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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-927849


Objective To investigate the expression and the potential roles of long non-coding RNA(lncRNA)cancer susceptibility candidate 2(CASC2)and imprinted gene H19 in extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma(ECC). Methods Four samples from patients with ECC were collected for high-throughput sequencing which was conducted to reveal the transcriptomic profiles of lncRNA CASC2 and H19.Bioinformatics tools were employed to predict the potential roles of the two genes.Another 22 ECC tissue samples and the cholangiocarcinoma cell lines(RBE,QBC939,HuH-28,and HuCCT1)with different degrees of differentiation were selected for validation.The para-carcinoma tissue and normal human intrahepatic biliary epithelial cell(HIBEC)were used as the control groups.The expression levels of lncRNA CASC2 and H19 in carcinoma tissue,para-carcinoma tissue,and cell lines were determined by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction(qRT-PCR).The correlation analysis was carried out for the clinical indicators of patients with the expression levels of the target genes. Results The two target genes showed significantly different expression between carcinoma tissue and para-carcinoma tissue(all P<0.05).Specifically,CASC2 had higher expression level in the carcinoma tissue than in the para-carcinoma tissue(t=1.262,P=0.025),whereas the expression of H19 showed an opposite trend(t=1.285,P=0.005).The expression levels of CASC2 in QBC939(t=8.114,P=0.015)and HuH-28(t=9.202,P=0.012)cells were significantly higher than that in the control group.The expression levels of H19 were significantly lower in RBE(t=-10.244,P<0.001),QBC939(t=-10.476,P<0.001),HuH-28(t=-19.798,P<0.001),and HuCCT1(t=-16.193,P=0.004)cells than in the control group.Bioinformatics analysis showed that CASC2 was mainly involved in the metabolic process and H19 in the development of multicellular organisms.Both CASC2 and H19 were related to catalytic activity.The expression level of lncRNA CASC2 was correlated with pathological differentiation(χ 2=6.222,P=0.022)and lymph node metastasis(χ2=5.455,P=0.020),and that of lncRNA H19 with pathological differentiation(χ2=1.174,P=0.029)and tumor size(χ2=-0.507,P=0.037). Conclusions In the case of ECC,lncRNA CASC2 and H19 have transcription disorders.lncRNA CASC2 is generally up-regulated in the carcinoma tissue,while H19 is down-regulated.Both genes have the potential to become new molecular markers for ECC.

Bile Duct Neoplasms/genetics , Bile Ducts, Intrahepatic/metabolism , Cholangiocarcinoma/genetics , Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic , Humans , RNA, Long Noncoding/genetics , Tumor Suppressor Proteins/genetics
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-875949


Objective To investigate the rate and the population distribution of subjects with indeterminate result of HIV antibody test and to understand the relationships between the western blot(WB)banding patterns and HIV infection through follow-up reexamination. Methods Samples with indeterminate results of HIV antibody test were collected by Jiading Center for Disease Control and Prevention from 2013 to 2017. They were used for analysis of the source, the distribution of Western blotting band pattern and the follow-up results. Results Among 698 samples required to be re-tested for confirmation of HIV infection, 151(21.63%)showed indeterminate WB test results. There were 18 types of WB band in 151 HIV antibody-indeterminate samples. The most common band types, accounting for 79.47%, were p24, gp160, and gp160p24. One hundred(among 151)subjects were followed up and the success follow-up rate was 50.00%. Among them, 28(56.00%)samples were still with indeterminate results of HIV antibody, 11(22.00% turned to be negative and 11(22.00%)turned to positive. The follow-up confirmatory tests showed that 67.86% of the samples with p24 band were still with indeterminate results and 40.00% of the samples with gp160 band became HIV antibody-negative. The samples with one of the three band patterns of gp160gp120p24, gp160p24p17 and gp160gp120p66p51 all became HIV antibody-positive. Conclusion The detection rate of indeterminate HIV antibody results varies in different populations. Positive conversion rates with different WB band patterns are different. Follow-up of the populations with specific WB band patterns should be strengthened to detect HIV infection cases as early as possible.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-789452


