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Chinese Journal of Perinatal Medicine ; (12): 664-668, 2023.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-995152


Objective:To detect the levels of γ-glutamyl transferase (GGT) in the amniotic fluid of normal pregnancies at 19-23 +6 gestational weeks and to analyze the changes in GGT level with gestational age. Methods:This study retrospectively collected the amniotic fluid supernatant from 383 singleton pregnant women (102, 103, 82, 68 and 28 cases at 19-19 +6, 20-20 +6, 21-21 +6, 22-22 +6, 23-23 +6 weeks of gestation, respectively) who underwent amniocentesis for prenatal diagnosis but had normal genetic diagnosis results in Cheeloo Hospital of Shandong University from January 2021 to September 2022. The levels of GGT in the amniotic fluid supernatant were tested and the statistical parameters including xˉ± s, min-max, median ( M), P1, P2.5, P5, P95, P97.5 and P99 values of GGT levels at each gestational week were calculated. GGT were non-normal data and converted into natural logarithms (lnGGT), and a least square linear regression equation was established to analyze the relationship between lnGGT and gestational week. Results:At 19-19 +6, 20-20 +6, 21-21 +6, 22-22 +6, and 23-23 +6 gestational weeks, the xˉ± s of amniotic fluid GGT were (385.8±235.7), (331.8±219.4), (253.7±197.9), (226.7±166.4), and (155.3±96.8) U/L, and the weekly declines were 14.0%, 23.5%, 10.6%, and 31.5%, respectively; the M values were 311.0, 288.0, 199.0, 160.5, and 105.5 U/L, and the weekly declines were 7.4%, 30.9%, 19.3%, and 34.3%, respectively; the P1- P99 were 67.1-1 404.5, 63.2-1 189.1, 36.0-849.8, 44.0-787.3, and 32.0-375.6 U/L, respectively. lnGGT was negatively correlated with gestational age ( R 2=0.148, P<0.001). Conclusions:In normal pregnancies at 19-23 +6 gestational weeks, GGT levels in amniotic fluid decrease with gestational age. Therefore, gestational age should be considered when establishing the reference value for amniotic fluid GGT in normal pregnancies.

Chinese Journal of Medical Education Research ; (12): 1047-1052, 2021.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-908965


Objective:To investigate the extent of statistics anxiety and explore its influencing factors among university students majoring in medicine.Methods:The statistics anxiety rating scale (STARS) was first translated into Chinese and modified until the reliability and validity were acceptable. Through online questionnaire, the Chinese version of STARS was used to measure the level of statistics anxiety for students enrolling in the course of Medical Statistics during autumn term 2018 to spring term 2019 in the medical college of a university. The collected data were managed and analyzed by SPSS 25.0.Results:A total of 562 students took part in the survey, and 500 questionnaires were eligible and included in the final analysis. The measurement of Chinese version of STARS showed quite good reliability and validity, with item score of the whole scale being (2.31 ± 0.65) points. The proportions of students with mild, moderate and severe statistics anxiety were 41%, 56% and 3% respectively. Female students had higher extent of anxiety than male students, and undergraduates had higher extent of anxiety than postgraduates. The extent of anxiety of students with different majors from high to low were nursing > (dentistry, basic medicine and pharmacology) > (clinic medicine and public health) respectively. When controlling other factors, the influence of gender, student level and major on statistics anxiety was still statistically significant.Conclusion:Statistics anxiety is prevalent in medical college students. Professional teachers should pay more attention to students' psychological status, conduct targeted counseling to alleviate students' anxiety and help them to improve self-efficacy in statistics learning.

Chinese Journal of Postgraduates of Medicine ; (36): 13-16, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-665909


Objective To study the effect of fufangxuanju capsule combined with tamoxifen citrate tablet on seminal plasma biochemistry in patients with asthenospermia.Methods One hundred and fifty patients with asthenospermia were divided into group A(treated with tamoxifen citrate tablet,45 cases),group B(treated with fufangxuanju capsule,45 cases)and group C(treated with tamoxifen citrate tablet and fufangxuanju capsule, 60 cases) according to random digits table method.All patients were treated for 2 months.The semen parameters and semen biochemical parameters were detected, and the pregnancy rate was followed up for 6 months.Results The semen volume,sperm density,sperm survival rate, grade a sperm percentage and grade a+b sperm percentage after treatment in group C were significantly higher than those in group A and group B: (4.41 ± 1.21) ml vs.(4.01 ± 0.87) and(3.97 ± 1.10)ml,(24.63 ± 4.44)×109/L vs.(20.45 ± 4.69)and(18.04 ± 3.05)×109/L,(64.05 ± 7.98)% vs.(45.15 ± 8.87)% and(51.47 ± 10.01)%,(26.05 ± 5.62)% vs.(15.01 ± 3.67)% and(18.31 ± 2.21)%, (55.30 ± 9.65)% vs.(38.07 ± 8.26)% and (44.35 ± 9.03)%, and there were statistical differences (P<0.05).There were no statistical differences between group A and group B (P>0.05).The fructose, a-glucosidase and acid phosphatase levels after treatment in group C were significantly higher than those in group A and group B:(30.36 ± 5.30)mmol/L vs.(24.01 ± 6.32)and(26.03 ± 5.53)mmol/L,(60.61 ± 8.86) U/L vs.(45.46 ± 8.87)and(50.56 ± 5.56)U/L,(140.12 ± 10.25)U/L vs.(98.36 ± 8.36)and(100.36 ± 8.36) U/L,and there were statistical differences(P<0.05);there were no statistical differences between group A and group B(P>0.05).The zinc after treatment in group C was significantly higher than that in group A and group B:(2 406.96 ± 187.60)μmol/L vs.(1 508.30 ± 135.87)and(2 001.30 ± 130.26)μmol/L,the zinc after treatment in group B was significantly higher than that in group A, and there were statistical differences(P<0.05).The pregnancy rate within 6 months in group C was significantly higher than that in group A and group B: 51.6% (31/60) vs.37.8% (17/45) and 33.3% (15/45), and there was statistical difference (P<0.05).There was no statistical difference between group A and group B (P>0.05).Conclusions Fufangxuanju capsule combined with tamoxifen citrate tablet can increase the concentration of fructose, a-glycosidase, zinc and acid phosphatase in seminal plasma, and improve the semen quality of patients with asthenospermia so as to increase the woman pregnancy rate.

Chinese Journal of Primary Medicine and Pharmacy ; (12): 1779-1780, 2012.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-427823


Objective To analyze the clinical effect of transfer factor( TF) local injection in the treatment of erosive oral lichen planus.Methods 100 patients with oral lichen planus were randomly divided in to the control group (40 cases) and the observation group(60 cases).The control group was given conventional treatment.The observation group was taken submucoeal local injection of TF on the basis of the control group.The clinical efficacy of the two groups and the adverse reaction of the courses were compared.Results The cure rate,the total effective rate of the observation group after treatment were 51.7%,93.3%,which were significantly higher than the control group of 37.5 %,80.0%.The recurrence rate was 5.0% (3/60),which was significantly lower than the control group 12.5 %(5/40)(P<0.05).There was no significant difference for the two sets of adverse reactions(P >0.05).Conclusion Local injection of TF in the treatment of erosive oral lichen planus was significantly better than conventional therapy,and it doesn't increase the adverse reactions.