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China Pharmacy ; (12): 657-660, 2019.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-817069


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the rationality of TLC identification method (3) of (R,S)-epigoitrin in Isatis indigotica stated in 2015 edition of Chinese Pharmacopeia (partⅠ) (later abbreviated as pharmacopeia), and make some improvements. METHODS: Three batches I. indigotica were collected and prepared into decoction pieces according to the processing method of I. indigotica in pharmacopoeia. TLC identification of (R,S)-goitrin in I. indigotica decoction piece and medicinal material were conducted according to identification method (3) in pharmacopeia (80% ethanol as solvent for sample treatment, ultrasound extraction); the rationality of pharmacopoeia method was investigated. Then the method was improved by changing the extraction solvent and pretreatment method (method one: using water as solvent, ultrasound extraction; method two: soaking in water for 1 h, then adding into methanol, ultrasound extraction; method three: the sample was wetted and then dried, using 80% methanol as solvent, ultrasound extraction) of samples, and the optimal method was verified. According to the optimal method, the TLC identification of (R,S)-goitrin was detected by using chromatographic plates from different manufacturers, under the conditions of low temperature and low humidity (7 ℃, relative humidity 48%) and high temperature and high humidity (35 ℃, relative humidity 75%) respectively,to investigate the durability of the method. RESULTS: According to the method of pharmacopeia, in the chromatograms of decoction pieces, the same color spots appeared at the corresponding chromatographic positions of reference substance, but no corresponding spots appeared in the medicinal material chromatograms. After the samples were treated by three improvement methods, in medicinal material chromatograms, the same color spots appeared in the corresponding chromatographic positions of reference substances. There were single chromatographic spot after medicinal materials were treated with method one, and there were more spots after medicinal materials were treated with method two and three, and method two consumed less time than method three. The results of validation tests and method durability tests  showed that after the treatment of I. indigotica and its decoction pieces according to method two, the same color spots appeared in the corresponding positions of the decoction pieces and the medicinal materials chromatograms as those of the control. CONCLUSIONS: The improved TLC identification method is effective, the chromatographic spots are clear, and the repeatability is good.

Chinese Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery ; (12): 35-37, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-469343


Objective To explore the protective effects of pretreatment with alanyl-glutamine dipeptide on intestinal barrier function in rats after cardiopulmonary bypass.Methods CPB model in rats was established.60 SD rats were randomly divided into group G(pretreatment with alanyl-glutamine before CPB for 3 days and primed with it during CPB,n =20),group CPB(n =20) and sham-operation(SH) group(n =20).The diamine oxidase(DAO) activity of plasma and tissue homogenate of intestinal mucosa were measured by spectrophotometry,and the concentration of plasma D-lactate was also detected by spectrophotometry.The levels of plasma lipopolysaccharide(LPS) was measured by tachypleus amebocyte lysate development process.And software SPSS 16.0 was used for statistics analysis.Results The plasma DAO activity in group G was significantly lower than that in group CPB(P <0.05),even though compared with group SH,the DAO activity in group G and CPB were significantly increased (P < 0.05).The activity of DAO in tissue homogenate in group G and CPB were decreased more significantly than that in group SH(P < 0.05),but there was no difference between group G and CPB (P =0.065).The plasma concentrations of D-lactate and LPS in group G were significantly lower than that in group CPB (P < 0.05),and the plasma concentration of D-lactate and LPS in both group G and CPB were markedly enhanced compared with group SH(P < 0.05).Conclusion Precondition with alanyl-gluamine dipeptide can decrease the permeability of gut mucosa,and might be a new way to protect the intestinal barrier function during cardiopulmonary bypass.

Chinese Journal of Biochemical Pharmaceutics ; (6): 161-164, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-463848


Objective To establish the molecular weight distribution of anti-HBV placenta transfer factor injection (PSTF) by electrophoresis, HPLC and MS.Methods Using the methods of SDS-PAGE, HPSEC, MALDI-TOF-MS to test the molecular of PSTF.Results The Molecular was 8000 Da by SDS-PAGE.There were 5026.67,6783.44,7496.42,8736.55 Da components in PSTF by HPSEC.The main component molecular was 2972 Da and the maximum molecular component was 8194 Da.Conclusion HPSEC is simple and rapid to determine the maximum component molecular of PSTF.

Chinese Journal of Digestive Endoscopy ; (12): 613-616, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-481566


were no significant differences in the detection rate of recto-sigmoid colon,mid colon,right colon and total detection of polyps among the 3 groups (P >0.05).Conclusion 4-L split-dose PEG is better than the oth-er 2 regimens in the colon cleansing quality,so it can better reach the intestinal cleaning standards before enteroscopy,which is a more suitable regimen for bowel preparation.

Clinical Medicine of China ; (12): 1064-1067, 2013.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-441041


Objective To investigate the changes of intestinal mucosal barrier function and protection of alanyl-glutamine(Alm-Gln) dipeptide during early stage of postthoracotomy in aged patients.Methods A prospective,randomized and controlled trial was conducted and 20 aged patients who underwent non-digestive thoracotomy were randomized into two groups,experimental group (intravenous administration of Aln-Gln dipeptide,0.5 g/(kg · d),for 4 days,n =10) and control group(equal amount saline as placebo,for 4 days,n =10).The indices of boby temperatures,heart rates,respiration and white blood cell count of all patients were daily recorded during administration.Serum concentrations of glutamine (Gln),D-lactate,diamine oxidase (DAO) and tumor necrosis factor-α(TNF-α) were measured before and after operation.Results There were no statistically significant differences in the patients' general information between experimental group and control group including age,gender and body weight.Plasma Gln concentration in postoperative 5 days was higher than that of pre-operation of experiment group ((478.32 ± 47.42) μmol/L vs.(372.67 ± 29.14) μmol/L,P =0.021).The plasma Gln level of control group at 5th day after operation was higher than that in pre-operation ((431.12 ± 42.27) μmol/L vs.(386.29 ± 19.73) μmol/L,P =0.017).The plasma level of Gln in experimental group was significantly higher than that in control group after operation((478.32±47.42) μmol/L vs.(386.29 ± 19.73) μmol/L,P =0.012).There were no significantly differences between the two groups in terms of the plasma level of DAO and D-lactate before operation (P > 0.05).Meanwhile the levels of DAO and D-lactate in both group at 5th day after operation were significantly higher than that at before operation(DAO:(2.53 ±0.47) U/ml vs.(1.66±0.32) U/ml,P =0.003;D-lactate:(6.82 ±1.91) mg/L vs.(4.92 ±1.57) mg/L,P =0.024),and the levels of them in experimental group were significantly lower than that in control group(DAO:(1.10 ± 0.23) U/ml vs.(2.53 ± 0.47) U/ml,P =0.013 ; D-lactate:(4.87 ± 1.33) mg/L vs.(6.82 ± 1.91) mg/L,P =0.019).The concentration of TNF-α was significant increase in both two groups at first day after operation,but decreased at the third day.The concentration of TNF-α in experimental group at 5th day after operation was lower than that in control group ((6.89 ± 5.21) pg/L vs.(13.04 ± 4.46) pg,/L,P =0.003).The morbidity of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) was significantly decreased in experimental group and the rate of SIRS was also lower than that in the control group(P < 0.01).Conclusion Intestinal mucosal barrier function was damaged after thoracotomy in aged patients.Administration of Aln-Gln dipeptide could increase the level of serum Gln,protect the intestinal barrier and attenuate the systemic inflammatory response.Aln-Gln dipeptide can be used to help aged patients recover rapidly.