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Chinese Journal of Radiology ; (12): 609-614, 2019.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-754961


Objective To investigate the value of diffusion kurtosis imaging (DKI) in diagnosing early diabetic nephropathy. Methods Twelve pigs were divided into the experimental group (7 pigs) and the control group (5 pigs), used the random number table method. The experimental group was fed with high?fat high?sugar diet,and then repeatedly injected small doses(50 mg/kg) of Streptozotocin (STZ) through the ear vein. Meanwhile,the control group was fed with normal diet and injected with the same dose of citric acid?sodium citrate buffer solution.After the type 2 diabetes was established successfully, T1WI, T2WI and DKI sequence imaging were performed every month for 2 pigs from the experimental group and the control group,respectively.Mean kurtosis(MK), axial kurtosis (K∥), radial kurtosis (K⊥), fractional anisotropy (FA) and mean diffusivity(MD) were measured on the pseudo?color map of the post?processing workstation. fasting blood glucose(GLU),insulin (INS),renal function, urine routines and random albumin creatinine ratio(RACR) were measured before MRI scan. Specimens from bilateral kidneys were taken for pathological examination after MRI scan. The paired t test was used to compare the parameter values of the cortex and medulla. Independent sample t test was used tocompare the parameter values of the experimental group and the control group. Results In the experimental group,the MK, FA values of medulla were 0.66±0.07 and 0.19± 0.04, the MK, FA values of cortex were 0.60±0.06 and 0.16±0.03.In the control group,the MK, FA values of medulla were 0.59±0.03 and 0.20±0.04, the MK, FA values of cortex were 0.53±0.03 and 0.17±0.04.The MK and FA values of medulla were increased compared with the cortex and the difference were statistically significant (P<0.01). The MK, K⊥ values of cortex and medulla were increased in the experimental group compared with the control group and the difference were statistically significant (P<0.05). There was no significant differences in the K∥, FA and MD values between two groups (both cortex and medulla, P>0.05). Conclusion DKI sequencehas certain value in the diagnosis of early diabetic nephropathy, and to some extent reveals the pathological change in early diabetic nephropathy.

Journal of Practical Radiology ; (12): 576-579,583, 2019.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-752399


Objective ToinvestigatetheenhancedCTfindingsandpathologicalfeaturesoflocalized malignantperitonealmesothelioma (LMPM)andimprovetheaccuracyofdiagnosis.Methods Theimagingandclinicaldataof5casesofLMPMconfirmedbypathology werecollected,thefeaturesofCTenhancedimagingwereanalyzedretrospectivelyandcomparedwiththepathologicalresults.Results Allofthe5caseswereisolatedsolidandcysticmasswithirregularshape,andtherangeofmaximumdiameterofthelesionbeing 8.4-13.3cm,inwhich1casewaspolycystic,andtheother4casesweresolidandcysticmass.CTvalueofthecysticpartwasabout 13.0-27.8 HU,andnoenhancementshowedoncontrast-enhancedphase.Thethicknessofcysticwallandseparationwasuneven, whiletheCTvalueofsolidpartwasabout32.6-40.8HU,andmoderateenhancementwasseeninarterialphase(△CTvaluewasabout30.9-38.4HU ),followedbyslightlyincreaseofenhancementdegreeinvenousphase,andthedecreaseofenhancementdegreeinequilibriumphase. Separationandalotofvesselshadowwereseenin3caseswhileperitonealcavity,pelviceffusionandintraperitonealimplantmetastasiswereseen in1case.Forthepathologicaltypesofpatientsinthisgroup,1casewasepithelialtype,mainlycomposedofcysticcomponent,andthe other4caseswerefibroustypeorbiphasictype,mainlycomposedofcysticandsolid,withsmallcysticdegeneration,necrosis,fibrousseptum, bloodsupplyvessels,andetc.Somelesionsinvadedthesurroundingstructure.Conclusion Thepathologicaltypesoflocalizedmalignantperitoneal mesotheliomaaremostlyfibroustypeandbiphasictypewhichCTfindingsaremostlymanifestedascysticandsolidmasses.Lobulatedand wallnodules,uneventhicknessofcysticwallandseptumcanbeseen,andthedensityofcysticpartialisrelativelyhigher.Solidpartis moderateenhancement,andinvenousphaseismoreobviouswithenhancedvascularseenintheseptum.CTenhancementcombined withclinicalmanifestationsarehelpfultomakeinsuggestivediagnosis.

