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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-387937


Objective To study the topoanatomy of anterior perineal plane and adjoining tissue structure in the preparation of ultra-low anterior resection of the rectum. Methods Dissection was performed on 16 male cadavers of semi-pelvis sectioned in the saggital plane. Eight indexes were measured and recorded. Results Anterior perineal plane was clearly found in all 16 cadavers. The median distance of rectum-urethra (R-U) was 14 mm (ranging 10 -17 mm). The contour of perineal body was trapezoid,which was narrow cranially and broad caudally. The median width of cranial perineal body was 8 mm (ranging 6 -9 mm), while the median width of caudal perineal body was 21 mm (ranging 18 -23 mm).The median numerus of thickness of perineal body (TPB), thickness of puborectalis (TPR), arrterior wall of rectum (aPR) -D, pPR-D and width of pelvic diaphragm (WPD) were 20. 5 mm ( ranging 17 - 23 mm),12 mm(ranging 10 -16 mm), 25 mm(ranging 21 -27 mm), 20 mm(ranging 16 -23 mm) and 8 mm (ranging 6 - 10 mm) respectively. Conclusions Anterior perineal plane clearly exists, through which about 20 mm more length of the distal rectum is available which could increase the sphincter-saving rate in cases of low rectal carcinoma.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-682272


Objective To determine the effect of low power He Ne laser irradiation on expression of myocardial VEGF in precordial region of wistar rat. Methods VEGF expression in myocardium was studied by immunohistochemical methods,RT PCR and computer image analysis.Sixteen rats were divided equally into control and irradiated groups.He Ne laser (632 8?nm)was applied with the dose of 60 5?J/cm 2 in the irradiated group. Results The stain of VEGF immunohistochemistry of myocardium in irradiated group was stronger than that of in control group.The optic density in irradiated group(0 246?0 015)was higher than that of control group(0 218?0 012,P

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-572209


Objective To explore changes of three-dimensional organization of collagen fibers framework in hepatic fibrosis rats. Methods Healthy adult male Wistar rats(n=30) were randomly divided into control group(n=10) and hepatic fibrosis group.Hepatic fibrosis rats were induced by subcutaneous injections of 60% carbon tetrachloride oily solution.Rats were killed at the end of 10 week and 12 week as 10week(n=10) and 12week(n=10) hepatic fibrosis group.Distribution of collagen was detected by sirius red and polarized microscope,and the architecture was observed under the scanning electron microscope in hepatic fibrosis rats. Results Under the scanning electron microscope,with aggravation of hepatic fibrosis,kinds of collagen fibers and interlaced reticulation compartment were observed,some round or olivary !honeycomb"-like frameworks were formed,which disparted and wrapped up normal liver lobule,and the collagen fiber sheaths formed the deposition of collagen fibers surrounded portal areas or vessels.Pseudolobule vesicles formed in 12week hepatic fibrosis rats were more delicate and intact than that of in 10week hepatic fibrosis rats. Conclusion The microframework of the collagen fibers was changed in hepatic fibrosis.This structure was mainly composed of thick and slight hyperplastic collagen fibers.;