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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-487517


TCM medical service trade is an important component of TCM service trade. Developing TCM medical service trade has wide market and strategic importance. Development of TCM medical service trade in China is still in the initial exploring stage with small scale and dominated by the government. Recently, foreign patients prefer TCM medical serve. TCM medical service trade in abroad shows the partial and small scaled characteristics. The number of joint venture TCM treatment centers is small, and movement of personnel is rare. In order to promote the development of TCM service trade, this article proposed the following four suggestions: conducting TCM international tele-medicine service trade, developing TCM medical travel, investing more in the development of foreign TCM medical centers, expanding the scale of exporting TCM medical talents.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-486092


Objective To provide reference for promoting the development of health information technologies by sur-veying the present situation of using health information technologies in residents of Beijing. Methods The present situation of using health information technologies in residents of Beijing was investigated using self-designed ques-tionnaires. A total of 584 valid questionnaires were returned. Results Of the 584 visited residents of Beijing, 67. 3%searched the online health information, 47. 6% considered that the online health information was reliable, 49. 5%had their appointment with a doctor, 485% used APP to search health information, 67. 0% believed that such a software was useful in seeking for doctors and drugs, 71. 4% showed their wishes of online shopping prescription drugs, and 75. 7% were ready to visit online hospitals. Conclusion The rate of searching online health information is rather high with a low reliability in the residents. The trend to have an appointment with a doctor is good in the residents. The APP has a great potential in searching online health information. The acceptability of online shop-ping prescription drugs and visiting online hospitals is high.

Chinese Medical Ethics ; (6): 815-817, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-479065


The emergence of Massive Open Online Courses ( MOOCs ) has provided enormous resources to blended learning and flipped classroom .By taking “Doctor-Patient Communication” as an example , this article discusses how to utilize MOOCs , online resources and popular technology platforms to construct a new -type teach-ing mode based on blended learning .The study found that MOOCs meet students′diverse learning needs , improve the students′ability to solve problems , improve the students′learning autonomy , changing the traditional way of ex-amination and evaluation , promoting the improvement of the teachers and students comprehensive quality , also im-prove the teaching effect , promote the teaching reform and practice .

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-476212


TCM service trades grew rapidly and enjoyed optimistic future during the 12th five-year period, which was in good development trend. However, it is still in its primary stage of development and facing various challenges. This article argued that the development of TCM service trades will meet great opportunities, such as governmental policy encouragement, cooperation with other industries, the increasing acceptance of international market and the acceleration of internationalization of TCM. Meanwhile, there are also some difficulties - small industry scale and weak brand management, absence of legislation, lack of qualified professionals and various service trade barriers.

Chinese Medical Ethics ; (6): 290-292, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-446307


The traditional ways of doctor -patient communication , are limited by the communication time and scope , both of them have been unable to meet the patients'communication needs .With the continuous development of network , social media extends the application scope in the field of healthcare .The application of social media in doctor-patient communication has some applicability and feasibility .This paper analyzes the limitations of tradi-tional doctor-patient communication , tries to apply the experience of social media in the field of healthcare , and puts forward some new application strategies:push information initiatively and enhance the doctor -patient interac-tion;carry out pre-hospital and aftercare communication to extend communication scope; collect feedbacks from patients and handle patients'complaints.