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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-679701


Objective To investigate the effect of arsenic trioxide(As_2 O_3)nanoparticles on rabbit vascular smooth muscle cells in vitro in comparison with normal form As_2 03.Methods The rabbit vascular smooth muscle cells were cultured in vitro.Nano and normal forms of As_2O_3 with drug concentrations of 3?mol/L were added into the cells.Cell proliferation curve was drawn according to the light absorption values of MTT test.Flow cytometry was applied to observe the apoptosis.DNA was extracted and underwent electrophoresis.Results Cell proliferation treated with the 3?mol/L concentration of As_2O_3 was inhibited. Cell growth was inhibited markedly with increased treatment time,and the inhibition effect of nano drug form seemed stronger than that of normal form.MTT light absorption values of cells treated at 24,48 and 72 h showed statistically significant difference(H=10.934,15.039,15.539,P

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-682990


Objective To investigate the function of transferrin-DNA complex,transported by transferrin(Tf)and trans-arterial injection via interventional approach be the duel-target-orientated delivery and the transferring into malignant cells to get more effective therapy.Methods p53-LipofectAMINE ligand with different concentrations of Tf(0,10,25,50,100?g)transfected the 4 strains including LM6、Hep3B、YY and L02 in vitro to evaluate the gene transfeetion efficiency through western blot.Then,after setting up the VX2 hepatocarcinoma models,we delivered the Tf-p53-LipofeetAMINE complex into the hepatic arteries via interventional techniques to analyse the transfection efficiency in vivo.Results Tf,within the range of 10 100?g,could increase gene transfection efficiency mediated by liposome,and the efficiency increases with the raise of Tf concentration.Combination with interventional technique to inject Tf-DNA complex into tumor arteries,gene transfeetion efficiency was enhanced in rabbit models.Conclusion Tf can enhance gene- liposome transfection efficiency,furthermore with combination of interventional catheter technique,there would be a potential duel-target-orientated gene therapy method.(J Intervent Radiol,2007,16:99-103)