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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-482586


Objective To explore the effect of a novel colloidal gold immunochromatographic test strip for detection of group B streptococci (GBS).Methods A total of 202 cases of swab of vagina or neck of uterus were collected,and they were detec-ted by novel strip and control strip to evaluate their clinical applications.Results Sensitivity of novel strip was about 105 CFU/ml and the detection time was about 5 to 8 minutes,and it showed better sensitivity and shorter detection time com-pared with control strip.In the 202 cases of clinical samples,the detection results of 197 cases were in consistent with the control strip,however,the detection results of 5 cases were not in consistent.The positive coincidence rate and negative coin-cidence rate were 97.5% and 97.54% respectively,and the total coincidence rate and Kappa value were 97.52% and 0.948 respectively.The consistency test showed no significant difference between this strip and control strip.Conclusion This method was a effective technology for diagnosing of infection caused by GBS,and had high value in clinical application.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-469356


Objective To explore the change of Brain natriuretic peptide(BNP) and endothelin-1 (ET-1) levels in artial septal defect(ASD) patients and the relationship among BNP,ET-1 and pulmonary pressure.Methods 105 final diagnosed ASD patients were divide into non-pulmonary hypertension group (nPH group) and pulmonary hypertension group(PH group),and the PH group were divided into two subgroup:slight PH group,moderate and sever PH group.According to the altitude of habitation,105 ASD patients also were divided into 3 groups:< 2 500 m group,2 501-3 500 m group and > 3 500 m group.Plasma BNP were measured by radioimmunity method and ET-1 were measured by ELISA.The data analysis used single factor analysis and Fisher least singnificant difference t test.Results Both the plasma BNP levels (152.34 ± 40.61) pg/ml and ET-1 level (137.69 ± 37.17) pg/ml of the ASD-PH group were significantly higher than those [BNP (126.70 ± 32.27) pg/ml,ET-1 (92.92 ± 32.3) pg/ml] of ASD-nPH group.There were strong difference in plasma BNP levels and ET-1 levels among different degree PH groups(F =6.782,P < 0.05 ; F =8.475,P < 0.05).Statistical difference were also shown in BNP(F =6.846,P < 0.05) and ET-1 (F =9.327,P < 0.05) levels by compared difference altitude groups.The BNP levels are positively correlated with mean pulmonary artery pressure (r =0.326,P < 0.05),size of defect (r=0.301,P<0.05) and the altitude of habitation (r =0.252,P<0.05).Conclusion Plasma BNPand ET-1 levelsof ASD-PH group significantly higher than those of ASD-nPH group.By the increasing of the altitude and PH degree,the plasma BNP and ET-1 levels are increasing,which suggest that BNP and ET-1 play an important role on the proceeding and development of the PH and hypoxia promoted secretion of BNP and ET-1.