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Journal of Pharmaceutical Practice ; (6): 714-721, 2023.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-1003617


Objective To explore the potential mechanism of artemisinin in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) by network pharmacology and molecular docking technology. Methods The corresponding targets of natural product artemisinin were obtained from PubChem, Swiss Target Prediction and PharmMapper databases, targets related to PCOS were obtained through GeneCards and DisGeNET databases; the intersection target genes of Artemisinin and PCOS were screened by Draw Venn diagram. Then the protein-protein interaction network (PPI) was constructed according to the intersection target genes through the STRING Database, and the core targets were screened by Cytoscape. Besides, gene ontology (GO) function and Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (KEGG) pathway analysis was performed by DAVID Database, and finally the data were analyzed visually by the online platform. Molecular docking of artemisinin and core targets were performed by Chemdraw, Pymol, Auto Dock Tools and RCSB PDB database. Results A total of 229 targets of artemisinin and 1292 targets of PCOS were screened out, 90 overlapping targets were obtained by Draw Venn diagram, and 5 potential core targets, AKT1, ESR1, MMP9, PPARG, MMP2, were mainly act on PI3K Akt, MAPK, RAS, endocrine resistance and other signal pathways. Molecular docking results showed that there were molecular binding sites between artemisinin and core targets. Conclusion It is preliminarily analyzed that artemisinin may play a therapeutic role in PCOS through multiple targets and mechanisms.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 5007-5009, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-501260


OBJECTIVE:To explore the effects of different doses of sufentanil on hemodynamics and postoperative stress re-sponse of children with congenital heart disease in cardiac surgery anesthesia. METHODS:40 children underwent ventricular septal defect repair in our hospital were divided into group A,B,C and D with 10 cases in each group according to the dose of sufent-anil. Groups A,B,C and D were given intravenous injection of sufentanil(0.6,0.8,1.0,1.2 μg/kg)respectively during anesthe-sia induction. Heart rate(HR)and systolic blood pressure(SBP)of 4 groups were recorded before induction(T1),after induction (T2),intubation(T3),2 min after intubation(T4),5 min after intubation(T5),and 10 min(T6)after intubation. The contents of acetylcholine(ACH),cortisol,glucagon,IL-6 and lactic acid were recorded when getting into the operating room(t1),after intu-bation(t2),after spliting the sternum(t3),before rewarming(t4),10 minutes after the shutdown the CPB(t5)and 24 h after oper-ation(t6). RESULTS:There was no significant differences in HR and SBP between 4 groups at T1(P>0.05);but there was statis-tically significant difference between 4 groups at T2-T6(P0.05);but there was statistically significant difference between 4 groups at T2-T6 (P0.05);but there was statisti-cally significant difference between 4 groups at T5-T6(P<0.05). CONCLUSIONS:During pediatric cardiac surgery anesthesia,the concentration of sufentanil kept in 1.0μg/kg is the most suitable,and has small effect on hemodynamics and postoperative stress re-sponse.

Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medicine and Brain Science ; (12): 610-612, 2012.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-427352


ObjectiveTo explore the relationship of marriage quality with individual characteristics and copy style among the epilepsy patients.MethodsThe Chinese Marriage Quality Questionnaire,and Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Short Form Scale-Chinese edition (EPQ-RSC),and the Questionnaire of Simple Way to Coping were assessed used to assess 97 cases of the aduh married epilepsy patients and 93 cases of the control group 1 (epilepsy patients spouses) and 91 cases of the control group 2 (healthy crowds ).ResultsThe total scores of the marriage quality of epilepsy patients ( 295.78 ± 40.37 ) was lower than ones in the control group 2 ( ( 354.85 ± 28.11 ),P =0.000) and higher than that of the control group 1 ( (278.55 ± 42.23 ),P =0.014),the difference was all statistically significant(P< 0.05).The total scores of marriage quality of the epilepsy patients was negative correlated with the sex,and the age,and the marriage age and the severity,and the duration,and psychoticism( the Pearson correlation was respectively:-0.204,-0.436,-0.243,-0.691,-0.568,-0.635 ),and was positive correlated with which the formal schooling,and the attack types (symptoms epilepsy),and the introversion or extroversion,and the hidness,and the positive( the Pearson correlation was respectively 0.317,0.750,0.267,0.386,0.188) the difference was all statistically significant (P < 0.05).Those seven variables that the attack type,and the hidness,and the severity,and the sex,and the education,and the psychoticism,and the positive could be predict to marriage quality of epilepsy patients,Adjusted R square was 0.903,After adjustment was 0.021 (P < 0.05 ).ConclusionThe lever of marriage quality of the epilepsy patients is lower,and correlate with severity of epilepsy disease,and personality,copy style,and can be do comprehensive intervention from those.