[Objective]To ascertain characteristics of sexual partner network and high-risk sex behaviors among men who have sex with men (MSM) , providing references for intervention of high risk behavior in MSM. [Methods] Face-to-face questionnaire interview was conducted among MSM recruited by voluntary counseling and testing clinics, peer mobilization, internet mobilization, outreach intervention, and so on.Descriptive statistics, χ2test, logistic regression analysis were applied for statistical analysis. [Results]A total of 334 MSM was investigated. Over the past 6 months, proportion of female partners, fixed male partners, multiple male partners, occasional and business male partners was 37.13%, 43.11%, 52.69%, 56.29%, and 4.19% respectively. Logistic regression analysis showed that respondents who were married, less educated, non-Shanghai domicile, and non-homosexual had more female partners in proportion, those with high income and homosexuality had more fixed male partners in proportion, and those who were married, non-Shanghai domicile had more multiple or occasional male partners in proportion. In the past 6 months, MSM who had unprotected sexual behaviors with female partners, fixed male partners, multiple or occasional male partners accounted for 75.21%, 65.97%, 59.66%, and 48.40%respectively. And analysis showed that respondents had more high-risk sexual behaviors with multiple male partners with their age increasing. [Conclusion] Sexual partner network of MSM is complex. MSM has a variety of sexual partners. Multiple sexual partners and unprotected sexual behaviors exist extensively among MSM. Related factor of sexual behaviors with multiple sexual partners is age.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-635524


Background The integration of segregated pathways from the two eyes first appears in V1 neurons,where it not only plays a critical role in the generation of a three-dimensional visual representation.Abnormal visual experiences in critical period usually lead to amblyopia and binocular integration defects.Objective Present study was to investigate how neurons of kitten coordinate their activity patterns in response to synchronous dichoptic stimulus inputs in striate cortex.Methods Spike rate and local field potential(LFP) gamma band(20-90Hz) power of three kitten(1-1.2Kg,8-10 weeks old) to monocular and synchronous dichoptic presented gratings were assessed for 28 binocular neurons in V1 of kitten by in vivo extracellular record method under anaesthesia and paralysis.Ocular dominance index(ODI) and binocular integration index(BII) were assessed and the correlation between these two indexes were analyzed.Results In 28 cells with binocular characteristic,the absolute value of spike-ODI was significant larger than that of LFP-ODI(t=2.606,P=0.021).A positive linear correlation between the ocular preferences of spike and LFP was found(R2=0.513,F=27.423,P=0.003).In dichotic trails,binocular facilitation with BII for spike was 2.348±0.996,showing a significant reduce in comparison with BII for LFP(3.678±1.974)(t=2.671,P=0.019).Binocular integration index for two signals were greater when monocular responses of both eyes were similar(P=0.035 and P=0.124,respectively).Conclusion Both spike rate and gamma band power of LFP exhibited binocular facilitation to synchronous presented dichotic stimuli with significant facilitation induced by balanced monocular responses.Spiking activity and LFP reflect neural activities of different spatial scales and source components.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-237147


<p><b>OBJECTIVE</b>To evaluate the risk factors of postoperative complications after reoperation for recurrent Crohn disease(CD).</p><p><b>METHODS</b>From 1995 to 2009, 65 patients undergoing reoperation for recurrent CD were identified in the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University. Risk factors of postoperative complications were analyzed. These patients were matched by age to 65 patients undergoing primary operation and treatment outcomes were compared between primary operation and reoperation.</p><p><b>RESULTS</b>Postoperative complications were observed in 25 cases(38.5%) undergoing reoperation for CD recurrence and the rate of postoperative complication was higher than that after primary operation(12.3%). Postoperative complications rate in patients with stoma was significantly lower than those without stoma(15.8% vs. 47.8%, χ(2)=5.831, P=0.016). Compared to primary operation, reoperation had longer operative time, more severe intraperitoneal adhesion, and a longer postoperative hospital stay(all P<0.05).</p><p><b>CONCLUSION</b>Reoperation for CD recurrence is associated with higher postoperative complications. Temporary stoma may decrease the rate of postoperative complication.</p>

Adult , Aged , Crohn Disease , General Surgery , Digestive System Surgical Procedures , Female , Humans , Male , Middle Aged , Postoperative Complications , Epidemiology , Recurrence , Reoperation , Retrospective Studies , Risk Factors , Young Adult