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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-699369


Objective:To study protective effects of ranolazine preconditioning on myocardial ischemia reperfusion in-jury(MIRI)in rats.Methods:A total of 32 SD rats were randomly and equally divided into sham operation group, ischemia/reperfusion(I/R)group,low dose ranolazine group(low dose group)and high dose ranolazine group (high dose group).HR,SBP,DBP,left ventricular systolic pressure(LVSP),left ventricular diastolic pressure (LVDP),left ventricular pressure maximum rate of rise(+dp/dtmax),left ventricular pressure maximum rate of de-cline(-dp/dtmax),levels of CK-MB,LDH and cTnI,severity of myocardial infarction and ATP concentration were measured and compared among all groups.Results:Compared with sham operation group,there were significant re-ductions in LVSP[(119.35 ± 5.00)mmHg vs.(92.68 ± 2.95)mmHg vs.(100.60 ± 3.12)mmHg vs.(112.22 ± 3.69)mmHg],LVDP[(24.78 ± 1.71)mmHg vs.(17.26 ± 1.69)mmHg vs.(19.25 ± 1.05)mmHg vs.(22.18 ± 1.55)mmHg],+dp/dtmax[(3736 ± 102.37)mmHg/s vs.(3115 ± 112.72)mmHg/s vs.(3338 ± 51.88)mmHg/s vs.(3446 ± 37.99)mmHg/s],-dp/dtmax[(3634 ± 102.51)mmHg/s vs.(3015 ± 127.00)mmHg/s vs.(3239 ±37.36)mmHg/s vs.(3349 ± 45.49)mmHg/s]and ATP concentration[(22.54 ± 1.52)nmol/mg vs.(14.08 ± 1.80) nmol/mg vs.(16.88 ± 0.74)nmol/mg vs.(19.34 ± 0.88)nmol/mg],and significant rise in levels of CK-MB [(490.88 ± 168.04)U/L vs.(1259.0 ± 78.02)U/L vs.(1127.9 ± 127.23)U/L vs.(956.62 ± 105.22)U/L], LDH[(1494.9 ± 174.84)U/L vs.(2657.6 ± 104.33)U/L vs.(2293.9 ± 99.58)U/L vs.(1932.6 ± 134.25)U/L]and cTnI[(1.03 ± 0.14)ng/ml vs.(10.62 ± 1.34)ng/ml vs.(6.97 ± 1.32)ng/ml vs.(4.87 ± 0.79)ng/ml] in I/R group,low dose group and high dose group,P<0.01 all.Compared with I/R group,there were significant rise in LVSP,LVDP,+ dp/dtmax,-dp/dtmaxand ATP concentration,and significant reductions in levels of CK-MB,LDH and cTnI and MI severity[(0.5289 ± 0.0223)vs.(0.4887 ± 0.0089)vs.(0.4438 ± 0.0154)]in low dose group and high dose group(P<0.05 or <0.01),and those of high dose group were significantly better than those of low dose group(P< 0.05 or < 0.01).Conclusion:Ranolazine preconditioning possesses significant protective effect on MIRI,and it's dose-dependent.

International Eye Science ; (12): 1852-1856, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-642031


AIM: To investigate the effect of problem - based learning ( PBL) used in the teaching of medical students'evidence-based medicine ( EBM) . METHODS: Five classes ( total 147 students ) were randomly selected as experimental ( PBL ) group, at the same time, another 5 classes ( total 149 students ) were also randomly selected as control group, using traditional teaching method ( lecture-based learning, LBL ) in 2010 grade. The final examination scores of the experimental group were compared with control at the end of term. In addition, all students were interviewed using self -administered questionnaire to obtain their evaluation for PBL practice. SPSS13. 0 software was used for statistical analysis. RESULTS: The homogeneity test in baseline survey showed that the basic characteristics between the two groups of students were no significant differences, and were comparable (P>0. 05). Final exam results showed that in addition to the scores of the EBM basic knowledge indicated no significant difference between two groups of students (P>0. 05), for the 5 steps of EBM procedure, namely, asking questions, finding the best evidence, evaluating the evidence, using and practicing the evidence, re - evaluating the evidence, and the total scores between the two groups, there were significant statistically differences (P0. 05) in aspects of better understanding classroom knowledge, improving language expression ability, and writing skill exercises. And other residual items had a significant difference ( PCONCLUSION: PBL teaching mode can effectively improve teaching effectiveness and the quality of EBM teaching, so the this teaching mode is worth further popularizing.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-287830


