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Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae ; (24): 28-34, 2024.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-1006265


ObjectiveTo establish an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem triple quadrupole mass spectrometry(UHPLC-QqQ-MS) for determination of the active ingredients in Erdongtang, and to predict the targets and pathways of anti-insulin resistance action of this formula. MethodThe analysis was performed on an ACQUITY UPLC BEH C18 column(2.1 mm×100 mm, 1.7 μm) with the mobile phase of 0.1% formic acid aqueous solution(A)-acetonitrile(B) for gradient elution(0-3 min, 90%-87%A; 3-6 min, 87%-86%A; 6-9 min, 86%-83%A; 9-11 min, 83%-75%A; 11-18 min, 75%-70%A; 18-19 min, 70%-52%A; 19-22 min, 52%A; 22-25 min, 52%-5%A; 25-27 min, 5%-90%A; 27-30 min, 90%A). The contents of active ingredients in Erdongtang was detected by electrospray ionization(ESI) and multiple reaction monitoring(MRM) mode under positive and negative ion modes. On this basis, network pharmacology was applied to predict the targets and pathways of Erdongtang exerting anti-insulin resistance effect. ResultThe 20 active ingredients in Erdongtang showed good linear relationships within a certain mass concentration range, and the precision, stability, repeatability and recovery rate were good. The results of determination showed that the ingredients with high content in 15 batches of samples were baicalein(1 259.39-1 635.78 mg·L-1), baicalin(1 078.37-1 411.52 mg·L-1), the ingredients with medium content were mangiferin(148.59-217.04 mg·L-1), timosaponin BⅡ(245.10-604.89 mg·L-1), quercetin-3-O-glucuronide(89.30-423.26 mg·L-1), rutin(46.91-1 553.61 mg·L-1), glycyrrhizic acid(55.97-391.47 mg·L-1), neomangiferin(37.45-127.03 mg·L-1), nuciferine(0.89-63.48 mg·L-1), hyperoside(6.96-136.78 mg·L-1), liquiritin(30.89-122.78 mg·L-1), liquiritigenin(26.64-110.67 mg·L-1), protodioscin(58.57-284.26 mg·L-1), the ingredients with low content were wogonin(7.16-20.74 mg·L-1), pseudoprotodioscin(5.49-22.96 mg·L-1), ginsenoside Rb1(7.31-23.87 mg·L-1), ginsenoside Rg1(10.78-28.33 mg·L-1), ginsenoside Re(7.78-24.76 mg·L-1), ophiopogonin D(2.08-4.29 mg·L-1), methylophiopogonanone A(0.74-1.67 mg·L-1). The results of network pharmacology indicated that the mechanism of anti-insulin resistance exerted by Erdongtang might be related to the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/protein kinase B(PI3K/Akt) signaling pathway. ConclusionThe established UHPLC-QqQ-MS has the advantages of simple sample processing, strong exclusivity and high sensitivity, and can simultaneously determine the contents of the main ingredients from seven herbs in Erdongtang, which can lay the foundation for the development of Erdongtang compound preparations. The results of the network pharmacology can provide a reference for the mechanism study of Erdongtang in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Journal of Practical Radiology ; (12): 717-720, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-696893


Objective To analyze the diagnostic value of parameters derived from intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted imaging (IVIM-DWI) and dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) in cervical cancer and to explore the correlation of parameters between DCE-MRI and IVIM-DWI.Methods MRI data of 30 patients with cervical cancer confirmed by surgical pathology and 26 patients with normal cervix confirmed by clinical or MRI examination were analyzed retrospectively.All patients underwent IVIM-DWI and DCE-MRI.The IVIM-DWI was performed to calculate the values of ADC,D,D* and f.The values of Ktrans,Kep and Ve were measured on DCE-MRI.All parameters between cervical cancer and normal cervix were compared by two independent sample t-test.Diagnostic efficacy of these parameters in cervical cancer group was evaluated by using area under curve(AUC).The correlation of these parameters between IVIM-DWI and DCE-MRI was analyzed by Pearson correlation.Results The D*,f,Ktrans,Kep and Ve in cervical cancer were significantly higher than those in normal cervix.The ADC and D in cervical cancer were significantly lower than those in normal cervix.The differences of these parameters between the two groups were statistically significant (P <0.05).The AUC of Ktrans was the maximum (0.958),with diagnostic sensitivity of 86.7% and specificity of 100%.F and K were positively correlated (r=0.446,P<0.05).F and Kep were positively correlated (r=0.400,P<0.05).Conclusion IVIM-DWI and DCE-MRI can improve the diagnostic value of cervical cancer.DCE-MRI has better diagnostic performance than IVIM-DWI.Significantly positive correlations were found between perfusion paramenters from IVIM-DWI and quantitative perfusion paramenters from DCE-MRI.

