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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-586553


OBJECTIVE To demonstrate a rare case of hepatic abscess caused by amebiasis and to discuss the reason of misdiagnosis.METHODS A fifty years old male patient with amebic liver abscess,misdiagnosed as hepatic(carcinoma),was studied.RESULTS The patient with a huge hepatic mass lesion was misdiagnosed as hepatic(carcinoma) and received interventional therapy four times within 13 months.Amebae were found in the(aspiration) of the lesion and in patient′s sputum.The temperature of the patient returned to normal range after(antibiotics) and anti-amebic therapy.CONCLUSIONS Amebic abscess is a clinically rare encountered pathology now.When to make the diagnosis,hepatic carcinoma should be carefully considered and differentiated.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-539086


Objective To survey the prevalence of elderly asthmatics among urban and rural residents of Liaoning Province and to provide data for preventive and therapeutic policies of asthma. Methods Stratified cluster disproportional 2.5‰ random sampling survey for 116 276 re sidents was performed using uniform scheme, procedures and questionnaire. Among them 12 735 cases were over 60 years old. Results Totally 522 cases (207 male and 315 female) were diagnosed as asthma, the overa ll prevalence was 1 25% and that of elderly was 4 09% ( male 3 26%, female 4 92%, P

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-681176


Objective:To study the clinical effect of herba Houttuyniae Injection by aerosol inhalation for respiratory tract infection. Methods: 107 patients with respiratory tract infection (the main symptoms were cough and expectoration) were treated with Herba Houttuyniae Injection by aerosol inhalation. The conditions of symptom improvement and bacteria in sputum before and after treatment were observed. The case control studies on parts of patients in acute attack and delayed peroids of chronic bronchitis were carried out. The treatment processes patients were given 25mL Herba Houttuyniae Injection and 25mL normal saline by aerosol inhalation for 30 minutes, twice a day. Results: The effective rates were 91.59% for cough symptom, 85.06% for expectoration symptom. 98.13% patients experienced comfort of pharyngeal and thoracic protions after treatment. Among 55 patients whose cough symptom wasn't improved after they were treated with anti inflammatory agent and antitussive the effective rate was 72.72% after treatment with Herba Houttuyniae Injection by aerosol inhalation. The 45 case control studies of acute attack and delayed periods of chronic brochitis showed no statistically difference between them. The clearance rate of bacteria in sputum after treatment was 80.39%. Conclusions: Herba Houttuyniae Injection by aerosol inhalation is effective for respiratory tract infection with the main symptoms of cough and expectoration.