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Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging Technology ; (12): 1202-1206, 2020.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-860940


Objective: To observe the clinical and imaging characteristics of invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae liver abscess syndrome (IKLAS). Methods: Clinical and imaging findings of 18 patients with IKLAS were retrospectively analyzed. Results: Clinical manifestations included fever (n=18), chills (n=11), some accompanied by respiratory, digestive, nervous system symptoms and visual impairment. Among 18 patients, 13 were found with diabetes. Laboratory examinations showed rise of infection indicators and hepatic function abnormality. Liver abscess located at right lobe in 15 cases, at left lobe in 2 cases, simultaneously involved at both right and left lobe in 1 case, sized 2.45-10.27 cm, mean (5.70±2.35)cm, and gas in abscess was observed in 3 cases. Lung lesions mainly located at the peripheral subpleural areas, CT showed nodules without cavity (18/18, 100%), with cavity (15/18, 83.33%) or honeycomb-like (13/18, 72.22%) abscess, with halo sign (4/18, 22.22%), reverse halo sign (3/18, 16.67%), consolidation shadows (3/18, 16.67%), peripheral wedge shadow (2/18, 11.11%), nourishing blood vessels (2/18, 11.11%), ground glass opacity (1/18, 5.56%) and bilateral pleural effusion (15/18, 83.33%). Two patients were found with intracranial and eye infection. Conclusion: IKLAS has certain characteristic imaging manifestations, which are helpful to diagnosis combining with clinical characteristics.

Journal of Practical Radiology ; (12): 1880-1883, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-506261


Objective To evaluate the value of spectral CT in risk classification of gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST).Methods Forty-one patients with GIST were collected,including 1 3 in high risk,1 2 in medium risk,1 1 in low risk and 5 in very low risk. All of the patients underwent plain and triple phases contrast enhanced CT with spectral CT scanning mode.CT value of 70 keV monochromatic images,the slope of spectral curve and normalized iodine concentration (NIC)were measured and calculated.Then, data was correlated with the risk of GIST.Results ①The CT value of 70 keV monochromatic images was negative correlation in the arterial phase (r=-0.173),positive correlation in delayed phase (r=0.552),and no correlation in venous phase with the risk of GIST.②The slopes of spectral curves in delayed phase were significantly different in GISTs with the different risk (χ2= 6.641,P= 0.036).③The NIC values of GISTs with different risk were significantly different in the triple phases (F=3.646,χ2=6.046,F=57.233,P=0.035, P=0.049,P<0.001),and correlated with the risk of GIST (r=-0.564)in the delayed phase.Conclusion Quantitative paremeters of spectral CT imaging such as the CT value of 70 keV,the slopes of spectral curves and iodine concentration are valuable for the risk classification of GIST,and can be used as a preoperative reference.