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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-797435


Objective@#To analyze on the identification cases of pneumoconiosis in coal enterprises in Occupational disease identification institution from 2010 to 2017. Discussion on the characteristics of pneumoconiosis identification in Coal enterprises, analyze the existing problems and put forward the countermeasures.@*Methods@#The data of 235 pneumoconiosis cases were analyzed by the descriptive epidemiological method.@*Results@#A total of 235 cases during this period, the mean age of onset was (51.08 ±7.17) years. The mean service length was (20.65±7.96) years. 131 cases were coal miners, accounting for 55.74%, and 132 cases were exposed to coal dust, accounting for 56.17%. The number of Identification cases was the lowest in 2011 (13 cases) , and gradually increased in the following years, with the highest number of Identification cases in 2016 (47 cases) . 96 cases came from western Chongqing, accounting for 41.20%, and 88 cases came from northeastern Chongqing, accounting for 37.77%. Pneumoconiosis stage one have accounted to 58.29%. The results of 74 cases were not consistent with those of diagnosis, and the difference rate was 31.76%. The difference rate of observation object identification results was 60.53%, and the difference rate of nonpneumoconiosisin identification results was 40.00%.@*Conclusion@#The main types of work are coal miners, and the dust exposed to them is coal dust. The regional distribution is mainly in the western part of Chongqing and the northeast part of Chongqing. The largest difference rate Pneumoconiosis Identification is observation object and nonpneumoconiosisin.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 2605-2607, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-501092


OBJECTIVE:To investigate the possibility of constructing anti-cancer drug in-situ hydrogel with self-assembling peptide RAD16-Ⅰ. METHODS:The rheological parameters as storage modulus(G′),loss modulus(G″)and phase angle(Δ)of 0.1%,0.2% and 0.5% RAD16-Ⅰ solution containing paclitaxel or not were determined by rheometer before and after mixing with isometric phosphate buffer solution (PBS);RAD16-Ⅰ solution containing paclitaxel or not were mixed with breast cancer MDA-MB-435S cells culture medium to obtain hydrogel,the status and effect of which on cell morphology were observed by in-verted microscope (compared with paclitaxel solution). RESULTS:In RAD16-Ⅰ solution containing paclitaxel or not,G′was close to or slightly higher than G″,and G′and G″had changed slightly as the concentration of peptide increased. Compared with not mixed with PBS,G′increased significantly in concentration-dependent manner after mixed with PBS,and G″also increased but was slighter than G′;Δ decreased significantly. In cell culture media,RAD16-Ⅰ solutions containing paclitaxel could form hy-drogel and maintain their gel form,cancer cells kept same morphology after treated with hydrogel and same concentration of pacli-taxel solution for same time. CONCLUSIONS:RAD16-Ⅰ solutions containing paclitaxel can form hydrogel under simulated physi-ological conditions,which can maintain their gel form and have anti-cancer effect of paclitaxel.