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Article | IMSEAR | ID: sea-203312


Objectives: To study the correlation between CD4 count &HIV-1 viral load among ART Naive patients attending ICTCSMS Medical College, Jaipur.Material and Methods: This study was conducted on 250 HIVserologically confirmed, ART Naive cases from ICTC, SMSJaipur. RNA extraction was done from plasma samples byQiagen Viral RNA Mini Kit then HIV-1 Viral load wasdetermined by Qiagen HIV-1 viral load kit on ABI 7500 Fast dxReal Time PCR, while CD4 count was done on FACSCALIBUR flowcytometer (BD Biosciences). SPSS ver. 21.0was used to determine correlation between CD4 count & HIV-1viral load.Results: Out of 250, 216 (86.4%) cases were found in whichviral RNA was detected. These samples were correlated withtheir CD4 Count. The mean of viral load was 194746.2791 ±550442.61805 IU/ml while CD4 count was 282.7674 ±217.56456 cells/ul. Females were having Avg. Viral load228506.7273 & CD4 count 337.21 and males were found tohave Avg. Viral load 179791.9866 & CD4 count 258.65Conclusion: This study concluded a negativecorrelation between HIV-1 RNA viral load and CD4 count inHIV-seropositive ART naïve patients of this part of the country.Our study confirmed that HIV-1 RNA viral load levels aresignificantly higher in women than in men, but no suchsignificant gender difference in the CD4 count was found.

Article | IMSEAR | ID: sea-203363


Objectives: To identify cause of HIV seropositive but ViralRNA undetected naive cases in Rajasthan.Materials and Methods: This study included 250 HIV seropositive cases from ICTC Centre, SMS Jaipur .HIV Viral loadwas done by Qiagen HIV-1 viral load kit on ABI 7500 Fast dxReal Time PCR, while CD4 count was done on FACSCALIBUR flowcytometer (BD Biosciences).Results: A total of 250 HIV Serological confirmed positivesamples were tested for HIV-1 RNA viral load & CD Count inthe period of 2014-19. Out of 250, 26 (10.4%) cases werefound in which viral RNA were undetected. out of 26seropositive but HIV RNA undetected case, 16(61.5%) wereMale while 10 (38.5%) were females. Mean of CD4 in Femalewas 565 while 650 in males.Conclusion: HIV‑1 seropositive patients but undetected viralload is not uncommon in society. HIV sero-positive but viralRNA undetected males CD4 count were higher than females. Itwas also observed that all the cases of seropositive withundetected viral load had higher CD4 count comparative withseropositive with viral RNA detected patients. It is concludedthat RNA viral load test is a prognosis test, although suchpatients who had seropositive but viral load undetected needfurther investigations after 3-4 weeks to monitor the status ofthe disease