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Journal of Leukemia & Lymphoma ; (12): 681-683,696, 2012.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-601965


Objective To investigate the diagnosis value of immunophenotype and karyotypes in newly diagnosed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).Methods To retrospect the flow cytometry (FCM) immunophenotype and karyotypes characteristics in newly diagnosed 70 CLL cases.Results In all cases,the positive rates of CD19,CD20,CD5,CD23,CD22 were 100 %,88.5 % (54/61),77.1% (54/70),67.6 % (23/34)and 51.9 % (27/52),respectively.And 6 were misdiagnosed,2 was CD+5CD+19(+),but CD20,CD22 were strongly positive,final diagnosed as mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) by FISH t(11;14) examination and CyclinDl; CD+5CD+19(-) CLL were 16 cases (22.9 %),but 4 were misdiagnosed,the misdiagnosis rate was 25 %,significantly higher than that of CD+5CD+19(-) CLL (P =0.030).59 cases were examined by conventional cytogcnetic (CC),and 13 cases were with abnormal karyotypes,positive rate was 22.0 %,with complex karyotypes in 5 cases (8.5 %); 10 cases combined with FISH abnormalities karyotype examination rate was 60 %.Conclusion Typical CLL immunophenotypic characteristics were CD5,CD19,CD23 co-expression,and CD-5 CLL with higher misdiagnosis rate,combined with CD20 (,) CD22 expression and karyotype analysis helps to CLL and other B lymphoid proliferative diseases (B-LPD) identification.Conventional cytogenetic detection combined with FISH scan can improve the recognition ability of abnormal chromosome.

Chinese Journal of Dermatology ; (12): 407-410, 2011.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-416976


Objective To investigate the roles of hemopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Methods HSCs were isolated from the bone marrow of a patient with psoriasis vulgaris and a normal human control. Forward- and reverse-subtracted cDNA libraries were constructed by using suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) technique between HSCs from the patient and control. Bacterial PCR and dot hybridization were performed to screen for positive clones followed by gene sequencing, identification and functional analysis. Real time quantitative PCR was carried out to measure the mRNA expression of interferon-γ and thymosin 10 (TMSB10). Results Nine genes were screened from the forward-subtracted cDNA library which encoded interferon-γ, tyrosine phosphatase, SUMO1 activase, etc, and 8 genes including the TMSB10-encoding gene were screened from the reverse-subtracted cDNA library. The relative expression level of interferon-γ in HSCs from the patient was 47.5 times that in HSCs from the control, while the level of TMSB10 from the control was 22.6 times that from the patient. Conclusion The abnormal expression of 17 genes which encode interferon-γ, thyrosin, and so on, may be involved in the development of psoriasis.

Chinese Journal of Nursing ; (12): 298-299, 2010.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-402988


This paper summarizes the experiences of observation and nursing of postoperative complications in 28 patients underwent orthopedic surgery for correction of severe kyphoscoliosis,the Cobb's angle was(150.0±25.3)°. Postoperative nursing focused on monitoring of patients' vital signs,observation of the feeling and motor function of lower limbs and wound drainage,nursing care of gastrointestinal reaction and respiratory complications. The postoperative complications were controlled effectively after timely treatment. There was no any severe complications of spine-cord injury after stage-II surgery.