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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-880436


Effects of heat treatment conditions (including temperature and time) on the shape memory recovery and corrosion resistance of NiTi self-expanding vascular stents were studied based on working mechanism and clinical use. The

Alloys , Corrosion , Hot Temperature , Materials Testing , Stents , Surface Properties , Temperature , Titanium
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-781025


OBJECTIVE: Taking polysuccinimide as the main chain, amine side chain and alkyl side chain were grafted to prepare the drug/gene co-delivery vector. The property of the polymers with various side links were investigated to select an optimal vector. METHODS: Poly-D, L-polysuccinimide was synthesized by polymerization reaction of D, L-aspartic acid as monomer. Therefore, N, N-dimethylenedipropyl-triamine and 3, 3'-diaminodipropylamine were grafted with dodecylamine/adecylamine/octadecylamine at different proportions by ring-opening reaction to obtain amphiphilic PEECs. The structure of the material was confirmed by 1H NMR; the particle size and surface potential of the micelles were measured by dynamic light scattering; the critical micelle concentration (CMC) was determined by pyrene fluorescent probe; the RNA blocking ability was characterized by agarose gel electrophoresis; the release behavior of the PEECs was examined and the cytotoxicity, cellular uptake and gene silencing efficiency of the PEECs were studied at the cellular level. RESULTS A series of PEECs with different grafting rates was successfully synthesized. The particle sizes and surface potential of the PEEC derived micelles were between 250 nm and 350 nm and 27 mV and 45 mV, respectively, with a small CMC value. The RNA binding ratio of PEECs was at a mass ratio of about 0.8:1. MTT assay demonstrated that PEEC micelles had certain cytotoxicity. PEECs had excellent micelle formation, drug-loading and gene binding abilities, particularly, PEEC16-2 showed high gene silencing efficiency at the cellular level. CONCLUSIONS PEECs are able to co-delivery drug and gene, and PEEC16-2 micelles have the best ability of drug encapsulation and gene delivery.