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Chinese Journal of Dermatology ; (12): 505-508, 2011.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-416989


Objective To study the influence of sunscreens with different efficacy on delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) and their immunoprotective effect in mice.Methods A cohort of mice were randomly divided into 5 groups with 10 mice in each group:group 1 as the positive control without irradiation,group 2 receiving solar-simulated radiation (SSR) only,group 3 receiving SSR and protected by sunscreen l with sun protection factor 15(SPF15)and persistent pigment darkening(PPD)12,group 4 receiving SSR and protected by sunscreen 2 with SPF 50 and PPD 28,and group 5 as the negative contml receiving SSR only.SSR was carried out on the back of mice with the UVA dose being 1.4 J/cm2 and UVB dose being 100 mJ/cm2 for 10 days.After a 5-day irradiation,the groups 1 to 4 were immunized by intraperitoneal injection with 100 μl(107 cells/ml) of Candida albicans suspension.On the 10th day both sides of the posterior foot pad were measured;then the foot pads were injected with additional 50 μl of the Candida albicans suspension.Twenty-four hours after the injection,the thickness of each foot pad was measured,and immunosuppression rate was calculated.Finally,the mice were sacrificed and skin samples were obtained from the back of these mice followed by the examination of CDla, CD80 and CD86 expression by Western blot.Resets The thickness of edema in foot pads was 0.41±0.38 mm,0.21±0.23 mm and 0.30 ± 0.25 mm in group 1,3 and 4,respectively,significantly higher than in group 5 and 2(0.04±0.03 mm,0.14±0.12 mm,respectively,all P0.05).Significant differences were observed in the immunosuppression rate between group 2,3 and 4(73.0%±11.3%,54.1%±6.4%,29.7%±7.5%,respectively,all P0.05).Conclusions The exposure to sub-erythema dose of UV can induce DTH,and sunscreens have an immunoprotective effect in this process.Epidermal Langerhans cells are not essential for UV-induced immunosuppression.