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Chinese Journal of Biotechnology ; (12): 625-639, 2023.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-970396


Squamosa promoter binding protein-like (SPL) family is a group of important transcription factors involved in the regulation of plant growth and development and the response to environmental stress, but there are few studies in perennial fruit trees such as citrus. In this study, Ziyang Xiangcheng (Citrus junos Sib.ex Tanaka), an important rootstock of Citrus, was used as the material for analysis. Based on plantTFDB transcription factor database and sweet orange genome database, 15 SPL family members were genome-widely identified and cloned from Ziyang Xiangcheng, and named CjSPL1-CjSPL15. Sequence analysis showed that the open reading frame (ORF) length of CjSPLs ranged from 393 bp to 2 865 bp, encoding 130-954 amino acids. Phylogenetic tree divided 15 CjSPLs into 9 subfamilies. Gene structure and conserved domain analysis predicted 20 different conserved motifs and SBP basic domains. Analysis of cis-acting promoter elements predicted 20 different promoter elements, including those related to plant growth and development, abiotic stress and secondary metabolites. The expression patterns of CjSPLs under drought, salt and low temperature stresses were analyzed by real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR (qRT-PCR), and many CjSPLs were significantly up-regulated after stress treatment. This study provides a reference for further study on the function of SPL family transcription factors in citrus and other fruit trees.

Phylogeny , Transcription Factors/metabolism , Gene Expression Regulation, Plant , Plant Proteins/metabolism , Multigene Family , Stress, Physiological
Chinese Journal of Disease Control & Prevention ; (12)2009.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-548306


The present paper introduces the definition of prehypertension,summarizes the advances in prehypertensive epidemiology and focus of debate and suggests the outlook of prehypertension.

Chinese Journal of Disease Control & Prevention ; (12)2009.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-547162


Objective To evaluate the calculation and report of detection index and the statistics analysis of group comparison in high risk group,a problem of medical science study.Methods Relevant literature was consulted so that the methods could be listed of the detection index and the current statistic analysis of group comparison in high risk group.Results The current report about detection ratio and the statistics analysis of group comparison in high risk group proved to be mistaken,and the statistics analysis of group comparison was not the comparison of detection ratios in high risk group.Conclusions It is necessary to calculate and report the detection ratio when expressing the detection index.The statistics difference should be tested about constituent ratio in the group comparison,after excluding patient group.At the same time,some explanation should be given by the author in the composition.

Acta Anatomica Sinica ; (6)1953.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-568307


Histologic and histochemical studies were made upon the collagen and ground substance of the callus and diaphyseal bone at the fracture site in the tibia of rabbits. The main findings were as follows: 1. It was found that the acid mucopolysaccharides were most abundant in the cartilagenous callus, moderate in the newly formed bone trabeculae (fiber bone) and very scanty in the diaphyseal bone and the compact bone after remodelling of the fiber bone, being found only in the wall of lacunae, around the Haversian canals and at the cement lines. 2. In the ground substance of newly formed bone callus and cartilagenous callus, a PAS positive substance was found. The PAS reaction did not run parallelly with the positive reactions for acid mucopolysaccharides in these calluses. It was assumed that there was another mucopolysaccharide present, probably a neutral mucopolysaccharide. 3. During the process of remodelling of fiber bone callus into compact bone, the collagen, acid mucopolysaccharides and PAS positive substance were closely bound together, as evidenced by the disappearance of the positive staining reactions previously found in these components. 4. The matrix of the necrotic ends of the bone fragments and pieces of necrotic bone between the fracture ends were often enveloped and actually invaded by the newly formed bone. Beside osteoclastic activity, this may be a was one way of removal of the necrotic bone. The mechanism needs further clarification.