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Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging ; (12): 751-753,757, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-602606


PurposeAdrenal schwannoma is rare and quite difficult to diagnose before operation. This paper aims to analyze the CT findings of adrenal schwannoma to improve the recognition and diagnosis of this disease.Materials and Methods The CT findings of 6 patients with adrenal schwannomas proved by operation and pathology were retrospectively analyzed.Results Four schwannomas were located in the right adrenal and 2 in the left adrenal. The tumors, with diameters ranging from 3.0 cm to 6.4 cm, mean (4.5±1.3) cm, had well-defined margin. The densities of all the masses were close to or slightly lower than those of kidneys on plain scan images, with mean CT attenuation value of (32±7) HU. Three masses showed homogeneous density and the other 3 were mildly heterogeneous with patches of lower density. All the 6 schwannomas were enhanced mildly or moderately after intravenous administration of contrast material and showed gradual enhancement mode. They showed mild homogeneous or flocculent enhancement on arterial phase and had gradual progress on venous and delayed phases. The mean increase of CT attenuation value was (13±2) HU on arterial phase, (18±4) HU on venous phase and (23±4) HU on delayed phase. Only 1 mass showed some patches of cystic degeneration without enhancement inside.Conclusion Adrenal schwannoma should be included in the differential diagnosis of solid nonfunctioning adrenal tumors. Features such as relatively homogeneous mass, mild to moderate enhancement and gradual enhancement mode after contrast enhancement are possibly the unique CT manifestations of adrenal schwannoma.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-389690


Objective To study the long-term efficacy of splenectomy for patients with advanced shistosomiasis japonica.Methods Levels of WBC,RBC,PLT,EOS,ALT,ALP,GGT,A,TB,HA,LN,Ⅳ-C,PCⅢ,IGG,IGA,C3,C4,CD3,CD4,CD8,CD19 in periphetral venous blood were determined in 239 patients with advanced shistosomiasis.Meanwhile,the liver,gallbladder and spleen were examined with ultrasonography.Results The levels of WBC,PLT,EOS,ALT,ALP,IGG,IGA,LN,Ⅳ-C,CD19 increased in splenectomy group,the levels of A,TB,CD3,CD4,C3,C4 decreased in splenectomy group,while RBC,HA,PCⅢ,CD8 were not changed.Conclusion Splenectomy is a danger to hepatic function.Humoral immunity increases while cellular immunity decreases in splenectomy group.Splenectomy may aggravate the hepatic fibrosis in patients with advanced shistosomiasis.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-543283


Objective To investigate the relationship between X-ray manifestations of breast cancer,pathology and X-ray classification,in order to improve the diagnostic level of breast cancer.Methods X-ray findings of 114 cases of breast cancer were analysed retrospectively.All cases were comfirmed by operation and pathology. Results All cases were divided into five types,including the mass type(34 cases),mass with calcification type(27 cases),calcification type(28 cases),abnormality structure type(21 cases) and latency type(4 cases).Infiltraing duct cancer was a high incidence(61.4%) and the secondary was simple cancer(20.1%).Conclusion breast cancer of the mass type,mass with calcification type and calcification type are characteristic mammographic features.Mammography could get a clear diagnosis.The breast cancer of the abnormality structure type are not characteristic mammographic findings.The imaging diagnostic rate of breast cancer can obviously improve through recognizing its X-ray findings.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-574505


Objective To assess the value of the additional intercostal arterial embolization in the management of hemoptysis.Methods Sixteen patients with confirmation of intercostal artery possibly contributing to the hemoptysis by angiography were embolized including intercostal arteries and bronchial arteries with silk threads. Results Sixteen patients with hemoptysis were treated by 19 times of embolization involving both intercostal arteries and bronchial arteries in 15 cases and only intercostal artery in 1 case.Hemoptysis was disappeared right after the procedure in 13 cases(81.3%).Recurrance of hemoptysis occurred in 2 patients.The procedure was ineffective in 2 patients.The total effective rate reached 87.5% with no significant complications related to embolization. Conclusion Intercostal artery embolization could be useful for increasing the effective rate and decreasing the recurrence rate in the management of hemoptysis.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-546102


0.05).However,HCT2s of right side and left side were significantly negatively correlated to age(r=-0.606,-0.522;P=0.000,0.000).Conclusion HCT2s in healthy Chinese aged 10~59 year measured on SE dual echo images are quite stable,and age is an influencing factor of HCT2,but not side,sex and handedness.