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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-931347


Objective:To construct a scientific and complete competency evaluation index system for postgraduate tutors of clinical medicine.Methods:Based on literature research, group discussion and expert interviews, the research used the competency model theory, and conducted twice expert consultation by Delphi method, then the index weight was determined by mathematical analysis method and precedence diagram method. SPSS 22.0 was used for data statistical analysis.Results:According to the characteristics of the competency model and expert opinions, 4 first-level indicators, 12 second-level indicators, and 40 third-level indicators were finally determined, and the tutor evaluation index system was constructed.Conclusion:The system is highly scientific and reliable, which will provide a reference for the comprehensive evaluation of postgraduate tutors at medical colleges and will be of great significance for strengthening the construction of tutors and ensuring the cultivation quality of postgraduate.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-939619


Photoplethysmography (PPG) is a non-invasive technique to measure heart rate at a lower cost, and it has been recently widely used in smart wearable devices. However, as PPG is easily affected by noises under high-intensity movement, the measured heart rate in sports has low precision. To tackle the problem, this paper proposed a heart rate extraction algorithm based on self-adaptive heart rate separation model. The algorithm firstly preprocessed acceleration and PPG signals, from which cadence and heart rate history were extracted respectively. A self-adaptive model was made based on the connection between the extracted information and current heart rate, and to output possible domain of the heart rate accordingly. The algorithm proposed in this article removed the interference from strong noises by narrowing the domain of real heart rate. From experimental results on the PPG dataset used in 2015 IEEE Signal Processing Cup, the average absolute error on 12 training sets was 1.12 beat per minute (bpm) (Pearson correlation coefficient: 0.996; consistency error: -0.184 bpm). The average absolute error on 10 testing sets was 3.19 bpm (Pearson correlation coefficient: 0.990; consistency error: 1.327 bpm). From experimental results, the algorithm proposed in this paper can effectively extract heart rate information under noises and has the potential to be put in usage in smart wearable devices.

Algorithms , Heart Rate/physiology , Photoplethysmography/methods , Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted , Wearable Electronic Devices
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-931290


Medical humanistic literacy education is important in modern medical education. In the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries, many medical schools have incorporated medical humanistic literacy education into compulsory courses and attached great importance to its value. However, the humanistic literacy education in domestic colleges has not yet formed a systematic development. This article analyzes the current status and deficiencies of domestic medical humanistic literacy education by comparing the development stages and characteristics of foreign medical humanistic literacy education. This paper puts forward reasonable suggestions on the integration of medical humanistic literacy curriculum from three aspects: medical education structure and modes, teaching methods and the importance attached to medical literacy education, aiming to provide a reference for our country's reform of medical education.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-508776


Objective To construct an scientific quality evaluation system of master academic dis-sertation in post graduates majored in professional clinical medicine, which provides the basis for measuring the level of scientific research and the quality of graduates. Method a preliminary evaluation index system of master academic dissertation in post graduates majored in professional clinical medicine was established by literature review, expert interview and panel discussion, and the given indexes were conducted on the clinical and medical education experts by a two-round Delphi methods. Result According to the character-istics of the graduate training, combined with expert opinion, 6 primary indexes, 18 secondary indexes and 42 third-level indexes were contained. With calculating the weight of all levels of indicators, the final quality evaluation system of master academic dissertation in post graduates majored in professional clinical medicine was built. Conclusion The system is a highly scientific index system and reliable, which can reflect and emphasize the master's requirements and characteristics of the training, so as to be used as a measuring stan-dard for evaluating master academic dissertation in post graduates majored in professional clinical medicine.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-669821


Objective To sum up the status and existing problems of standardized training of resident physician in China,and to promote residency standardized training.Methods With essayas retrieving items,resident + standardization training as the search term,all relevant papers published in CNKI from January 2004 to January 2014 with a title containing residency standardized training were reviewed.By means of literature analysis,the literature in 8 aspects was classified including the year of publication,status of journal,training base selection conditions,training objects and training time,content,specialist fields,management,assessment methods and shortages.Excel was used to make descriptive analysis of the results.Results After elimination,we took 152 papers as experimental group.In detail,12 literatures about training base selection conditions demonstrated that the level and type of hospital was the main criteria for training base;28 literatures about training objects and training time indicated that trainees were oriented to the pattern of 5+3,the latitude of PhD and Masters could be decreased properly; 36 literatures about training content focused on clinical skills and expertise.Only 19 literatures was concerned with specialist fields,which needed enriching.12 articles about management implemented management of supervisor responsibility system.22 literatures about the assessment method recommend that priority should be given to clinical skills examination to explore the hospital problems of resident standardization training.Conclusion The standardized training of resident physician has been carried out in China,but there are still some problems which need to be further improved.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-435977


Medical education should combine clinical professional skills with humanities skills,integrate humanities knowledge into vocational education.Taking 2008 grade seven-year program clinical medicine students in the 2nd affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University as fostering object,we made researches into students' understanding of doctor-patient relationship before practice and their mastering of skills.Through conducting questionnaire,we got to know the effect of humanities practice skill training for seven-year program clinical medicine students.Meanwhile,we compared students' self evaluation results before and after training,discussed on how to improve medical students' communication skills,cultural skills and the reform direction in an aim to guide students to transit from students to clinical doctor.