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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-694139


Objective To discuss the application of MRI in making early assessment of the coagulation extent of liver tumor after microwave ablation(MWA).Methods From January 1,2015 to January 31,2016,CT-guided percutaneous MWA was employed in 46 patients with liver tumor.A total of 55 hepatic lesions were detected in the 46 patients,the mean diameter of the lesion was (26.0±5.3) mm.On the second day after MWA,MRI was performed to evaluate the ablation effect,the ablated extent (long axis×short axis) was calculated,the results were compared with the referential data provided by manufacturer.The MWA-related complications,including inadequate ablation and excessive ablation,were recorded and analyzed.Results MRI performed on the second day after MWA showed that successful MWA treatment was obtained in all the 55 hepatic lesions,and no serious complications occurred immediately after ablation.The used parameter settings of microwave energy included 60 W-5 min (n=4),60 W-8 min (n=4),60 W-10 min (n=14),70 W-8 min (n=40),70 W-10 min (n=11) and 80 W-10 min (n=18);the corresponding ablated extents produced by the above parameter settings were 41.3 mm×31.2 mm,52.0 mm×36.3 mm,51.5 mm×34.3 mm,52.9 mm×35.5 mm,56.8 mm×36.1 mm and 64.0 min×44.0 mm respectively;all the above actual ablated values were larger than the referential data provided by manufacturer,and among them the real ablated extent of 80 W-10 min group carried the biggest difference with that provided by manufacturer (64.0 mm×44.0 mm vs.54.0 mm×37.0 mm,P<0.01).No inadequate ablation of lesion was observed,and excessive ablation was seen in 12 lesions,presenting as the involvement of the hepatic capsule or even the subcutaneous muscle layer.Conclusion Early MRI examination after MWA can precisely evaluate the ablation extent.The results of this study indicate that the actual ablated value is bigger than the referential value provided by manufacturer.Accurate prediction of ablation range before MWA is helpful in ensuring a complete ablation as well as in improving the safety of MWA.

Journal of Preventive Medicine ; (12): 677-681, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-792523


Objective To describe the current situation of malignant tumor in Shaoxing City ,2009—2014.Methods Data was from the chronic disease monitoring information management system of Zhejiang Province and was used to calculate the crude incidence,age -standardized incidence rates by Chinese standard population (ASR China).Results During 2009 -2014,the average crude incidence of cancer in Shaoxing was 310.44 /100 000 (male 353.68 /100 000,female 266.91 /100 000),and the ASR China was 146.76 /100 000 (male 160.89 /100 000,female 132.15 /100 000).From 2009 to 2014,the crude incidence and ASR China of cancer in Shaoxing increased by 40.59% and 20.52%,respectively. Among male,the crude incidence and ASR China of cancer in Shaoxing increased by 25.10% and 2.52%,while among female that increased by 64.96% and 46.95%.Among six counties,Keqiao had a fastest growth in the incidence of cancer with a 63.16% increase,followed by Shengzhou with a 52.16% increase and Yuecheng had a slowest growth with a 25.09% increase.The incidence of cancer in creased with age and reached the peak value (1 364.12 /100 000)among 80-age group,then decrease slightly among 85 -age group.Conclusion The incidence of cancer was increasing year by year.The incidence among male was higher than that among female,while the increase of incidence among female was faster than that among male.

Journal of Preventive Medicine ; (12): 242-244,262, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-792285


Objective To analyze the characteristics of drug resistance in tuberculosis patients in Shaoxing and provide scientific basis for prevention and control of tuberculosis.Methods All the sputum smear -positive specimens from tuberculosis patients in Shaoxing tuberculosis designated hospitals from 2010 to June 2013 had been done by susceptibility test using susceptibility Jensen medium.The situation of drug resistance in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis was analysed.Results In the 607 sputum culture -positive cases,the total resistance rate was 20.26%;the multi -drug resistance rate was 12.85%.The resistance rate in descending order was INH,RFP,SM and EMB.In new cases,the total resistance rate was 13.09%,and the multi-drug resistance rate was 5.73%;in retreated cases,the total resistance rate was 50.00%,and the multi-drug resistance rate was 42.37%.Conclusion In Shaoxing City,the total resistance rate of tuberculosis is consistent with the national average level,but the epidemic of MDR-TB is still very serious.