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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-865991


In response to the teaching requirements under the new situation of medical education reform, the Department of General Surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University has actively carried out the SPOC (small private online course). Through special seminars, online platform exchanges and skill operation exercises, students can accurately grasp the learning focus and learn the subject knowledge efficiently, which has realized the teaching goals of situational, problematic, multi-dimensional and task-based teaching and learning. It is a new type of online and offline interactive teaching model, which is worth further promotion.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-666797


Objective To evaluate the effect of zinc deficiency factor on cognitive function after isoflurane anesthesia in mice with Alzheimer's disease (AD).Methods One hundred and forty-four APP/ PS1 transgenic mice with AD,weighing 22-28 g,aged 8-10 months,were divided into 6 groups (n=24 each) using a random number table:zinc adequate group (group ZA),zinc adequate plus isoflurane anesthesia group (group ZA+Iso),zinc deficiency group (group ZD),zinc deficiency plus isoflurane anesthesia group (group ZD+Iso),zinc treatment group (group ZT) and zinc treatment plus isoflurane anesthesia group (group ZT+Iso).The mice were fed a diet adequate in zinc and deionized water for 2 months in ZA and ZA+Iso groups.The mice were fed a diet low in zinc (0.01‰ zinc) and deionized water for 1 month in ZD and ZD+Iso groups.The mice were fed a diet adequate in zinc and 0.12‰ ZnSO4 · 7H2O water for 2 months in ZT and ZT+Iso groups.The mice underwent 2 h of anesthesia with 1.4% isoflurane starting from the end of feeding in ZA+Iso,ZD+Iso and ZT+Iso groups.At 24 h after anesthesia,the mice were sacrificed and hippocampal tissues were obtained for determination of the contents of soluble amyloid beta protein 40 (Aβ40) and Aβ42 and insoluble Aβ40 and Aβ42 (using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) and expression of total Aβ,Aβ40,Aβ42,tau pSer396,tau pSer262 and tau pThr231 (by Western blot).Morris water maze test was performed at 24 h after anesthesia.Results There was no significant difference in each parameter between group ZA and group ZA+Iso and between group ZT and group ZT+Iso (P>0.05).Compared with group ZD or group ZT+Iso,the escape latency was significantly prolonged,the space exploration time was shortened,the expression of hippocampal Aβ42,tau pSer396,tau pSer262 and tau pThr231 was up-regulated,and the contents of soluble and insoluble Aβ42 were increased in group ZD+Iso (P<0.05 or 0.01).Conclusion Zinc deficiency can aggravate the impairment of cognitive function after isoflurane anesthesia in mice with AD,and the mechanism is related to the promotion of hippocampal Aβ aggregation and tau protein phosphorylation.

Herald of Medicine ; (12): 555-557, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-448592


Objective To investigate the anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of different extracts from X. mongolicum compared with that of X. sibiricum. Methods Seventy male Kunming mices were randomly divided into seven groups:control group,aspirin group,the ethanol extracts of X. sibiricum group and X. mongolicum group,the extracts from X. mongolicum with ether,ethyl acetate,and n-butyl alcohol group(n=10 each). The mice were administrated with 500 mg·kg-1 ( p. o. ) of different extracts. The hot-plate tests and the xylene-induced ear edema in mice were performed to observe the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities,respectively. Results In the hot-plate tests,the pain threshold from the extracts of X. sibiricum and the different extracts from X. mongolicum at 60,120,180 min were prolonged,and there was no statistically significant differences(P>0. 05) between the ethanol extracts from X. sibiricum and X. mongolicum. The best analgesic activity was the ether and butyl alcohol extracts from X. mongolicum. Meanwile,the ear edema from the extracts of X. sibiricum and the different extracts of X. mongolicum were inhibited significantly(P0. 05). The ether and butyl alcohol extracts from of X. mongolicum showed the best anti-inflammatory effect. Conclusion X. mongolicum exhibites significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities comparable to that of X. sibiricum. The best anti-inflammation and analgesic activities were from ether and butyl alcohol extracts from X. mongolicum.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-598584


Based upon previous theoretical research, the author puts forward the characteris-tics of excellent teaching team of clinical psychology in universities. According to the situation and the problem of the talents cultivation of clinical psychology in medical university, such as the teachers has lesser skill in clinical psychology, the vague cultivation goal, the faulty curriculum setting and the in-sufficiency practice teaching, the methods improving the teachers' ability and exploring the model and the means of the talents cultivation of the clinical psychology are important during constructing teach-ing team of the clinical psychology.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-427707


ObjectiveTo explore the influence of mental abacus calculation (MAC) training on children's form recognition.Methods 28 children ( 14 children with MAC training and 14 children with non-MAC traning)were investigated by using event-related potential(ERP) technology.The event-related potentials were recorded when subjects were in the different form shape recognition.Results ( 1 ) The amplitudes of the posterior P1 evoked by the children with MAC training ( (9.59 ± 3.58) μV) were significantly greater than that of the children without MAC training ( (7.06 ± 2.84) μV) ( P < 0.05 ).(2) The amplitudes of right temporal-posterior N170 of children with MAC( ( -9.83 ±2.97) μV) were markedly less than that of children with non-MAC( ( - 12.45 ±2.51 ) μV) ( P < 0.05 ).( 3 ) The amplitudes of prefrontal P3 of children with MAC ( (7.65 ± 2.25 ) μV) were remarkably greater than that of children with non-MAC ( (4.89 ± 3.35 ) μV) ( P < 0.05 ).ConclusionThe brain function of form recognition in children is influenced by mental abacus calculation training.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-418326


Objective To study the impact of Chitosan Lecithin on the mild cognitive impairment(MCI) patients' semantic understanding by event-related potential N400.Methods 32 patients with MCI were screened from 500 elder people aged Court in Weifang by mini-mental state examination (MMSE) scale,and were divided into two groups:the observation group ( n=16) and the control group ( n=16) by the table of random numbers.The observation group were given Chitosan Lecithin while the control group were given an equal dose of placebo.The intervention time was 2 months.The subjects were asked to conduct semantic judgement by semantic violation experiment.Thirty-two channels electroencephalogram(EEG) was recorded by Neuroacan Nuamps Systerm and analyzed data.Results 1 ) Specific component N400 was found in both groups,which was distributed at the frontal,central and parietal regions.2 ) The observation group reaction time and correct rate were respectively (965.13 ± 178.07 ) ms and ( 92.56 ± 2.36 ) % ,while the control group were respectively ( 1126.13 ± 252.77 ) ms and (85.28 ± 5.73 )%,with significant difference(P < 0.05 ).3 ) Compared with N400 in control group,N400 latency was shorter ( (425.28 ±47.26) ms vs (456.19 ± 37.75 ) ms,F=6.01,P<0.05) and amplitude was higher ( (4.79 ±2.18)μV vs (3.59 ± 1.33) pV,F=5.96,P<0.05).Conclusion Chitosan lecithin has the effect of N400 latency and amplitude,it may be helpful for the patients of MCI in semantic understanding.