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Neuroscience Bulletin ; (6): 576-590, 2022.
Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-929120


Neurons in the primary auditory area (AUDp) innervate multiple brain regions with long-range projections while receiving informative inputs for diverse functions. However, the brain-wide connections of these neurons have not been comprehensively investigated. Here, we simultaneously applied virus-based anterograde and retrograde tracing, labeled the connections of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the mouse AUDp, and acquired whole-brain information using a dual-channel fluorescence micro-optical sectioning tomography system. Quantified results showed that the two types of neurons received inputs with similar patterns but sent heterogeneous projections to downstream regions. In the isocortex, functionally different areas consistently sent feedback-dominated projections to these neurons, with concomitant laterally-dominated projections from the sensory and limbic cortices to inhibitory neurons. In subcortical regions, the dorsal and medial parts of the non-lemniscal auditory thalamus (AT) were reciprocally connected to the AUDp, while the ventral part contained the most fibers of passage from the excitatory neurons and barely sent projections back, indicating the regional heterogeneity of the AUDp-AT circuit. Our results reveal details of the whole-brain network and provide new insights for further physiological and functional studies of the AUDp.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-610845


Based on the AuNPs/Nafion composite membrane technology and immobilization of amino adenosine aptamer using carboxyl carbon nanotubes on the surface of a glassy carbon electrode, a electrochemiluminescence sensor was preparated.The sensor was characterized by cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical luminescence.The result showed that the sensor had a good stability and reproducibility.Adenosine and adenosine aptamer could form G-tetrahedral structure, leading a decrease of ECL intensity.Under the optimum experimental conditions, the relative ECL intensity showed a good linear relationship to the negative logarithm of adenosine concentration in the range of 1.0×10-11-1.0×10-7 mol/L, the linear equations was ΔIECL=-890lgC-5050 with a detection limit of 5.0×10-12 mol/L.The RSD was 2.7% in 11 times measurement of adenosine (1.0×10-10 mol/L).The recovery was 97.1%-110.0% in the determination of real adenosine sample.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-607961


Objective: This research is conducted to analyze the background, the main practices and the results of the synergistic service of health institutions in Changzhou city, as well as to provide references for promoting the construction of integrated medical and health service system.Methods: This paper uses qualitative interviews and questionnaires to collect information and analyzes the data based on synergetic management theory.Results:Changzhou city has tentatively achieved the synergy of its health institutions by introducing relevant policies, setting up healthcare unions at the municipal level, integrating internal resources among healthcare unions, establishing health information platform and feedback mechanism, etc.Conclusion: The regional synergistic service of health institutions can be effectively promoted by introducing policies at the municipal level, promoting the mutual sharing and communication on information, and integrating internal resources among healthcare unions.But, as there still exist problems such as the distribution of benefits is not perfect, the degree of synergy is not close, etc., thus, the government is suggested to expand the implementation scope of the close-type medical service synergy and further improve the distribution policy of benefits.

Chinese Circulation Journal ; (12): 676-678, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-497301


Objective: To study the features of spontaneous isolated superior mesenteric artery dissection (SISMAD) by unexpected detection of renal artery dual-source CT (DSCT) imaging in hypertension patients. Methods: A total of 4107 patients with suspected secondary hypertension received renal artery DSCT examination in our hospital from 2010-03 to 2015-04 were studied and SISMAD was unexpectedly found in 12 patients. There were 3 patients with mild abdominal pain and the rest without obvious abdominal symptoms. The position and length, true and false lumens, detached tunica intimal flap and branch involvement of dissection, intestinal wall edema and ileus were recorded. Results: SISMAD in all 12 (0.3%) patients were found unexpectedly. Axial CT with post-processing technique clearly displayed the ruptured tunica intimal orifice, true and false lumens, detached intimal flap; the branches were all originated from true lumen. According to Sakamoto classification, all 12 patients were belong to Type I as the true and false lumens were with an entry and re-entry respectively, no filling defect in false lumen. The distance from orifice of dissection to root of abdominal aorta was (26.7 ± 11.3) mm and the length of dissection was (35.1 ± 11.7) mm.There were 10 patients with aneurysmal expansion with the diameter of (11.9 ± 2.5) mm. Conclusion: Unexpected detection of SISMAD by renal artery CT imaging was about 0.3%, radiologist should pay special attention to find superior mesenteric artery dissection in hypertension patients.