigger alarm by sending message or E-mail to administrator who accessed the host through web browser to view the status of system,save attendance records,export data and generated reports.Conclusion The automatically monitoring for temperature-humidity of circumstances and instruments in the laboratories was achieved for 24-hours of every day by the developed system and met with the relevant requirements of real-time monitoring for temperature-humidity in clinical laboratories.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-613368


Objective To develop an efficient and all-round management system of personnel information based on the standards of quality management in clinical laboratory.Methods ASP.NET and database technology were used to construct a web platform and develop the management modules of personnel information.Results The developed system consisted of 4 modules.The module of onestop management for personnel archives was realized,which could be viewed and self-maintained by individuals and auto-retrieved by the system.The module of job post for staff attendance record was realized by continuous,dynamic management and permanent retrievability of registered responsibilities.The module of training and examination could publish the information for staff to complete self-training within deadline and evaluated the training effects and competence by online tests,and granted appropriate authority to staff.The module of performance assessment could evaluate the performances of staff statically and dynamically by using objective indicators and review mechanism.After the application of the system,staff archives were updated in real time instead of once for year.The time for reviewing archives of staff reduced from fifteen minutes to one minute,the error incidents of staff reduced by 20%,workload for staff training and examination reduced by 60%,and the satisfaction degree of customers for staff increased from 93% to 96.5%.Conclusion The developed management system could realize all-round standard management with high efficiency,so it should be more effective and cost-saving than traditional manners.The staffs would be willing to accept and cooperate with it.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-381052


Objective To discover regularities behind critical values in an effort to provide scientific evidences for a better critical value report system.Methods Collection, analysis and statistical assessments for critical value items and ranges appropriate for the hospital Results The occurrence rate of critical values is found to be 0.14%.By means of clinical evaluation, statistic analysis and reference to literature and clinical specialists, the clinical labs revised the ranges of PO2, GLU, PT and APTT, and added ALT, MYO, CTnl and K+ , GLU, BILl for newborns, and canceled AMY.All of these changes were put in practice upon approval of the Medical Department of the hospital Conclusion Regular evaluation and continuous improvement of the critical value report system may help with saving lives, improving quality of care of the labs and doctors" diagnosis as well