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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-806971


Objective@#To establish depression model in female C57BL / 6 mice using chronic unpredictable stress + sleep deprivation + castration and observe the change of behavior and neuroendocrine of this model to provide basis for screening anti-depressant drugs.@*Methods@#To simulate the etiopathological mechanism of perimenopausal depression or depression symptoms, C57BL/6 female adult mice were exposed to chronic unpredictable stress + sleep deprivation + castration to establish perimenopausal depression model. The mice were randomly divided into perimenopausal group, model group, sham operation group, which of behavioral and neuroendocrine differences were observed.@*Results@#(1)Compared with the sham operation group((21.48±0.79)g, (0.02±0.06), (93.02±6.17)%) and the perimenopausal group((22.02±0.15)g, (0.06±0.09)score, (90.30±11.68)%), the body weight ((20.16±1.03)g), coat state score (0.39±0.04) and sucrose preference((58.11±11.97)%) in the model group had significant differences(all P<0.05). (2)Compared with the perimenopausal group and sham operation group, the horizontal movement, the vertical movement score and the percentage of central cells in the open field experiment, the percentage of immobility state and immobility state in forced swimming and tail suspension experiment of model mice were all significantly different (P<0.05). (3)Compared with the perimenopausal group and the sham-operation group, the latent period of eating, the total time of exploration and single exploration in NSFT had significant difference(P<0.05). (4)Compared with the sham operation group((46.16±7.72)pmol/ml, (320.77±23.19)ng/ml) and the perimenopausal group ((9.75±1.77)pmol/ml, (386.42±37.58)ng/ml), serum estradiol ((9.99±0.37)pmol/ml) were elevated and corticosterone ((426.31±105.01)ng/ml) were increased in the model group, which had significant differences (P<0.05).@*Conclusion@#C57BL/6 female mice show depression-like behavior after ovariectomy, 4 weeks of chronic unpredictable stress and sleep deprivation intervention.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-575251


AIM: To study the DNA fingerprinting of crude and processed Atractylodes lancea. METHODS: DNA fingerprinting of samples of crude and processed Atractylodes lancea were examined by RAPD. RESULTS: All crude Atractylodes lancea showed similar fingerprinting characteristics,while the processed Atractylodes lancea products indicated considerable different results. CONCLUSION: DNA fingerprinting is a reliable method for di-(fferentiating) crude Atractylodes lancea.