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Chinese Journal of Immunology ; (12): 488-491, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-702760


Objective:To explore the mechanism of EV71 antagonizing IFN signaling pathway.Methods: RD cells were infected or un-infected with EV71.Then the cells were treated with or without IFN-β.The four groups (the control group,the EV71 group,the IFN-β group,the EV71+IFN-β group) were detected by molecular biology techniques.The expression of interferon stimulated genes (ISGs) were detected by Real-time PCR,while the protein levels of STAT1 and IRF9 were examined by Western blot assay.By preparing the cytosolic and nuclear fractions,the translocation of p-STAT1 was monitored through Western blot assay.Results:Compared with the IFN-β group,the mRNA level of OAS1,MX1 and ISG54 in the EV71+IFN-β group was down regulated by 47%, 50% and 48%,respectively,indicating that EV71 inhibited the expression of ISGs.The results also showed that EV71 did not effect the protein level and phosphorylation of STAT1.Moreover,we found that p-STAT1 was translocated into neuclear in IFN-β group,while p-STAT1 was located in the cytoplasm in the EV71+IFN-β group.And the expression of IRF9 was boviously down regulated in EV71+IFN-β group compared with that in IFN-β group,suggesting that EV71 blocked the expression of IRF9 induced by IFN-β.Conclusion:EV71 inhibited the IFN signaling pathway by downregulating the expression of IRF9 induced by IFN-β.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-304618


<p><b>OBJECTIVE</b>To study the effect of childhood physical and emotional abuse on psychological health in undergraduate students.</p><p><b>METHODS</b>A questionnaire investigation (Bernstein, revised) on childhood abuse history was performed in 1 200 undergraduate students in Xi'an. Their psychological states were assessed by Symptom Check List-90.</p><p><b>RESULTS</b>Six hundred and sixty-eight students (55.7%) had physical and emotional abuse experiences, including humiliation, corporal punishment, beating or activity confinement, before 16 years old. Twenty-one percent of the 1 200 students experienced beating, even serious beating with equipment. The students who experienced serious physical and emotional abuse during childhood were more prone to the development of somatization symptoms, obsession, interpersonal sensitivity, depression, anxiety, hostility, phobic anxiety and paranoia than those students without abuse experiences.</p><p><b>CONCLUSIONS</b>Childhood physical and emotional abuse is common in China and this may adversely affect the psychological health of undergraduate students who have experienced it.</p>

Adolescent , Adult , Child Abuse , Psychology , Female , Humans , Incidence , Male , Mental Health , Retrospective Studies , Students , Psychology , Universities
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-638481


Objective To investigate the changes of serum troponin I (cTnI) in children with severe pneumonia in the early time and its significance in the diagnosis of myocardial damage.Method cTnI was measured by automatic chemo-immuno-analyzer in 47 patients with severe pneumonia during acute stage and 25 patients during recovery stage.Results The levels cTnI in blood of 33 patients with severe pneumonia during the acute stage were obviously higher,with the abnormal rate 70.2%.There was a remarkable difference compared with control group(P