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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-506751


Objective To analyze the relationship among serum hepatitis B virus (HBV ) envelope large protein (HBV‐LP ) , HBV‐DNA and HBV marker(HBV‐M ) for investigating the clinical significance of HBV‐LP to reflect the HBV in vivo replication in the patients with HBV infection .Methods Total 540 cases of chronic HBV infection treated in the Longgang District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from April 2013 to September 2015 were selected .The real‐time fluorescence quantitative PCR meth‐od was used to detect serum HBV‐DNA ,HBV‐LP and HBV‐M were detected by the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) . The correlation among HBV‐LP ,HBV‐M and HBV‐DNA were analyzed .Results The positive rate of HBV‐LP in HBeAg‐positive patients was 96 .39% ,and which of HBV‐DNA was 93 .33% ,there was no statistically significant difference between them (P>0 .05);The serum HBV‐LP level was positively related with the logarithmic value of HBV‐DNA copies ;the positive rate of HBV‐LP in HBeAg‐negative patients was 63 .33% ,and which of HBV‐DNA was 51 .11% ,the difference between them was statistically significant(P<0 .05) .Conclusion HBV‐LP can effectively reflect the HBV in vivo replication in the patients with chronic hepatitis B and its sensitivity is higher than that of HBeAg ,HBV‐LP can even more reflect the HBV in vivo replication status in patients with HBeAg‐negative chronic hepatitis B .

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-482633


Objective To analyzed distribution characteristics of gene mutation and gene carrying rate of thalassaemia in Shenzhen.Methods 2 500 cases with adult,neonatal umbilical cord blood of 2 500 cases for alpha thalassaemia,beta thalas-saemia,gene types and carry frequency were analyzed.Results 8 types of alpha thalassemia gene 128 cases,rate of detection was 5.12% (128/2 500),and the main genetic types were-SEA/αα(54 cases,42.19%),-SEA/-α3.7 (32 cases,25%)respec-tively.2 500 cases of adult samples were checked out 7 types of gene mutation 101 cases,and detection rate was 4.04%(101/2 500).Main gene mutation type were CD41-42 (39 cases,38.61%),IVS-2-654 (20,21 cases,79%),CD17 (18 cases, 17.82%)and-28 (13 cases,12.87%)respectively.Conclusion Shenzhen thalassaemia mutation type and frequency had ob-vious regional characteristics and times characteristics,health authorities should strengthen epidemiology study,formulate corresponding prevention and intervention measures.