<p><b>OBJECTIVE</b>Discussing the natural history and the influencing factors of HIV infection among former commercial blood and plasma donors engaged in unsafe blood donation practices in China.</p><p><b>METHODS</b>Using ambispective cohort study, with data obtained from ten counties (districts) from six provinces in the National AIDS Control Demonstration Area. HIV/AIDS cases were found and confirmed prior to July 24, 2006 being former commercial blood. Plasma donors were selected and data regarding infection, incidence, death, and influencing factors was collected. Analysis was performed using SPSS 12.0 statistical analysis software.</p><p><b>RESULTS</b>(1) In 7551 cases of HIV infection, there were 6533 typical progressors (86.52%, 4757 cases of AIDS), 108 rapid progressors (1.43%), 910 long-term non-progressors (12.05%) with 4865 cases progressed to AIDS (64.43%). The median incubation period for HIV progression to AIDS was nine years (95% CI:8.96-9.04). (2) According to data, from a total of 1157 AIDS cases without ARV therapy (23.78% of total AIDS cases), there were 283 confirmed AIDS-related deaths, of which the median survival time was 6 months (95% CI:4-7) and the two and three year fatality rates were 95% and 99%, respectively. (3) The duration of HIV incubation period was irrespective to gender and age at the time of HIV infection (P > 0.05). Length of survival for untreated AIDS showed correlation to gender (P < 0.05) but no correlation with culture, marital status or age at the time of diagnosis of AIDS (P > 0.05).</p><p><b>CONCLUSION</b>Compared with the UNAIDS theory regarding slow disease progressors among adults, our study showed a longer AIDS incubation period and shorter outlook for untreated survival, but a similar incubation period for other routes of HIV infection.</p>

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome , Epidemiology , Mortality , Adolescent , Adult , Aged , Blood Donors , China , Female , HIV Infections , Epidemiology , Mortality , Humans , Infectious Disease Incubation Period , Male , Middle Aged , Young Adult
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-254106


<p><b>OBJECTIVE</b>To study the CD8+ cell noncytotoxic antiviral response (CNAR) to HIV in nosocomial HIV infected individuals, and reveal the relationship between the CNAR and CD4+ cell count.</p><p><b>METHOD</b>CD8+ cells from HIV-1 sero-positive individuals were separated by immunomagnetic beads and mixed with CD4+ cells at different CD8 CD4 cell input ratios (2:1, 1:1, 0.5:1 and 0.25:1). Reverse transcriptase (RT) activity of cocultured supernatant was tested and compared with negative control and the suppression rate of HIV-1 replication was measured.</p><p><b>RESULT</b>The average CD8:CD4 cell input ratios to reach 80% suppression of HIV replication in the group with CD4 < 300/microl and CD4 > 300/microl were 2.4:1 and 1.3:1, respectively (P < 0.05).</p><p><b>CONCLUSION</b>CNAR activity in HIV infected individuals is associated with CD4+ cell count. The ability to suppress HIV replication in subjects with CD4 > 300 is stronger than those with CD4 < 300.</p>

Adult , Aged, 80 and over , Anti-HIV Agents , Therapeutic Uses , CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes , Allergy and Immunology , CD8-Positive T-Lymphocytes , Allergy and Immunology , Cells, Cultured , Cross Infection , Drug Therapy , Allergy and Immunology , Female , HIV , Allergy and Immunology , HIV Infections , Drug Therapy , Allergy and Immunology , Humans , Male , Middle Aged