Journal of Practical Radiology ; (12): 370-373,377, 2018.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-696818


Objective To explore the significance of ADC value combined with MRI signs on identifying benign and malignant breast lump lesions with the type of TICⅡ.Methods 187 patients with breast lump lesions of TICⅡ,which were confirmed by surgical pathology,proceeded MRI.The ADC value,early-phase enhancement rate,length of lesions,lobulated appearance and spiculation, inverted nipple,thickening of the skin and the length of ipsilateral axillary lymph nodes were analyzed and recorded.T-tests was used to analyzed the measurement data,χ2test was used to analysis the attribute data.The ROC curves were used to evaluate the diagnostic efficiency of ADC value and MRI signs.Results The ADC value was (1.418±0.299)×10-3mm2/s and(0.860±0.142)× 10-3mm2/s (P<0.01)for breast benign and malignant lesions respectively,while the early-phase enhancement rate were (170.387± 74.580)% and (160.778±39.786)%(P=0.258)respectively.When ADC values were used for differential diagnosis of breast benign and malignant lesions with a threshold of 1.017×10-3mm2/s,the area under the sensitivity and specificity were 89.0% and 98.0% The sensitivity and specificity of lobulated appearance,spiculation,inverted nipple and thickening of the skin were 92.6% and 33.3%, 88.2% and 88.2%,20.5% and 94.1%,35.3% and 88.2%,respectively.When the 1.0 cm was used as the threshold of the length of ipsilateral axillary lymph,its sensitivity and specificity were 47.8% and 80.4%.The ROC curve of early-phase enhancement rate showed no diagnostic capability(P>0.05).Conclusion ADC value combined with MRI features are helpful to improve the sensitivity and specificity in breast lesions with the type of TICⅡ.

Chinese Journal of Radiology ; (12): 284-287, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-515265


Objective To explore the value of MRI T2*quantification of visceral iron deposition in patients with β-thalassemia major. Methods A total of one hundred and two patients with β-thalassemia major were retrospectively analyzed. They underwent genetic testing and the cardiac and (or) abdominal MRI scanning. Among them, 47 patients underwent splenectomy operation, 95 patients underwent cardiac MRI scanning, 102 underwent abdominal MRI scanning for their livers, pancreases and kidneys, and 55 underwent splenic MRI scanning. The T2* values of the hearts, livers, pancreases and kidneys were measured, meanwhile the liver iron concentrations (LIC) were measured. The levels of serum ferritin (SF) patients were measured in 81 patients. The Spearman rank correlation was employed to analyze the relationship between SF, LIC, age and each organs T2* values. Independent sample t test (normal distribution) or the Mann- Whitney U test (non-normal distribution) were used to compare the hepatic, cardiac, renal and splenic T2* values differences between patients with splenectomy and those without. Results Serum ferritin were highly positively correlated with LIC, moderately correlatied with age, moderately negatively correlated with hepatic and pancreatic T2* values, with r values of 0.833, 0.537,-0.623 and -0.403, respectively (P0.05). The hepatic and pancreatic T2*values were reduced (P0.05). Conclusions The patients with β-thalassemia major have prone to suffer from excessive iron deposition in the heart and abdominal organs. The technology of MRI quantification of T2*values could reflect the body iron overload.

Chinese Journal of Immunology ; (12): 1462-1466, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-504373


Objective:To investigate the immune mechanism of Shengxian decoction in experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis(EAMG) rats. Methods:Lewis rats were immunized with the rat sequence 97-116 of the AChRαsubunit(Rα97-116) in CFA, 25 of which were successful. They were randomly divided into 5 groups:EAMG model group,prednisone group(5. 4 mg/kg),Shengxian decoction low, medium, high dose groups ( dosage 2. 6 g/kg, 5. 2 g/kg, 10. 4 g/kg ) . Clinical symptoms, weight, and the decrement percentage of RNS(5 Hz) were evaluated,and ELISA were adopted to determine the titers of AChR Ab,TGF-β,IFN-γ,IL-2,IL-4 and IL-17 in serum. Results:After molding,the percentage of decrement of RNS in each group noticeably increased by more than 10% in comparison with that in the CFA control group ( P<0. 01 or P<0. 05 ) . At the same time, they were also subjected to progressive decreasing weight and typical myasthenia symptoms,showing the successful molding. With medication,the decrement percentage of RNS of rats in the groups with low,medium and high dose of Shengxian decoction were all on obvious decline with alleviated weight decrease (P<0. 01),testifying to the symptom improvement. Compared with the CFA control group,the groups with low,medium and high dose of Shengxian decoction were coupled with decreasing AChR Ab content(P<0. 05),rising TGF-βlevel and reducing IFN-γ,IL-2,IL-4 and IL-17 level(P<0. 01 or P<0. 05). Conclusion: Shengxian decoction can turn the decrement percentage of RNS around,improve the progressive weight decrease in EAMG rats and increase the weight gains. By up-regulating the TGF-βlevel,lowering IFN-γ,IL-2,IL-4 and IL-17 level,preventing B cells from producing AChR Ab and reducing the content of AChR Ab in serum,it will soothe the damage of NMJ to AChR and cure EAMG.