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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-906133


In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the spleen is the foundation of acquired nature and the source of Qi and blood. All life activities of a person since birth depend on the water and grain essence transported by spleen and stomach. The liver helps the spleen to strengthen the movement, the liver and spleen cooperate with each other. The liver and the spleen are invigorated, so that the Qi and blood are sufficient. The external energy can nourish the limbs, muscles and fur. The Qi and blood can be supplied to the internal organs, meridians and bones, and the body can be nourished both inside and outside to strengthen the acquired foundation. Emotional dissatisfaction can lead to stagnation of liver Qi, loss of spleen Qi, failure to dredge Qi, and deficiency of spleen Qi, forming the syndrome of liver depression and spleen deficiency. Its clinical manifestations include the symptoms of liver Qi stagnation such as depression, stamina, and chest fullness, as well as symptoms of spleen deficiency such as anorexia, abdominal distension, loose stools. Xiaoyaowan is an effective classic prescription for the treatment of liver stagnation and spleen deficiency syndrome, which is based on the dosage form of Xiaoyaosan in Prescriptions of the Bureau of Taiping People's Welfare Pharmacy. It has the effect of relieving depression, nourishing blood and invigorating spleen. In modern research, it has been found that Xiaoyaowan has good curative effect in the treatment of endocrine diseases, liver diseases, immune diseases, and neurological diseases, etc. It was praised by the famous medical scientist YE Tian-shi in the Qing Dynasty as "the holy medicine for women", with a wide range of significant curative effects gynecology. Progress has been also made in pharmacological research. In this article, we have searched and consulted the relevant literature reports of Xiaoyaowan in recent years, summarized the key directions of the pharmacological research literature, and proposed deficiencies to provide relevant basis for the in-depth study of Xiaoyao pill in the future.