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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-854247


Genuine medicinal materials (GMM) is the representative of high quality materials, the particular area, excellent quality, and good efficacy make it into the essence of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). But the scientific connotation of the GMM quality and the relationship between the quality and efficacy of GMM are the emphases and difficulty in its study. The evaluation on the theory system of “correlation in quality, curative effect, and metabolism” is carried on the curative effect with GMMs and non-GMMs as research objects and the simultaneous detection of multi-components as means. The “correlation in quality, efficacy, and metabolism” is based on the combination of chemical analysis method, pharmacological model experiment, and mathematical analysis model calculation method. The quality evaluation indexes and methods of GMM are disscused and the quality of GMM is assessed by the various views of absorption, metabolism, and effectiveness of TCM. At first, the fingerprint method to identify and select the quality control components of GMM is adopted and the qualitative and quantitative methods of multi-components in GMM are established in this study. Then the “correlation of quality, curative effect, and metabolism” is experimented through the comparison on physiological animals and model animals, the constituents are comprehensively investigated. Finally, based on the mathematical models for the medicines-related methods, we can get the components with preferred quality control, which associates with the efficacy and the proportional relationship, ascertain the material basis for the efficacy of GMM, establish a scientific optimal quality evaluation system, and provide the new ideas for the research of GMM.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-854526


In current China, the quality evaluation for Chinese materia medica (CMM) is one strategic issue of enormous important questions that need to be addressed. According to the current situation and major problems on the quality control (QC) for CMM, we use chemical analysis method, pharmacological model experiment method, and the calculation method combined with the mathematical analysis model, and then propose the "correlation in 'quality, curative effect, and metabolism'" which is a new method for the QC and is based on a quality evaluation of efficacy as the core. We hope the establishment of the correlation in "quality, curative effect, and metabolism" could provide the significant references to the QC of CMM and ensure the safety and efficacy of CMM products.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-299769


With the kernel of efficacy, "Xiaohe Silian" was a pattern and method for new drug discovery which was constituted with "metabolism-efficacy, toxicity-efficacy, quality-efficacy and structure-efficacy". Its connotation was in keeping with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinical pharmacy. This paper systematically summarized the research method of new drug discovery practice process for TCM. To avoid western drug like in TCM new drug discovery, we carried out combination analysis with TCM clinical pharmacy. The correlation analysis between basic elements of "Xiaohe Silian(n) and TCM clinical pharmacy was studied to guarantee this method could integrate closely with TCM clinic from all angles. Hence, this method aimed to provide a new method for TCM new drug discovery on the basis of TCM clinical pharmacy with insisting on holistic view of multicomponent study, kinetic view of metabolic process when the curative effect occurred and molecular material view of quality control and structure-activity exposition.

Drug Discovery , Methods , Drug Therapy , Drugs, Chinese Herbal , Pharmacology , Humans , Medicine, Chinese Traditional
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-321312


Multicomponent drug metabolism can be defined as a research area that, rather than pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, is a concerted dynamic metabolic variation of one component in several other compounds circumstance with the interaction of transport protein and drug metabolizing enzymes, and the study of the dynamic course of multiple components must be simultaneously determined. By the use of multicomponent drug metabolism in the clinical pharmacy research of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it can become a useful tool with the integration of the overall dialectical method and the concrete molecular approach.

Biomedical Research , Drug Combinations , Drug Therapy , Drugs, Chinese Herbal , Chemistry , Metabolism , Pharmacokinetics , Humans , Medicine, Chinese Traditional