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Chinese Journal of Diabetes ; (12): 316-319, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-512986


Objective To explore the relationship between fibroblast growth factor 21(FGF21) and islet β cell function in pregnant women with different glucose tolerance status.Methods A total of 441 pregnant women were selected in this study from our hospital.Their 50 g GCT at 24~28 gestational weeks were all positive.One week later,all the subjects were treated with 75 g OGTT,and divided into three groups according to their test results:GDM group (n=228),GIGT group (n=112) and GNGT group (n=91).Serum FGF21 level was tested by ELISA.Islet β cell function was evaluated by HOMA-IR,ISI-Matsuda,HOMA-IS,Stumvoll first,second phase secretion and ISSI.The correlation between FGF21 and islet β cell function was evaluated by Pearson correlation analysis.Results (1) BMI,0 h,1 h,2 h,3 hPG and 1 h,2 h,3 hIns were higher in GDM group and GIGT group than in GNGT group,and highest in GDM group (P0.05).(3)Pearson correlation analysis showed that FGF21 was positively correlated with HOMA-IR(r=0.255,P=0.030) and was negatively correlated with ISI-Matsuda,HOMA-β,Stumvoll first,second phase secretion and ISSI(r=-0.289,-0.256,-0.224,-0.230,-0.277,P=0.019,0.037,0.045,0.040,0.023).Conclusion Along with the worsening of glucose metabolic damage,the FGF21 level is increased gradually.FGF21 is related to islet β cell function,and may enroll in the occurrence and development of GDM.

China Pharmacist ; (12): 695-697, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-490919


Objective:To investigate the efficacy and safety of insulin glarsine combined with sitagliptin in elderly type 2 diabetic patients whose blood glucose levels were inadequately controlled by oral anti-diabetic drugs ( OAD) . Methods: In the open-labeled, randomized and parallel study, 98patients (≥60 years) were randomly divided into two groups: insulin glargine/sitagliptin combina-tion group (n=52, the observation group ) and insulin Aspart 30 injection group (n=46, the control group). The dose was adjusted according to the blood glucose. The fasting blood glucose (FBG), 2h postprandial blood glucose (2hPBG), glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), the incidence of hypoglycemia and body mass index (BMI) after the 12-week treatment were compared between the two groups. Results:The fasting glucose and the incidence of hypoglycemia in the observation group were lower than those in the control group (P0. 05). Conclusion:The treatment of insulin glargine combined with sitagliptin is safe, effective and convenient in elderly type 2 diabetes patients with poor glycemic control. By diabetic education, the lower incidence of hypoglycemia treatment will be a better choice for elderly type 2 diabetic patients.

Journal of Leukemia & Lymphoma ; (12): 156-158, 2010.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-473358


Objective To observe the effects of different dosages of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) on generating the routine bone marrow dendritic cells, and supply suitable dosage of GM-CSF on preparation of dendritic cell vaccines used for different purpose. Methods Using low (5 ng/ml) and conventional (20 ng/ml) and high dosage( 50 ng/ml ) of GM-CSF combined interleukin-4 ( IL-4 ) to induce murine bone marrow dendritic cells were performed, The phenotypes (CD_(11c), CD_(80), CD_(86)) and functional properties of the DC were compared by FACS analysis and MLR. Results The DC induced by low dosage of GM-CSF were immature DC, expressing low CD_(11c), CD_(80), and CD_(86). DC induced by conventional dosage were functional mature, expressing higher CD_(11c), CD_(80), CD_(86), which could induce allogeneic T lymphocyte responses. DC induced by the high dosage GM-CSF were the most phetotypicaUy and functional mature cells, expressing the highest CD_(11c), CD_(80) CD_(86), which could induce the strongest allogeneic T lymphocyte responses. Conclusion The dosages of GM-CSF affect the maturation stage of dendritic cells. Low dosage of GM-CSF generated immature dendritic cells, but conventional dosage and high dosage generated mature dendritic cells. DC generated through high dosage of GM-CSF were the most mature in phenotype and function.