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Chinese Journal of Tissue Engineering Research ; (53): 814-819, 2016.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-490997


BACKGROUND:Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cels can secrete a variety of factors in the local lesion, and these factors can promote cel proliferation and inhibit cel apoptosis. OBJECTIVE: To observe the curative effect of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cel transplantation on the aging heart of rats and to explore the possible mechanism of action. METHODS:Thirty Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized into three groups: normal blank group, model group and treatment group. Aging models were made in the latter two groups by injection of D-galactose. Rats in the treatment group were given alogeneic bone marrow mesenchymal stem cel injection, once a week, totaly four times. At 1 week after final injection, the heart tissues were sliced into sections to observe the pathological changes using hematoxylin-eosin staining. Western blot assay was used to detect the expression of basic fibroblast growth factor in the heart tissues. Real-time PCR was used to measure the expression of p53 mRNA in the heart tissues. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cel transplantation could improve the pathological morphology of the aging heart. Compared with the model group, the expression of basic fibroblast growth factor in the heart tissues was significantly higher in the treatment group (P < 0.05), but the mRNA expression of p53 was lower (P < 0.05). It is speculated that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cels can interact with heart cels to secrete basic fibroblast growth factor and reduce p53 mRNA expression, thereby playing a curative effect on the aging heart.

International Journal of Laboratory Medicine ; (12): 2289-2290, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-456547


Objective By measuring the concentrations of serum IL-2,IL-4,IL-8 and TNF-αin chronic bronchitis patients before and after the acupoint sticking therapy which was also called winter disease treated in summer to investigate the effect of therapy on serum concentrations of IL-2,IL-4,IL-8 and TNF-α.Methods 30 cases of patients diagnosed with chronic bronchitis in paracmasia and did not recieve other related treatment were randomly divided into acupoint application therapy group (treatment group)and the control group.The treatment group was giventhree Fuacupoint sticking therapy,the control group was given thecomfortacupoint sticking therapy.Serum IL-2,IL-4,IL-8 and TNF-αconcentrations were compared between the 2 groups before and after treatment.Results In the treatment group,the serum IL-2 concentration of patients after treatment was significantly higher than that before treatment(P <0.05),IL-8 and TNF-αconcentrations were significantly lower than those before therapy(P <0.05).Af-ter treatment,serum IL-2,IL-4 levels were significantly higher than those in the control group(P <0.05 )while IL-8 and TNF-αwere significantly lower than those of the control group(P <0.05 ).Conclusion Acupoint sticking therapy in summer for winter diseases effectively increase the concentration of serum IL-2 in patients with chronic bronchitis,reduced IL-8,TNF-α concentra-tions,and enhance their own immunity ability,reduce the degree of inflammation.