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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-699864


Objective To measure the maximum dissolved oxygen concentration of the lithotripter to avoid visible air bubbles during lithotripsy.Methods The present situation of degassing of lithotripter and clinical requirements for water were introduced.Under the following conditions of 7.5 L water capacity,35 L/h water flow,ambient temperature 28 ℃,17 kV,60 shocks per minute,the lithotripter discharged 10 000 shocks continuously without a visible air bubble in the circulating water,then the dissolved oxygens in the water were measured by using AZ8403 dissolved oxygen meter.The maximum value of dissolved oxygen in the water was determined therefore without a visible air bubble.Results The visible tiny air bubble emerged during lithotripsy if the dissolved oxygen in the water was above 3.37 mg/L and ambient temperature was about 28 ℃;the bubble could be avoided if the dissolved oxygen was under 3.34 mg/L and ambient temperature was about 28 ℃.Conclusion The circulating water with dissolved oxygen concentration less [han 3 mig/L and about 28 ℃ ambient temnperature are recommended for the electromagnetic extracorporea] shock wave lithotripter during lithotripsy.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-339187


<p><b>OBJECTIVE</b>To improve the diagnosis and management level of giant lymph node hyperplasia (Castleman's disease).</p><p><b>METHODS</b>To retrospective analyze 10 misdiagnosed cases with Castleman's disease in order to give some suggestions for clinical diagnosis and differential diagnosis.</p><p><b>RESULTS</b>Ten patients with neck giant lymph node hyperplasia underwent surgical treatment after misdiagnosis. There were 8 localized Castleman's disease constituted of 6 cases with hyaline vascular type and 2 cases with mixture type and 2 multicentric Castleman's disease constituted of 1 cases with plasma cell type and 1 cases with mixture type were classified according to the criteria described by Frizzera. Ten cases were diagnosed by secondary operation after misdiagnosis and were clinically characterized by painless neck lymphadenectasis, 2 cases with multicentric Castleman's disease accompanied with aspecific systemic symptom and (or) multi-system damage. Ten cases survived for 4 - 17 years during follow-up periods in which 1 case with plasma cell type, multicentric Castleman's disease was recurrent 2 years later and underwent lymphadenectomy and chemotherapy and have no local recurrence so far.</p><p><b>CONCLUSIONS</b>Castleman's disease on neck is seldom seen and liable to misdiagnose. The diagnosis of Castleman's disease is based on its histopathological characteristics by lymph node resection biopsy. It should be considered in the differential diagnosis with lymph node tuberculosis, lymphadenitis, sarcoidosis and granuloma. Operation is the first choice for patient with localized type and multicentric type without serious involvement of multiple system functions.</p>

Adolescent , Adult , Biopsy , Castleman Disease , Diagnosis , Diagnosis, Differential , Diagnostic Errors , Female , Humans , Male , Middle Aged , Neck , Retrospective Studies , Young Adult
Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica ; (12): 1189-1194, 2007.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-268207


The FTIR method was used to investigate the correlation of bacteria in the contaminated drug and the environmental microbes in the clean room for pharmaceutical microbial test. The similarity of bacteria in the contaminated drug and environmental microbes was compared by critical hit value method and cluster analysis method. This constructed the FTIR spectra library of clean room environmental microbe, and determined the criterion to promptly judge if the bacteria isolated from pharmaceuticals were contaminated by environment or not, hence the exactness of "one-off report" of sterile test result can be guaranteed, and can be used for the dynamic monitoring of environmental bacteria of clean room. The method is proven to be simple, accurate and rapid, and can be easily spread to the pharmaceutical microbial control.

Bacteria , Cluster Analysis , Drug Contamination , Drug and Narcotic Control , Environment, Controlled , Environmental Microbiology , Spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared , Methods