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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-439251


Objective To explore the application of CARE kV technique in the adult chest CT and the value of reducing radiation dose.Methods Sixty-nine patients were divided into two groups by random number generators:group A(39 cases) and group B(30 cases).Group A was examined by using CARE kV technique and group B was examined at routine 120 kV.CT dose index(CTDIvol),dose length product (DLP) and effective dose (E) were compared between the two groups,and analyzed the correlation between tube voltage selection and patient body mass index (BMI) of group A was analyzed.Results The average CTDIvol [(11.00 ± 3.89) mGy],DLP[(294.05 ± 91.17) mGy·cm] and E[(4.12 ± 1.28) mSv] of group A were lower than those of group B (16.64 ± 1.20) mGy,[(475.99 ± 41.16) mGy · cm],[(6.66 ±0.58) mSv].With statistically significant difference (t =-7.653,-10.151,-10.150,P < 0.05).Compared with routine 120 kV technique (group B),the CARE kV technique (group A) could reduce the total radiation dose about 38.14%.Compared obese patients(BMI≥28 kg/m2) with non-obese patients in group A and B,the mean E of non-obese patients was lower than that of obese patients in group A,which reduced the total E about 31.74% (t =4.322,P <0.05),while E in group B was no significant different between non-obese patients and obese patients.Conclusions In adult chest CT,CARE kV technique can select optimum scanning voltage automatically according to the patients with different BMI and anatomical regions,which can reduce the overall radiation dose while maintaining image quality.

Chinese Journal of Neurology ; (12): 623-626, 2011.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-419806


Objective To investigate the clinical and neuroimaging features of Vogt-KoyanagiHarada syndrome ( VKH ).Methods Cerebrospinal fluid ( CSF ), neuroimaging examination, clinical manifestation and pharmacotherapy features were investigated in 5 patients diagnosed as VKH. ResultsAll 5 patients were diagnosed as uveitis in the early stage of disease.All patients suffered “ headache”.Meningeal irritation sign was appeared in 3 cases. The MRI enhanced scan of all 5 cases showed abnormal enhancement of meninges. CSF examination showed increased leukocyte number ((4--196) × 106/L). All patients were alleviatedwith combination therapyof high dose of steroid with cyclophosphamide.ConclusionsVKH is a systemic disease that usually involving the uvea, central nervous system, internal ear and the skin. MRI and CSF examination are valuable for diagnosis. High dose of steroid combined with cyclophosphamide is an effective therapeutic strategy.