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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-872810


Platycodonis Radix, which was first recorded in the Agriculture God's Canon of Materia Medica. It is a multi-functional drug with a wide range of applications. The processing of Platycodonis Radix has been recorded as early as in the Jin dynasty, and has a long history of processing. Today, in addition to the washing, cutting and stir-frying with honey, there have also been more than 20 kinds of processing methods, such as stir-frying with wine, stir-frying with bran, stir-frying with Lilii Bulbus juice and so on. The ancients believed that Platycodonis Radix could enhance the effect of diffusing the lung, promoting pharynx and relieving cough by processing. In terms of the chemical compositions in Platycodonis Radix, more than 100 compositions, like triterpenoid saponins, flavonoids, phenols, sterols, polysaccharides and polyacetylenes, have been isolated and identified from it. Among them, triterpenoid saponins are the essential compositions. In addition, Platycodonis Radix has the pharmacological effects of expectorant, antitussive, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, etc. The medicinal ingredients of Platycodonis Radix are mainly triterpenoid saponins and polysaccharides. Among them, triterpenoid saponins have diverse biological activities, which lead it to be one of the hotspots of current researches. Platycodonis Radix has a good role in promoting lung and removing phlegm. After being processed, its medicinal effects are enhanced. It is complex and diverse in compositions of Platycodonis Radix so that has rich pharmacological activities. On the basis of sorting out the literature, this paper discusses the processing history, chemical composition and pharmacological effect of Platycodonis Radix, in order to provide reference for the special processing and modern research of Platycodonis Radix. Furtherly, it provides a theoretical basis for the research of its processing mechanism and quality control.