Journal of Practical Radiology ; (12): 1084-1087, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-686668


Objective To explore the application of diffusion tensor imaging(DTI) in neonates with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy(HIE).Methods 37 cases of full-term neonates diagnosed as HIE by pediatricians and 12 normal neonates were selected.All subjects underwent MRI and DTI at 3.0 Tesla.The correlation of FA value in posterior limb of internal capsule and neonatal NBNA score was examined.Results The FA values in posterior limb of internal capsule, splenium had significant difference between the HIE group (mild group, moderate group, severe group) and control group (P0.05).The FA in posterior limb of internal capsule and NBNA score(12-14 d;26-28 d)showed significant correlation (r=0.96,P<0.05),as well as the sequelae shape (r=0.87,P<0.05).Conclusion DTI is promising for early diagnosis of anisotropic index changes to evaluate HIE brain damage and prognosis.

Chinese Journal of Postgraduates of Medicine ; (36): 821-824, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-615686


Objective To study the protective effect of lipoic acid (LA) on H9c2 cardiomyocytes hypoxia/reoxygenation injury model, and explore its relevant mechanism. Methods Eight strains of H9c2 cardiomyocytes, passaged after cultured to a full view, were divided into 3 groups:normoxia group, hypoxia/reoxygenation group and LA group. The cell survival rate, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity, malondialdehyde (MDA) and heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) levels were detected and compared. Results The cell survival rates of H9c2 cardiomyocytes in hypoxia/reoxygenation group and LA group were significantly lower than those in normoxia group:(52.86 ± 6.39)%, (69.25 ± 7.63)%vs. (92.31 ± 7.82)%, while the cell survival rate of H9c2 cardiomyocytes in LA group was significantly higher than that in hypoxia/reoxygenation group, and there were statistical differences (P<0.01). The LDH activity and MDA in hypoxia/reoxygenation group and LA group were significantly higher than those in normoxia group:(286.37 ± 27.49), (209.72 ± 25.63) U/L vs. (126.32 ± 18.94) U/L, and (1.72 ± 0.06), (1.13 ± 0.07)μmol/L vs. (0.68 ± 0.06) μmol/L, while those data in LA group were significantly lower than those in hypoxia/reoxygenation group, and there were statistical differences (P<0.01). The HO-1 in hypoxia/reoxygenation group and LA group were significantly higher than that in normoxia group:(213.71 ± 18.94)%, (367.26 ± 23.07)%vs. (87.92 ± 19.23)%, and HO-1 in LA group was significantly higher than that in hypoxia/reoxygenation group, and there were statistical differences (P<0.01). Conclusions The LA plays a protective role on myocardial cell with hypoxia/reoxygenation injurythough increasing the level of HO-1 against oxidative stress.

Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion ; (12): 1414-1416, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-506596


Objective To observe the therapeutic efficacy of Tiao Shen Tong Luo (regulating mind and unblocking collaterals) needling plus hyperbaric oxygen in treating leukoaraiosis (LA) coupled with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Method Totally 112 patients with LA and MCI were randomized into a treatment group and a control group. In addition to the basic treatment, the treatment group was intervened by Tiao Shen Tong Luo needling plus hyperbaric oxygen, while the control group was given hyperbaric oxygen. The scales and event-related potential (P300) were evaluated and compared before and after the intervention. Result The scales scores and P300 were significantly changed in both groups after the treatment, and the therapeutic efficacy was higher in the treatment group than in the control group (P<0.05). Conclusion In addition to the basic treatment, Tiao Shen Tong Luo needling plus hyperbaric oxygen can produce a significant efficacy in treating LA couple with MCI.

Journal of Practical Radiology ; (12): 724-726, 2000.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-412174


Objective:To assess the value of spiral CT in diagnosis and treatment of chronic otitis media.Methods:The spiral CT findings of 74 cases including 93 ears proved by operation and pathology were studied.Results:The lesions such as the disruption of the ossicular chain showed in spiral CT or three-dimensional image were in accord with those seen in the operation,the accuracy was 95.7%,the disruption of the ossicular chain and bony erosion in the tympanic cavity and antrum were severe in the typeⅢ chronic otitis media.Conclusion:Spiral CT is helpful to diagnose and definite the chronic otitis media,three-dimensional image can provide valuable information for surgery.