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Acupuncture Research ; (6): 504-507, 2020.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-844141


A literature review was performed to investigate the possible mechanism of scalp acupuncture in stimulating the skin, fascia, muscle, and periosteum and thus affecting cerebral cortex function. The results of literature research show that the effect of scalp acupuncture on cerebral cortex function may be achieved by the stimulation of specific anatomical structures. Stimulation of the skin, fascia, muscle and periosteum can activate the functional areas of the cerebral cortex through the midbrain, thalamus, and brainstem. In addition, different depths of stimulation may affect the deep and shallow sensation of the brain, self-monitoring of the fascia, subcortical central compensation, and cortical discharge. Therefore, exploration of the specific rules and differences in the effect of stimulating different anatomical structures on brain function is the future focus of the clinical and basic research on scalp acupuncture.

Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion ; (12): 1255-1257, 2020.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-877595


OBJECTIVE@#By defining the inclusion criteria of the lost acupuncture technique and sorting out the content of lost acupuncture technique (possibly lost acupuncture technique), this article aimed to provide ideas and methods of the inheritance of acupuncture technique.@*METHODS@#The whole entries of @*RESULTS@#A total of 364 items of acupuncture technique were retrieved, including 17 items of lost acupuncture technique and 12 items of possibly lost acupuncture technique.@*CONCLUSION@#The lost acupuncture technique is defined as the acupuncture technique recorded in ancient classics but can not be retrieved in modern literature of clinical application or expert's experience. The change of government or alternation of dynasty, the evolution of acupuncture-moxibustion theories and education are the related causes of lost acupuncture technique.

Acupuncture Therapy , China , Moxibustion
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-816215


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship between serum leptin,resistin and adiponectin levels and preeclampsia.METHODS: The study was a case-control study.All enrolled pregnant women were selected from January2013 to June 2015 in Peking Union Medical College Hospital,Peking Union Medical College Peking Union Medical College Hospital.In the case group,74 patients were further divided into early-onset and late-onset subgroups(51 cases and 23 cases respectively).The control group enrolled 79 uncomplicated pregnant women who delivered full-term babies during the study period.Three adipokines were measured by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.RESULTS: Leptin level8.98)μg/L,P<0.001).Positive correlation between leptin level and BMI was observed in normotensive pregnancies(r=0.651,P<0.001),but the correlation disappeared in preeclampsia patients.The serum resistin level in the case group was significantly higher than that in the control group(14.08±6.10)vs.(9.99±8.33)μg/L,P<0.001),and there was no correlation between serum resistin level and BMI.There was no significant difference in adiponectin level between the case group and the control group.CONCLUSION: Serum resistin and leptin in preeclampsia population are significantly higher than those in normotensive pregnancies,and the underlying mechanism of their elevation needs to be further investigated.The correlation between adiponectin and preeclampsia is not clear.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-322727


<p><b>OBJECTIVE</b>To investigate the diagnosis and treatment of cervical ectopic pregnancy.</p><p><b>METHODS</b>The clinical data of 27 patients with cervical ectopic pregnancy who were treated in Peking Union Medical College Hospital from January 1990 to November 2009 were retrospectively reviewed. The clinical effectiveness of three fertility-preserved treatment modes were compared.</p><p><b>RESULTS</b>Of these 27 patients,one underwent hysterectomy, while all the other 26 patients selected fertility-preserved treatment,which included curettage after uterine artery embolization (UAE) (n=14), curettage directly (n=8), and curettage after methotrexate (MTX) injection (n=4). The effectiveness rates of these three methods were 100%,75.0%,and 50.0%, respectively,which was significantly higher in curettage after UAE group than in curettage after MTX group (P=0.005). The duration of hospitalization was (17.0∓3.2) days in curettage after MTX group,which was significantly longer than that in curettage after UAE group (6.1∓2.9) d (P=0.004) and curettage directly group (4.9∓3.4) d (P=0.001). The mean hospitalization cost showed no significant difference among three groups (P=0.104).</p><p><b>CONCLUSION</b>Curettage after UAE is safe and effective for patients diagnosed or highly suspicious of cervical pregnancy.</p>

Adult , Cervix Uteri , Dilatation and Curettage , Female , Humans , Pregnancy , Pregnancy, Ectopic , Diagnosis , Therapeutics , Retrospective Studies , Treatment Outcome , Uterine Artery Embolization
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-683446


Objective To investigate the antitumor effect of flavopiridol in ovarian cancer. Methods After the treatment with flavopiridol of AO cells,cell apoptotic rate and cell cycle distribution were detected by flow eytometer and the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated deoxyuridine triphosphate nick-end labelling(TUNEL).Real time PCR was used to detect the expression of cyclin D and active caspase-3 in AO cells.Subcutaneous tumor models and abdominally spread tumor models of human ovarian carcinoma using AO ceils in BALB/c nude mice were established.The mouse survival rates were measured for abdominally spread tumor models and the volume of tumor nodules was determined for subcutaneous tumor models following the treatments of flavopiridol.TUNEL was used to detect cell apoptosis,and immunohistochemistry was used to measure microvessel density(MVD)in tumor tissues. Results AO cells showed apoptotic rates of 4.1%,10.7% and 7.6% following the treatments with flavopiridol at 150,300 and 500 nmol/L respectively,accompanied by an increase in G_1 progression and a decrease in S phase progression.The level of active caspase-3 increased(2.55 vs 2.49)and the level of cyclin D expression decreased significantly(0.25 vs 0.69,P