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Chinese Journal of Health Management ; (6): 121-125, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-493051


Objective To study the metabolic parameters in health checkup people with dark red tongue and light red tongue,with different coating nature,coating color or liguliform,to understand the relationship between dark red tongue and human metabolic state.Methods Clinical data of 2 891 individuals who underwent health checkup in our center between Dec.2013 and Aug.2014 were collected,including body mass index,blood pressure,blood glucose,lipid and uric acid.Tongue diagnosis was made by Chinese Medicine practitioners.Results The dark red tongue was more common in males,it was found in 61.58% males and 38.42% females in the dark red tongue group.The average level including body mass index,systolic blood pressure,diastolic blood pressure,blood glucose,total cholesterol,triglyceride,low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and blood uric acid in dark red tongue group were higher than those in light red tongue group (P<0.01).When the dark red tongue had yellow fur-like or thick and greasy coat,the average level of body mass index,blood glucose,total cholesterol,low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and blood uric acid were higher than those of the normal dark red tongue group,the level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol was lower than that of the normal dark red tongue group.Conclusions Dark red tongue has homogeneous relations with abnormal metabolic parameters,it may be the external expression of metabolic abnormalities;tongue is the external macro manifestation of human body health state.

International Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ; (6): 20-24, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-490398


Objective To investigate the correlation between body mass index (BMI) and features of tongue manifestation.Methods A total of 1 655 physical examination individuals were selected,and height and body weight were measured to calculate BMI.Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue inspection was performed,and map of tongue manifestation was photographed by a digital camera.Results Among the 1 655 physical examination individuals,prevalences of normal weight,overweight/obesity and low weight were 50.94%,43.74% and 5.32%,respectively.The prevalences of individuals had dark red tongue (37.98% vs.24.56%;x2=40.883,P<0.001),purplish tongue (5.94% vs.3.44%;x2=8.133,P=0.017),dark purplish tongue (2.35% vs.0.59%;x2=10.398,P=0.006),yellow fur (63.95% vs.58.84%;x2=9.570,P=0.008),thick greasy fur (24.86% vs.17.20%;x2=18.698,P<0.001) in the overweight/obesity group were significantly higher than those in the normal weight group,and the prevalence of individuals had exfoliative fur/little fur/less fur in the overweight/obesity group was significantly higher than that in the normal weight group (1.93% vs.3.91%;x2=6.454,P=0.040).The prevalences of individuals had red or deep red tongue (48.86% vs.24.72%;x2=24.608,P<0.001),red dot tongue (7.95% vs.1.93%;x2=12.254,P=0.002),thin whitish fur (22.73% vs.9.53%;x2=14.030,P=0.001) in the low weight group were significantly higher than those in the normal weight group.Binary logistic regression analysis showed positive correlation between dark red tongue (OR 1.830,95% CI 1.515-2.211;P<0.001),purplish tongue (OR 1.874,95% CI 1.211-2.901;P=0.005),dark purplish tongue (OR 4.259,95% CI 1.610-11.266;P=0.003),yellow fur (OR 1.294,95% CI 1.093-1.531;P=0.003),gray-black fur (OR 6.147,95% CI 1.816-20.811;P=0.004),thick greasy fur (OR 1.597,95% CI 1.289-1.978;P<0.001) and BMI,and negative correlation between pink tongue (OR 0.766,95% CI 0.637-0.920;P=0.004),red or deep red tongue (OR 0.659,95% CI 0.549-0.789;P<0.001),red dot tongue (OR 0.548,95% CI 0.326-0.921;P=0.023),thin whitish fur (OR 0.695,95% CI 0.536-0.900;P=0.006),whitish fur (OR 0.821,95% CI 0.683-0.986;P=0.035) and BMI.Conclusions There is some correlation between BMI and features of tongue manifestation.Abnormal tongue color is mainly dark red tongue in the overweight/obesity individuals,and red or deep red tongue in low weight individuals.Abnormal tongue fur is mainly thick yellow fur.The tongue shape is normal in different body weight groups.

Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine ; (12): 18-21, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-460672


Objective To measure the chromatic differences of the tongue tip and tongue side and provide quantitative evidence for tongue color diagnosis. Methods Totally 683 healthy people were recruited, and their tongue photos were taken. Then ICC specific documents were used for the correction of all tongue photos, and chromatic values (L*, a*, b*, C*and h°) of tongue tip and tongue side were obtained for further statistical analysis. CIEDE2000 was used for calculating the color differences. Results The average color difference of tongue tip and tongue side in normal pink tongue was 5.4. When pink tongue has abnormal red tongue tip, the average color difference of tongue tip and tongue side was 10.85. Compared with normal tongue tip, the average color difference of tongue tip and tongue side in abnormal color tongue with abnormal red tongue tip increased from 5.4-7.0 to 11.23. Conclusion Red tongue tip is a sensitive sign indicating abnormal heat in the body. Tongue tip quantitative diagnosis is valuable in the determination of heat sign in TCM preventive treatment of disease, and reveal the diagnosis meaning and scientific connotation of red tongue tip.

World Science and Technology-Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine ; (12): 1268-1272, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-671856


This study was aimed to discuss the connotation of congenital constitution in medical books before Qing dynasty. By searching the character Bing as a keyword in the Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 6 480 articles were retrieved. Through reading each of the articles, 9 congenital constitution terms were con-cluded. A total of 1 041 valid entries involved in 165 medical books were retrieved. The results showed that congen-ital constitution was affected by parent heredity and region factors. Parent heredity factor includes the influence of both parents and the influence of mother during pregnancy where the influence of both parents includes both parents' habits and conditions when having sex; the influence from the mother includes habits and medication during her pregnancy. Congenital constitution embodiment includes the body's growth and development, body structure and vis-cera, qi and blood, pulse and forefinger blood vessels (of young children), mental state and life span. In three other factors of congenital constitution (i.e. qi and blood, body structure and life span), both body structure and life span depend on the endowment of qi and blood. It was concluded that TCM practitioners before Qing dynasty judged one's congenital constitution through observing the speed of its growth and development, appearance, mental state, strength of visceral functions, condition of its mind, forefinger blood vessels, pulse, susceptible to types of disease and etc. Therefore, body structure is an important factor of congenital constitution judgment. TCM practitioners before Qing dynasty paid attention to the effect on mother to her offspring's health.