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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-792182


Objective To investigate the safety and effect of bloodletting after hyaluronic acid embolization.Methods Rabbit ear auricle artery was chosen as a vascular model.After injection of hyaluronic acid,artery embolization was made.Rabbit ears were randomly divided into three groups,including bloodletting,hyaluronidase injection and untreated groups.We evaluated the effect through appearance observation and histological examination of the rabbit ears.Results During bloodletting,some points in acupuncture needles after extrusion appeared hyaluronic acid,some points even appeared massive hemorrhage and hematoma,but most points did not present any change.The histological examination showed the auricle artery was still full of hyaluronic acid,and the surrounding tissues showed necrosis after bloodletting.Long-term observation showed,after 12 days,all rabbits were alive,all of three groups presented scabby necrosis on the edge of ear.Scabby necrosis area ranked from large to small in untreated group (33.6 %),bloodletting group (22.0%) and hyaluronidase injection group (12.6%) (t=0.013,P<0.05);there was a statistical difference between the later two groups.At the same time,80% of rabbit ears after bloodletting showed obvious color sink,infection or congestion.Conclusions After embolization of the hyaluronic acid artery,bloodletting is not as effective as hyaluronidase,and it would cause the adverse changes of local tissues.

Journal of Chinese Physician ; (12): 648-651,657, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-601540


Nowadays more and more biologists and immunologists focus on Galectin-1 due to the in -depth study of Galectins.As one of the important member of Galectins,Galectin-1 distributes widely,exists in a variety of tissues and cells,involves in cell adhesion,proliferation,apoptosis and inflammatory reaction,and results in a variety of physiological and pathological process.Recent studies have found that Galectin-1 expression in a variety of malignant tumor with a close relationship with tumor occurrence,invasion,development,anti-tumor immunity,and metastasis.It may be a potentially new target for cancer and inflammation therapies.This present paper reviews the current research about Galectin-1 and tumor progression.